TVD Spoilers: Julie Plec on Stelena, Lily, Weddings, & More!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 20, 2015

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Julie Plec shares spoilers for the rest of season 6 on The Vampire Diaries!

In The Vampire Diaries universe Alaric and Jo are getting married and having a baby, Caroline and Stefan have turned off their humanities and are having a fangtastic time, Damon and Elena are getting hot and heavy again, and Bonnie trapped Kai back in the 1903 prison world when they rescued Lily Salvatore.

Bonnie also brought back a brand new, unbroken, vial of “The Cure” and gave it to Damon. There are five more episodes to tie up loose strings and unravel more as we get closer to the season 6 cliffhanger. Will the cliffhanger be “The Cure”?

The Cure


In The Vampire Diaries 6×17 “A Bird in a Gilded Cage” Stefan and Caroline had a feeding frenzy on one of the co-eds in Caroline’s dorm, followed by some passionate vampire lovemaking. Julie Plec hinted that they’re leaving the young love-at-first-sight phase behind for a more grown-up look at relationships.

Stefan started realizing that there may be more to a relationship with Caroline that he first thought, but then she turned her humanity off before he could tell her that he really cared. To get even, she made him turn his humanity off. We may have to wait to see how their relationship really turns out once they get back to their “human” vampire selves.

Julie Plec on young love and growing up

Well, I think when you look at it like the difference between young love at first sight, and the powerful, passionate, you meet in the moment and the universe collides love, which, of course, we all grow up reading about in books and watching on vampire shows, in comparison to real-life love, which is messy, and develops over time, and rooted in friendship, first and foremost. It’s a much more grown-up way of looking at a relationship, and it’s a relationship that we often don’t explore in these kinds of shows, and that’s part of the fun of it for us: getting to see as these characters get older, can they establish true, intimate and connected relationships with each other?

Alaric and Jo are getting married and will have a baby. Julie said she loves weddings, in real life and on TV, and she love Alaric and Jo being together. She’s looking forward to the next chapter in their lives, “I want to see them on their way to their own version of commitment, with all these new responsibilities and how they handle their relationship, too.”

As for Kai, Julie says he always needs and wants something. He wanted to rule the Gemini coven, but when he merged with Luke he got more than he bargained for. He started feeling remorse for his actions, “that lingering burden of empathy which is sneaking its way into his nasty little skull.” He wanted to apologize to Bonnie, not realizing that he had pushed her too far and all she wanted was to have some revenge. She got it when he was left behind in the 1903 prison world they rescued Lily from.

Julie Plec on the next and final chapter of season 6

With Bonnie’s return, with Caroline switching off her humanity, with the mother reveal, it really does launch us into the next and final chapter of the season, which is leading us in some very clear directions. I’m not going to tell you what happens! [But] a mother with a secret; a heroine with no humanity; a leading man who feels guilt that the girl he’s learned he cares for [and] feels he’s had a hand in ruining her; the return of a best friend who has been gone forever; you’ve got a couple getting married. There’s so much that’s going to unfold. We’re buried in story. We’ve got a lot of stuff packed into this journey before we get to May.

Julie said we won’t be seeing Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, but they’ll address Bonnie and Jeremy’s unfinished business before the end of the season. She hinted they will come face-to-face, but didn’t reveal how or when. “Maybe a nice romantic wedding. Who knows?”

There are gonig to be some character shifts, including Matt, played by Zach Roerig, and possibly Tyler, played by Michael Trevino. Matt decided he wanted to become a cop, “I need a calling,” and got an application for Tyler, too. Julie reveals that she’s excited to see him “go down this road.”

Enzo, played by Michael Malarkey, will have a backstory which will reveal some surprising connections to his present day.

Julie says there’s a “doozy of a storyline” for Damon and Elena and their relationship. They’ll have some hurdles, like Lily arriving on the scene, and then there’s the cure that Bonnie brought back. Julie says these surprises “definitely tests them in fun and really dynamic ways. Which, while bringing them together and keeping them strong, has them asking a lot of questions about how their future will be together, and what they want out of a future together – in a good way!”

Julie also hinted that there will be a lot of deleted scenes on the season 6 DVD. When she directed The Vampire Diaries 6×15 “Let Her Go” she revealed she shot 62 minutes instead of the standard 41 minutes, so she had to cut 21 minutes from the episode.

Bonnie giving Damon the cure on The Vampire Diaries 6×17 “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”



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