TVD & The Originals Rehash for 7×01 and 3×01!

Written by Kayla Falls   // October 25, 2015

Arielle Kebbel, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries

Rehash for The Originals 3×01 “For the Next Millennium” & The Vampire Diaries 7×01 “Day One of 22,000” episodes!

Now that The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are together again on the same night Arielle Kebbel’s Rehashes will include both shows!

Arielle Kebbel is back with her ever entertaining rehashes. She comes back with a new trend as well, #Thirsdays. If you want to talk on twitter with others about the shows during the shows, be sure to use that hashtag so you’re not missing the newest tweets.

Arielle and fans seem pretty excited for the new heretics story-lines on “The Vampire Diaries” . In case you’ve missed some episodes, the heretics are Lily Salvatore’s (Stefan and Damon’s mother) “family”. They are a group of witch vampires that are very powerful. Damon of course, has already managed to piss them off.

Fans seem to be pretty excited for Stefan and any new love interest other than Elena. Steroline is happening and TVD fan, @summerrainee_ tweeted “Can someone look at me the way Stefan looks at Caroline?”. Totally adorable. Of course Klaroliner’s aren’t forgetting to tweet and call the writers out for scene copying. TVD Fan, @devibby tweeted ” NO WAY. ONLY KLAUS GETS SPLINTERS TAKEN OUT BY CAROLINE. UGH WUT EVEN.” Stay strong Klaroliners!

Meanwhile, The Originals started off with something that everyone has been wanting. THE ORIGINAL family ALL TOGETHER. And they finally got it in a flashback scene. “The Originals” fan, @caitlynwinn tweeted “Seeing the Mikaelson siblings all together brings me so much joy and love!” Us too Caitlyn, us too.

Of course it wouldn’t be a rehash without talking about the new characters. We have two and their names are Lucien and Detective Kinney. Both super cute and a little freaky. You say “Aww” when you see them but they’re definitely giving off that creepy vibe. Especially Lucien.

We all know Elijah is a fan favorite, and “The Originals” fan, Caitlin tweeted “Elijah in the woods, having a classy picnic. Can he get anymore sexier?” That’s right girl. Elijah always stays classy which is definitely at the top of most people’s sexy top ten do’s.


“For the Next Millennium” press release synopsis

A WAR BREWING BETWEEN THE SIRE LINES — Months following their violent and deadly showdown with the powerful witch Dahlia, a rift continues to divide brothers Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies), while Freya (Riley Voekel) searches for a way to heal their fractured bond and return their family to the way they once were. Meanwhile, Klaus’ suspicion piques when he learns that an old vampire friend named Lucien (guest star Andrew Lees) has arrived to New Orleans with a mysterious agenda involving the Mikaelson’s remaining sire lines. Elsewhere, Elijah questions whether he can truly forgive his brother for his mounting offenses, while Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) struggles with being cursed to her wolf form in the bayou. In the French Quarter, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and Cami (Leah Pipes) assist Detective Kinney (guest star Jason Dohring) after a series of gruesome discoveries are made, leading them to believe they may have a serial killer on the loose. Finally, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who has regained control of the French Quarter once again, tries a new strategy to recruit vampires, while Davina (Danielle Campbell), who is now Regent to the New Orleans witches, makes a decision that will find her and Marcel on opposite sides of an escalating conflict.

“Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take” synopsis press release

LIFE WITHOUT ELENA — After a twisted plan left the life of his girlfriend Elena linked to that of his best friend Bonnie (Kat Graham), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is forced to navigate his new reality without the love of his life. A newly empowered Bonnie has decided that she will be Damon’s moral compass and keeps a close eye on him as he, in turn, cautiously keeps tabs on Alaric (Matt Davis), following the loss of his fiancée Jo. Meanwhile, as he waits for Caroline (Candice King) to sort out her emotions, Stefan (Paul Wesley) takes an active role in protecting the town from Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) and her family of Heretics, who have wasted no time wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) struggles to find his place in Lily’s new life, and is quickly forced to decide where his true loyalties lie. Finally, with the stakes higher than ever, Matt (Zach Roerig), who has recently completed his deputy training program, teams up with Stefan and Caroline to put a stop to the Heretics, but an unexpected turn of events leaves one of them in a dangerous position.

Rehash for The Originals 3×01 and The Vampire Diaries 7×01 episodes

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c, followed by The Originals at 9/8c, on The CW!



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