The Originals Sneak Peek 1 for 2×21 “Fire with Fire”! (R)

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // June 21, 2015

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, Claudia Black, Dahlia, The Originals

Klaus is back with Dahlia right behind him in The Originals 2×21 “Fire with Fire” episode rerun!

In The Originals sneak peek 1 for the 2×21 “Fire with Fire” Dahlia’s deadline has passed but she still hasn’t gotten what she came for!

Dahlia wants to know why Klaus has brought her to the place where Freya plotted her own treachery. She explains that when she granted him the ability to overcome the dagger’s curse, she assumed he’d thank her by taking swift and merciless action.

When he brings up the storm she created, she explains that its to stop his family from running away with Hope. She’s wondering if he’s having second thoughts about their bargain.

He assures her there are no second thoughts. She threatens that even though she agreed to let Hope grow up in the presence of her father, if she has to she’ll take Hope with or without him.

“Fire with Fire” press release synopsis

A FAMILY DIVIDED – After discovering that he’s been betrayed by his own siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) teams up with an unlikely ally and sets off on a warpath, hell bent on revenge. Amidst the news that Klaus is on the loose, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) move forward with their plan to lure Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black) to the compound and take her down once and for all. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) attempt to escape through the flooded bayou, even as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) finds himself hunted by a dangerous new threat. Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) is presented with an offer that could allow her the chance to bring back Kol, though it will require her to make a life-altering decision. Leah Pipes and Yusuf Gatewood also star.

Sneak peek 1 for “Fire with Fire”

See if Klaus sticks to the bargain he made with Dahlia so he can be present as Hope grows up when The Originals 2×21 “Fire with Fire” re-airs Monday, June 22nd, 2015, (originally aired May 4th, 2015), at 8/7c, on The CW!



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