The Originals recap of “The Battle of New Orleans” rerun!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 18, 2014

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Recap of The Originals “The Battle of New Orleans” rerun!

As The Originals episode of “The Battle of New Orleans” begins, Jackson and Oliver are driving to the Quarter to deliver stones to Klaus so he can ask Genevieve to create a spell that will prevent them from turning on the full moon. Oliver isn’t happy about the Hayley thing, but Jackson tells him to back off. They come to a road block and have to stop. Turns out it’s Marcel and Diego, who order them out of their car.

Davina sits with Josh on a bench, as the sun shines down on them. Josh tells her he loves his new daylight ring. She tells him he needs to leave, then she see Mikael watching them. She tells Josh that Klaus might not be the worse of their problems.

Genevieve goes through Esther’s spells that Klaus gave to in order to create his 100 moonlight rings. He’s getting impatient with her and tells her he’ll give her his mother’s grimoire if she promises to pledge her loyalty to him. He tells her he can also promise her his protection from her own coven who wants to kill her.

In the bar, Cami deciphers the coded message as Francesca and her suits come in and clear the customers out. Francesca has bought the “gumbo shack” and tells Cami she’s the new boss and gives her one day to come up with Father Kieran’s key. Fracesca tells her that she and her family have been in NOLA longer than Cami’s and it’s always good to have a friend in high places. She wants to be Cami’s friend, provided she gets the key. She throws her weight around as she leaves.

Marcel watches as Diego beats up on Jackson and Oliver, strapped to chairs. Diego threatens Oliver with a torch. After all, they only need one of them. Jackson tells Marcel to stop and he’ll tell them what Klaus’ plan is. Marcel tells Diego to take Oliver far out in the bayou since it’s almost a full moon and he’ll be turning.

Hayley asks Elijah for his help. From the top of the building,Klaus calls Elijah and says he knows Marcel is responsible for the stones being stolen, but he has an alternate plan. He sees Josh putting stuff in his car and jumps down and bites him. He figures this will encourage Davina to help him.

In the greenhouse, Mikael pays Davina a visit. He disappears when Klaus enters and throws Josh on the floor at Davina’s feet. After Klaus promises Davina that he’ll give Josh’s his blood to heal him, Davina reveals where Marcel is. But instead of fixing Josh, he tells Davina that Josh has a few hours left, so he’ll come back. Just to insure her cooperation in case he needs any additional information.

Cami goes to the address she was able to decipher from the code in the lid of the box. The proprietor shows her Father Kieran’s apartment and tells her how much he thought of Father Kieran. Cami never knew he had this apartment and asks if she can go in by herself. After he leaves she opens the apartment door and finds a very stark and plain apartment. A table, refrigerator, a chair, and a closet. She opens the closet and discovers a secret door which she slides open to reveal a secret room filled with newspapers, files, boxes filled with various things, and all sorts of torture equipment. Then she finds a binder box that has “For Cami” on it.

Genevieve and Hayley are waiting for a call from Elijah. Hayley tells her she hates being left like this and she feels useless. Genevieve tells her Klaus and Elijah are doing everything they’re doing for her. She’s the most important person. She wishes she were so important. She tells Hayley she should try to stay calm, but Hayley isn’t interested in calm.

As Thierry’s warehouse, Elijah and Klaus finds Jackson, still bound to the chair and with a bomb strapped to it. Klaus wants the stones but Jackson tells them they were taken. Klaus says he has an alternative place to get them and begins to look in boxes to see if he can diffuse the bomb. Hayley calls Elijah asking what’s happening because she’s worried. In a bin Klaus finds a note and when he opens it the note says “This is for Thierry.” Elijah dives for Jackson and the three of them get out as the warehouse blows up.

Hayley heard the explosion, but is relieved when Elijah comes home with Jackson. As Hayley hugs Jackson she mouths “Thank you” to him. Klaus says he’s fine, too. They tell Haley everything, and Klaus says he has a backup plan, as his backup plan arrives in the form of Francesca and her brothers. Francesca says she wants to be on the winning side, hinting that it’s Klaus. She warns him about Marcel and says she wants his protection. Then she hands him a black pouch with the stones he needs for Genevieve to create the rings.

“The Battle of New Orleans” press release synopsis

BLOOD IS IN THE AIR – Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) enact a plan to collect the sacred stones needed by Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) in order to forever change the fates of Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and the werewolf community. Realizing that Klaus’ plan will lead to the extermination of all French Quarter vampires, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) rallies an army determined to take down the Mikaelsons and regain control of the city. Davina (Danielle Campbell) warns Josh (guest star Steven Krueger) to leave town as she is forced to make a fateful decision that will turn the tide of war. Meanwhile, Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) threatens Cami (Leah Pipes), who attempts to decipher a code that results in a surprising revelation among the city’s factions.

Hayley fixes Jackson’s wounds. He tells her Klaus is doing all of this for her. After thanking Elijah again for saving his life, he leaves. Elijah tells Hayley that Jackson is a good man. Hayley confesses that she and Jackson were betrothed to each other by their families. She’s upset that Elijah just stands there. He should be upset that something so ancient should still affect their lives. Elijah grabs her and kisses her. He tells her that she’ll always have a choice about her future.

Genevieve is conjuring the magic for the stones and tells Klaus she needs the blood of a werewolf who doesn’t turn. She suggests Hayley. Klaus says no. He controls his form, so he wants her to use his blood. He warns her that if anything goes wrong he’ll kill her. She cuts the palm of his hand and he drips his blood over the stones and they begin to sizzle with the magic.

Marcel is speaking to the remaining vampires that are left, trying to build up his army again. He tells them if Klaus’ plan works, vampires won’t be the hunter but the hunted. By the werewolves. After everybody shows they’re with him, he tells them that he wants to attack the compound and kill Genevieve so she can’t make the rings. He knows the compound so he’ll lure Klaus away while they kill everybody who happens to be there. They roar their approval.

Hayley watches Genevieve as she completes infusing the magic into the stones. Fracesca watches, too. Elijah comes in and Hayley tells him not to hold back against Marcel and his vamps. As Marcel and his vamps surround Klaus and Elijah, Marcel tells him he the choice to leave for good and give the city back to him. Elijah tells Klaus that if he doesn’t kill Marcel that he will. Klaus goes after Marcel. Elijah motions the vamps to bring it on.

As Klaus and Marcel fight in the street, he tells Klaus that it wasn’t him that went after Hayley or the werewolves. He’s not a monster like Klaus. He tells him that he got the explosives for the warehouse from Francesca. The same explosives used in the bayou. This indicates that Francesca was responsible for the bayou attack on the werewolves.

As Cami goes through the things in her folder she discovers numerous items revealing that Francesca is really a werewolf, which is why her family is been in NOLA longer than Cami’s. Cami tries to call Hayley, but Hayley doesn’t answer. She tries calling other people, but nobody answers.

At the compound, Elijah appears to have kicked all the vampires asses. Genevieve finishes the spell and Hayley starts to grab them, but Genevieve gives them to Francesca instead. Turns out they had a previous deal which involves Hayley’s baby and Francesca taking the city back from Klaus. Hayley goes for Francesca after Francesca stabs somebody and starts to turn into a werewolf. Francesca tells Hayley that she’s just like her, then Genevieve knocks Hayley out.

Klaus has Marcel down and goes in for the final bite. He’s crying because he doesn’t really want to kill Marcel, but he bites him anyway. At the compound, Francesca and her brothers kill the humans in their group in order to trigger the werewolf gene. After Francesca’s brothers turn, they attack Elijah and the other vampires including Diego. Some vampires try to flee, but they’re tracked down and killed.

After Klaus bites Marcel, his hand begins to bleed and he’s not healing. He staggers into the bar where Genevieve tracks him down. He demands to know what she did to him. She tells him that every full moon he’ll feel the pain of transformation as the wolves wearing the rings won’t feel because they won’t turn. She says Hayley and the baby will suffer from Klaus greed. She asks him if he ever really meant to give her his mother’s grimoire or if he ever really cared for her. He looks up defiantly at her and tells her that she’ll never know. She appears to realize at this point that he was going to keep him word about the grimoire and that he did really care, in his own psychotic way. She just sealed her fate as well as his.

Back in the greenhouse, Davina still hovers over Josh, who isn’t doing well. Mikael appears and tells her if she brings him back he can help josh and kill Klaus. She agrees.

Out bayou way, Oliver returns from the woods from his recent turning to find Francesca waiting for him with his stone. She’s the hear of the Guerrera werewolves and wants to join with the Crescent werewolves to take back the city. She tells him it’s too bad that Hayley will be a pawn in their agreement, but Oliver doesn’t look very disappointed at the “sacrifice” of Hayley in exchange for his agreement with Francesca which will also probably result in his becoming the Crescent Wolves Alpha instead of Jackson.

Back at the compound, Marcel arrives and sees all his vampires dead or dying. He rushes to Diego and holds him. Diego says he’s sorry. Cami arrives because she tried to call Marcel but he never answered and she was worried about him. She tells him about Francesca and the Guerrera werewolves. Elijah joins them and tells them Hayley is missing.

The episode ends as Genevieve and the witches drag Hayley kicking and screaming into the church. She’s going into labor and they have to deliver the baby here. Hayley keeps kicking and screaming. Klaus hears her screams and begins to scream himself.

Don’t miss The Originals rerun of the exciting season 1 finale, “From a Cradle to a Grave,” Thursday, September 25th, 2014, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries, on the CW!



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