The Originals Todd Stashwick is Deacon in Syfy’s “12 Monkeys”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // February 6, 2015

Todd Stashwick, Deacon, Father Kieran O'Connell, 12 Monkeys

Todd Stashwick, Father Kieran on The Originals, has a new gig as Deacon in Syfy’s “12 Monkeys”!

Todd Stashwick, who played the tortured Father Kieran on The Originals, has a recurring role of Deacon on Syfy’s new “12 Monkeys” series.

Todd‘s character of Deacon is described as a “cunning leader of a brutal band of scavengers called The West 7 in the year 2043. Deacon amassed his followers with a ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude and by burning down the last few government quarantine zones.” Sounds like a really nasty fellow, unlike Cami’s Uncle, Father Kieran.

In spite of the description, Todd describes him in an interview as “a pussycat”! But he does what he has to in order to survive. He says Deacon feels justified in his actions and doesn’t think he’s evil, just willing to do what other people aren’t. “I’m not going to say he doesn’t enjoy doing them.”

He describes “12 Monkeys” as an exciting show you have to “run to keep up with.” He confides that it was a breathless experience to read all the scripts during a plane trip from Los Angeles to Toronto.

Todd on being part of  “12 Monkeys”

It’s exciting to be part of something that is the kind of show that generates conversation and speculation. Somebody, somewhere in a basement, has a wall where they’re drawing with yarn and trying to keep that timeline straight, because it’s that kind of show.

Deacon does a lot of what he does with a smile, which makes him scary and delicious at the same time. He also reveals that Deacon is a great guy, as long as you don’t cross him!

The series deals with time travel and trying to stop the plague that killed most of the world’s population, but Todd thinks Deacon is more concerned with having a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and having a good time.

He doesn’t think Deacon is a villain in the typical sense of rubbing his hands together. He deals the hand he’s dealt and figures he might as well “have a good time.”

Is Deacon redeemable?

Absolutely not. Other people have done other things that are equally as bad in the post-apocalyptic environment… He sees himself as the Papa Bear and the one who’s willing to make the hard calls. But the fact that he takes a little delight in his menace and he does much of it with a smile on his face? Yeah, it’s going to rub a lot of people in a weird way.

Todd think his character is a loner. What pushed him to where he is will be interesting to explore. But the bottom line is that when a man has nothing to lose, “that’s a dangerous man.”

12 Monkeys” also stars Aaron Stanford as James Cole, Amanda Schull as Dr. Cassandra Railly, Kirk Acevedo as Ramse, and Noah Bean as Aaron Marker.

Sneak peek of 12 Monkeys 1×04″Atari”

Check out Todd’s recurring role as Deacon on Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” on Fridays!



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