The Originals sneak peek 3 for “The Big Uneasy” rerun!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 26, 2014

Callard Harris, Thierry, Charles Michael Davis, Marcel Gerard, The Originals

Will Thierry Help Marcel Fight in The Originals “The Big Uneasy” episode rerun!

The Originals sneak peek 3 for “The Big Uneasy” is all about Marcel trying to convince his buddy Thierry to gather the troops and help him get their city back.

Thierry reminds Marcel that he’s been exiled from the Quarter by Elijah. But Marcel thinks he knows the Mikaelsons best. A thousand years of family drama is ready to explode like a powder keg. All they need to do is light a match, and that’s exactly what he intends to do.

His friend reminds him that he has nothing, but Marcel tells him that he started with nothing. Things didn’t start happening until he turned Thierry. So will his friend help him fight to get their city back, fangsters?

“The Big Uneasy” press release synopsis

THE FEAST OF THE BLESSINGS – Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) asks Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offer the witches gifts in return for blessings. Monique (guest star Yasmine Al Bustami)) and Genevieve disagree over what the ancestors want from them, and Genevieve reveals her plan to build the witches power. When Elijah focuses his attention on restoring their home to its former glory, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) accuses him of doing it only to impress Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). Next, Klaus sets a new plan in motion by finding Cary (guest star Jesse Boyd), a werewolf from his own line, and sending him off to find a missing piece of family history. Marcel lets Thierry (guest star Callard Harris) in on his new plan to rebuild his power, but Diego (guest star Eka Darville) has his own ideas about the future. At the Feast of the Blessings, Monique and Genevieve try to use the ceremony to teach Davina (Danielle Campbell) a lesson, but Klaus intervenes and gives Davina a surprisingly important gift. While Hayley struggles to decide where her loyalties should lie, the ceremony explodes into violence. Leah Pipes also stars.

Sneak peek 3 for “The Big Uneasy”

The Originals rerun of “The Big Uneasy” episode will air Thursday, August 28, 2014, at 9/8c, on The CW, after The Vampire Diaries!



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