The Originals season 2 spoilers on Klaus’ crisis and “Rebirth”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 22, 2014

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

Spoilers for The Originals season 2 has a crisis for Klaus, romantic friction, and parental issues!

The Originals will return for their season 2 in 11 weeks with an episode title “Rebirth“! TVLine had a chance to ask the executive producers, Julie Plec and Michael Narducci, for some spoilers on what the Mikaelson family and “friends” will be dealing with in the Big Easy.

The title of the season 2 premiere, “Rebirth,” will also be the theme of the season. Speaking of rebirth, according to Michael Narducci, “it’s not going to be a huge amount of time” before Klaus and Elijah realize their parents are back in town with vengeance on their minds!

Michael also confirms that the relationship between Elijah and Hayley will have some friction. Since Hayley is now a hybrid, like Klaus, Elijah will wonder if they have a special connection that he “could never surpass.”

Michael Narducci on Halijah

There’s going to be some interesting friction. Ultimately, Elijah is going to have to decide, “Do I want to help this girl?”

Sounds like Klaus will have some traumatic experiences as we flashback to his earlier years not only when he was a child but also before becoming a vampire. Michael says it’s about “confronting the sins of the past.” Parents help define the child, especially when they become adults and decide what their own paths in life will be. We all know Klaus molded into his vindictive psychotic nature by his abusive father, Mikael, but he’s also been influenced by his mother.

Michael Narducci on Klaus’ early years

In going deeper into Klaus’ moral origins, we’ll “examine what his relationship was with his mother, and the sense of betrayal that he felt when she came back from the dead and judged him as an abomination.”

Speaking of Mikael, when last we left him he was in the possession of Davina, so it will be interesting as to how her agenda will be unfolding. She loves Marcel and Josh, but wants to make Klaus suffer. According to Michael, since the three of them are connected, “She’s going to have to be smart about what she ultimately decides to do with Mikael.”

There’s been much speculation as to which brother came back with Esther. Although neither producer specifically identified him, many fans who are familiar with the Mikaelson family on The Vampire Diaries think that Victor is Finn. In a previous interview Julie Plec did not deny this, but hinted that the fans were correct. The reasoning is that Kol is much more of a rebel and free spirit, whereas Finn had a stronger connection to his mother. As he and Cassie looked at Esther’s grave, he politely responded “Yes, Mother” when she told him to come along, that they had much to do.  We’ll have to wait until season 2 to find out for sure.

Michael Narducci recently told TV Guide that whether it’s Finn or Kol, they’ll make their names known very soon.

Michael Narducci about Esther and companion

If you think about the kind of stories that Julie Plec tells … based on that you have a sense of how quickly we’ll play it out, who’s returned, what their agenda is and we’ll start to see some pretty intense complications before too long.

“Rebirth,” the name of the season 2 premiere episode, is two-fold according to Julie Plec. It’s the theme of season 2 and the start of Klaus’ new life, but it also has special meaning for the show as well.

Julie Plec on “Rebirth”

Every title we use, we try to make it a song title from New Orleans or an artist from New Orleans. “Rebirth” is one of the best brass bands in New Orleans, and they were in our pilot. We’ve been waiting to use that title for 22 episodes.

Season 2 of The Originals premieres on a new night, Monday, beginning October 6th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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