The Originals Recap of 2×05 “Red Door” rerun!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 29, 2014

Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

Did Elijah break in The Originals 2×05 “Red Door” episode rerun?

The Originals episode of “Red Door” begins with Tatia running toward a red door as Elijah chases her then rips her throat out.

Esther watches as he hangs in chains and dreams of his past with Tatia. He wakes. She tells him she wants to join the family together as witches in mortal bodies. He wants none of this. She reveals she didn’t kill Tatia, Elijah did. She intends to show him the truth of his past. The truth he conveniently hides behind the “Red Door” of his mind.

A flashback shows a village festival as Klaus grabs Tatia and dances with her, but she only has eyes for Elijah. He doesn’t realize this so he leaves. She follows him to a pig sty and tells him she chooses him, calling him noble. She could have killed herself when her husband died, but she chose to live. They kiss by the pigs Esther will soon slaughter.

Back in the lair, Esther tells him the “butterflies” he finds end badly. There was Tatia and Hayley could be next. She’s trying to weaken his mind. Cami and Kaleb try to wake Davina as Klaus watches, holding the White Oak Stake. Kaleb sasses Klaus, who threatens to kill him. Cami takes Klaus outside and lectures him and he agrees not to hurt Kaleb. Klaus gives her the Stake and tells her to start the car. Kaleb hints Klaus is on Cami’s leash.

Klaus figures out Kaleb is Kol and decides to kill him. Klaus calls for Cami, but there’s no answer. He goes to the car and sees that Mikael has abducted Cami and fled.

Kol watches Davina, still unconscious. He gets a call, ignores it, and his nose starts to bleed. He calls Finn and lies, telling him he’s close to getting the spell and Stake. Finn tells him either get the Stake, stop Davina’s spell, or kill her.

Kol snoops and finds a branch Davina is using in the spell. She wakes and calls Mikael, but Kol tells her he left with the Stake after he unspelled her bracelet. She tells him she has to finish the unlinking spell now.

Mikael drags Cami and comes upon a bonfire party. He needs to feed.

Hayley joins Marcel and thanks him for working together. They realize Elijah and Oliver are both missing. She calls Klaus to tell him, but he tells her Mikael took Cami and he has to find them.

Esther tells Elijah he’s hungry. He flashes back to Klaus’ first kill. Six villagers. Klaus is scared and wants to know what he is. He asks if Elijah is like him, too, then realizes Mikael isn’t his father. Elijah tries to comfort him. Tatia comes and sees the slaughter and runs away. Elijah follows and ends up ripping her throat out. Instead of a lover, she was his prey. In the present, Elijah tells her to get out of his mind. He doesn’t believe he killed Tatia. He still thinks Esther killed her.

“Red Door” press release synopsis

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ NINA DOBREV APPEARS IN FLASHBACKS AS TATIA, THE ORIGINAL DOPPELGANGER – In order to show Elijah (Daniel Gillies) that her plan is what’s best for him, Esther forces him to relive a time long ago when he loved a young woman named Tatia (guest star Nina Dobrev). With the help of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is determined to find Elijah, who has gone missing, but is torn when she discovers that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is also in trouble. Elsewhere, Cami (Leah Pipes) finds herself in a dangerous situation when Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche) takes her hostage as a way to lure Klaus to him, and Davina (Danielle Campbell) makes an upsetting discovery about Kaleb’s (guest star Daniel Sharman) true identity. Lastly, a violent confrontation ensues when Klaus comes face-to-face with Mikael.

As Klaus looks for Cami and Mikael he finds marked trees. He comes upon the bonfire party and everybody has paper bags on their heads and taunts him, compelled by Mikael. Klaus takes them out as Hayley calls and tells him Elijah is missing. Klaus tells her he has more important things to deal with. Finding Mikael and saving Cami. He says if they find Elijah to tell him he needs his help.

As Kol tries to stop her spell, she grabs his arms and has flashes of who he really is. Kol. He says he hates the Mikaelsons as much as her and wants to help her, so she accepts.

Mikael, in a barn, manhandles Cami who tells him she should have let Klaus kill him. He says when Klaus was born he had the eyes of a warrior, but then he started realizing his beast side as he started watching the werewolves transform which resulted in Henrik’s death. Klaus killed Esther and turned his family against him. She confronts him and tells him violence is pointless. He makes fun of her, then feeds on her.

Elijah insists he never killed Tatia. He took her to Esther for help. She told him Tatia was already dead when he brought her. She told him to clean up, then made a place he could hide his wrongs so he could remain clean in his mind. If he was well dressed and clean, then he would remain honorable and never do anything wrong. Now she wants them to start over and be fixed.

Davina and Kol go to find Mikael as Klaus gets to the barn and sees Cami on the floor. Klaus and Mikael fight. Mikael Stakes him. Klaus begins to decimate. Davina and Kol sense what’s happened and begin a spell to take the power out of the Stake so Klaus doesn’t die.

Marcel and Hayley come and fight Mikael as he wonders why Klaus isn’t burning. Cami tells Mikael she’ll kill him, then works on taking the Stake out of Klaus to save him. Klaus faces Mikael with Marcel, Cami, and Hayley behind him. Mikael says, “Come and find me. When you don’t have fools, women, and children, fighting your battles.” Then he’s gone.

Outside, Marcel lectures Davina and asks who Kol is. Neither of them tell him. When he leaves, Davina reveals to Kol she has the White Oak Stake. She wants his help.

Inside, Cami touches where Klaus was staked and he touches her neck. He’ll kill Mikael for hurting her. Hayley tells Klaus Elijah is missing.

Esther tells him he must remember all he’s done. Lose his will and all hope. Then he’ll beg her for a new life.

Hayley appears to arrive in Esther’s lair and rips her throat out. She breaks his chains and tells him to drink from her and offers her neck. He says he craves her. She’s not afraid of him. They kiss. He feeds. But will he go too far?

It doesn’t matter since it is all in his mind. He slumps in his chains. Blank stare. Lost in his mind.

Esther and Finn watch. “When he wakes he’ll know the only way to find peace is my way,” she says.

Find out if Esther won when The Originals next episode of “Wheel Inside the Wheel” re-airs Monday, January 5th, 2015, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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