The Originals: The Awakening web series videos!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 20, 2014

Nathaniel Buzolic, Kol Mikaelson, Keri Lynn Pratt, Mary-Alice Claire, The Originals The Awakening

Videos for The Originals: The Awakening web series starring Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol Mikaelson!

The Originals web series The Awakening, starring Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol, premiered November 10, 2014, on and concluded with the mid-season finale of the series on December 8, 2014.

The web series took us back to the early days in New Orleans when the Mikaelson family arrived. There were two factions of witches. Kol‘s witches, and Klaus’ witches. Kol‘s plan was to use witch Mary-Alice Claire, the ancestor of Davina Claire, and her friend Astrid, to take down Klaus and his witches, but by the end of the web series and the beginning the the mid-season finale of the series, things had gone terribly wrong.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Nathaniel, Julie, and others discuss how the web series was based on previous “C” storyline scenes which were cut out of previous flashbacks. As Julie explains, “The little story pieces are actually feeding into the story that’s happening in the present day. By the time we get to our mid-season cliff hanger, both stories from the webisodes and the series itself intertwine and we see them all pay off at once.”

Behind the scenes of The Originals: The Awakening

Part 1 of the web series set things up, with witch Mary-Alice explaining how Kol was undaggered by Klaus, which started a plague of curses to fall upon the city. Although her witch friend Astrid didn’t trust Kol, he explained to Mary-Alice that they were just lies “Told by my wicked family, my love!

Part 1

Part 2 of the web series we learn that Kol is teaching his two witches chimera magic that he learned on the shores of the Red Sea. It’s the intersection between science and spirit and he’s using it to teach them how to create black objects, like the dagger he plans to use on Klaus to put him to sleep forever.

Part 2

Part 3 of the web series lights burst as Mary-Alice and Astrid are unsuccessful at trying to turn the silver dagger into gold to put Klaus to sleep. Mary-Alice explains they need a bigger diamond, like the one Dowager Folly has hidden in her mansion. He can’t enter her mansion to look for it while she’s alive. She goes to mass every week, and this is where he kills her, and everybody else. He was “parched!”

Part 3

Part 4 of the web series shows Kol, Mary-Alice, and Astrid, entering the Folly Mansion to steal the paragon diamond, which is being used as a stopper in a bottle of brandy. He tells them to wrap things up and meet him in the cemetery, but Klaus has other ideas as the web series meshes with the series. As Kol leaves the mansion, Klaus and Marcel are waiting for him and take the diamond. Then one of Klaus’ witches put a boundary spell on the mansion, imprisoning Mary-Alice and Astrid, who can now never leave.

Part 4

The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments” picks up when Marcel and Klaus surprise Kol outside the mansion. It continues with the reunion of Klaus and Hayley with baby Hope. As a way to defeat Esther’s plan, Rebekah offers herself as a trap. The plan partially works when Esther is killed with Rebekah’s vampire blood in her, requiring her to decide whether to become a vampire, which she detests, or die.

However, for Rebekah, the spell completed and she is now in another body and locked in the Folly Mansion, which is now an asylum for crazy witches. Watch the 2×10 episode of The Originals on January 19, 2015, to see the fate of Hope, Rebekah, and Esther.



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