TVD’s Steven R. McQueen Lights Up “Chicago Fire”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 24, 2015

Steven R. McQueen, Jeremy Gilbert, Jimmy Borelli, The Vampire Diaries

Steven R. McQueen cast as firefighter candidate Jimmy Borelli in season 4 of NBC’s “Chicago Fire”!

Steven R. McQueen will join Vampire Diaries fellow alum Taylor Kinney in NBC’s “Chicago Fire”! Steven‘s recurring role will be as new firefighter candidate Jimmy Borelli.

Steven, who plays Jeremy Gilbert, was one of the three actors who exited The Vampire Diaries series last season as a series regular, seeking to spread his wings into other opportunities. Michael Trevino also left the series as a series regular. The producers left their storylines open to permit future guest appearances. It has already been teased that Michael Trevino’s character of Tyler Lockwood will show up early in season 7.

Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert, also exited the series for greener pastures. Nina’s upcoming movie, “The Final Girls,” a horror comedy, is scheduled to be released around Halloween, and she’s eagerly campaigning for a role in season 3 of “True Detective,” which is rumored to be set in Europe.

Steven’s recurring role of Jimmy Borelli will be making a dramatic entrance his first day of work, which doesn’t thrill his new boss Chief Wallace Boden, played by Eamonn Walker. Apparently Jimmy is not only late for his first shift, but he’s duct-taped, wrapped in toilet paper, and dumped at the fire house by his older brother, who is a firefighter in another fire house.

Exec producer Matt Olmstead on Steven R. McQueen’s Jimmy

He’s summarily told to hit [the road] by Boden. He has to work his way back to the good graces of Boden to try and get back in 51. [But Casey] realizes this guy could be a really great firefighter.

Season 4 of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” is executive produced by Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Matt Olmstead, Danielle Gelber, Michael Brandt, Joe Chappelle, Peter Jankowski, and Arthur Forney.

Steven R. McQueen’s Goodbye Message to TVD fans!

Check out Steven R. McQueen’s new role as Jimmy Borelli when “Chicago Fire” returns for its 4th season on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, at 10/9c, on NBC!



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