The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2015 Panel and Fan Trailer!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 13, 2015

Kat Graham, Caroline Dries, Ian Somerhalder, Julie Plec, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, Michael Malarkey, The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec knows how The Vampire Diaries will end as nasty vamps come to Mystic Falls for season 7!

When The Vampire Diaries returns for season 7 Julie Plec admits she knows how the series will end, but there’s more stories to tell!

To start things off Paul said, “When I want to hear the fans go wild, I just have to say two words:: Jared and Jensen!” When he did the fans really went wild!

On the panel, Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, said season 7 will be different, “This is an evolution of the story. This is Mystic Falls without Elena Gilbert.” He went on to say that he would like Damon, Alaric, and Enzo to go on a trip to Las Vegas! It also sounds like he’ll be directing another episode, and says about his character that “It’s the old f***ing Damon — the Damon we fell in love with!”

Julie Plec said she doesn’t think the series will end after next season, especially since there are so many more stories to tell. Both she and co-executive producer Caroline Dries said they both know how the series will end, and they don’t expect it to change. When asked their plans after TVD ends, Paul said he’ll sink into depression, while Ian was in denial saying that TVD will never end.

Season 7 will see 3 new women, including a lesbian couple that Julie teases will be “nasty, nasty gals.” Caroline Dries said that Kai, played by Chris Wood, was “one of the best villains” they had. Caroline also confirmed that since the other side has now disappeared, when a character dies, they stay dead. Guess Kai won’t be coming back.

As for romance, Julie said Steroline will have “a lot of very unexpected twists and turns” in season 7, and there will be a really intense romance core, like a fairy tale, since Elena is “sleeping.” She said that Damon will have to deal! Kat says that with Nina leaving the series it will create an “interesting dynamic” between her character Bonnie and Ian’s character Damon in season 7. Caroline Dries says we’ll “see a lot of bromance” between Damon and Stefan, especially since Mama Lily will be sticking around.

When Klaroline was brought up, Candice said, “I don’t know if she wants him back in Mystic Falls.” Paul said if he comes back to TVD, “He’s going to get through me babe — and he’ll probably kick my ass!” Neither Julie Plec nor Caroline Dries responded to the Klaroline question.

Other notes from the panel includes:

  • Candice is like her Caroline character, and Kat has devotion and loyalty in common with her character Bonnie.
  • Kat and Julie shared a story about fangirling over the “Mr. Robot” stars Christian Slater and Rami Malek at a Comic-Con party.
  • Paul joked about playing younger, “We live in 2015 and there are some GREAT moisturizers out there.”
  • Paul digs Ian by saying, “Ian acts like a 12 year old, so his challenge was learning to mature.”
  • Ian advises Damon, “Never. Change.”
  • Ian got a marriage proposal, which he turned down, saying, “I don’t think I can! I’m a happily married man.”
  • Ian asks Michael Malarkey, who plays Enzo, “Are you going to bone our mom?!” to which Michael responds, “She’d be his first.”
  • Candice thought since there was no supernatural cure for cancer so her mom died was very powerful, and she loved playing that.
  • Paul said, “Delena sounds like it could be a disease. Steroline could be the cure for the disease” and wants to change the ship name since Steroline sounds “too clean.”
  • Ian’s favorite arc was Damon and Bonnie stuck in the ’90s.
  • Paul said, “I have no problem playing a teenager in my mid-60s” to which Ian responded, “You don’t look a day over 40!”
  • The panel relived some of their crazy, epic kills, such as Silas, Katherine, and Kai.

Since there were no new scenes from season 7, which began filming this week, the producers picked a fan-made video to show! Part of the trailer includes Kai saying, “Promise me this is forever” as Damon caresses his face, saying, “I promise.” Then they kiss in the epic rain scene!

The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con Fan Trailer

The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2015 Panel – Part 1

The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2015 Panel – Part 2

The Vampire Diaries returns for season 7 on Thursday, October 8th, 2015, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals at 9/8c, on The CW!



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