Who is McCarrie McCausland, who plays young Marcel Gerard?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // October 28, 2014

Charles Michael Davis, Marcel Gerard, McCarrie McCausland, young Marcel, The Originals

McCarrie McCausland plays young Marcel Gerard on The Originals, but who is this talented actor?

We know Charles Michael Davis, who plays adult Marcel Gerard on The Originals, but what about the talented actor who plays young Marcellus Gerard, McCarrie McCausland?

This 5′ 2″ future heart breaker was born on August 19, 2000, in Orlando, Florida, and got his big acting break as David on the Lifetime series “Army Wives.” David was HIV-positive, and since he didn’t know who his dad was he was adopted when his mom died of an overdose.

Unlike his David character, McCarrie is home-schooled in The Florida Virtual School designed for individual studies. But like David he can relate to how it feels to “not fitting in” since he’s struggled all his life with ADHD. He reveals that acting and having to memorize lines has helped him focus better.

McCarrie on his ADHD in 2012

The ADHD started wearing off when I started [acting] full-time because I started reading more and understanding more on what it actually was. When I was [acting] as a hobby, my reading level in 5th grade = I was reading at 3rd grade level. Now I’m in 6th grade going on 7th and I’m reading at an 8th and 9th grade level.

His acting teacher at the Starcatcher Acting Studio, Kia Riddick-Taylor, says “He was bad” when he first started. But a year after he started something clicked. Now she couldn’t be more proud of her budding star.

McCarrie‘s traveling companion is Mom Carletta Cole, who joked about butting heads on planes and rooms. Seems he always likes to have a view. His Mom kids, “I’m like, dude, you get on the airplane, you want the view! You get in the bed, you want the view. Can I just have the view for one time, please?”

In spite of the minor friction, he credits him Mom with helping to keep him grounded.

In addition to acting, McCarrie can also cook and has been learning to play the guitar. He also likes to hang out with his friends, pop and lock dance, and ride his bike in his spare time.

On The Originals, he plays young Marcellus, a slave and second son to the Governor. Klaus sees him being beaten and fighting back and decides to raise him as his own son. Since his mother never gave him a name, Klaus names him Marcellus for his bravery, which means “little warrior.”

In addition to young Marcel and David in “Army Wives,” other roles McCarrie has had includes Tyrone in “Breaking Point,” South African boy (uncredited) in “The Good Lie,” and upcoming in 2015 are Joel in “The Diabolical” and Nick in “Breaking Through” both of which are in post-production. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more of McCarrie as young Marcel as more flashbacks of Marcel’s life with the Mikaelsons are explored!

Klaus rescues and names young Marcel



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