Who is Chase Coleman, werewolf Oliver on The Originals?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 10, 2014

Chase Coleman, Oliver, The Originals

The Originals Chase Coleman, werewolf Oliver, on Klaus and deals with the devil!

Chase Coleman, who plays werewolf Oliver, on The Originals is the real deal when it comes to Southern charm, since he was born in Alabama and raised in Louisiana!

Chase, 29, a musician as well as an actor and director, was born in Tuscaloosa and raised in Monroe, where he went to Grace Episcopal School and graduated from St. Frederick Catholic High School where he joined a rock band. He continued playing in local bands while attending the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he majored in Business Marketing and became interested in acting in his second year.

Suzanne Schachter, a talent manager, invited him to New York where he was offered a part on “One Life to Life.” While working in New York he started taking online courses so he could complete his Business Marketing Degree.

He founded the Bloodstone Productions production company and wrote, starred in, and directed the “Into the Rose Garden” short.

On The Originals he plays Oliver, the younger brother of Jackson, played by Nathan Parsons. He was living in Los Angeles when he got the audition and flew to Atlanta, which is eight hours from his home. In season 1 he schemed against Hayley and Jackson and sided with the Guerrera werewolves in a plan to become the Alpha of the Crescent City pack. Like Klaus, he also had an agenda.

Chase says his character is very passionate and emotion. He also has a lot of anger and rage that’s been building up over the years since he feels he deserves more than he’s been getting. But rather than side with Klaus for a moonlight ring to keep from transforming every full moon he sided with Francesca. He got his ass kicked in season 2 when Hayley beat him up and ripped the ring off his finger. But at least he didn’t lose his hand like some of the other werewolves did.

After Klaus kicked his ass, he decided to work with Hayley and in “Live and Let Die” he helped spirit away young werewolves so they wouldn’t trigger their werewolf gene, thus thwarting Vincent and Esther’s plans. Seems like he’s always making deals with the devil, either Francesca, Esther, or Klaus.

He reveals that it’s fun working on the show and socializes a lot with the cast and crew of both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, which he enjoys watching and loves all the characters. “It’s so much fun to be able to come to my work and have people who are so embracing and familiar, I don’t want to ever leave set. I just want to watch them film and hang out. I hope and I feel I belong.”

One thing that makes him nervous is the fact that the production people get the scripts before the actors so they’ll come  and say, “Did you read it? Do you know? No? Oh, I won’t tell you.”

Some of the other roles Chase has had include Brian Keller in “The Good Wife,” Bill Winslow in “Boardwalk Empire,” Robert in “The Americans,” Dr. Dane Sullivan in “In Between Men,” and will be Luke Palmer in the upcoming move “Justice Served” which is currently in post-production and scheduled for a 2015 release.

Chase helping to celebrate Sebastian Roche’s birthday

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