The Originals recap of 2×03 “Every Mother’s Son”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // October 21, 2014

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Recap of The Originals 2×03 “Every Mother’s Son” as dinner is served!

The Originals episode of “Every Mother’s Son” begins with Cassie lighting candles in the greenhouse workroom. Then it looks like she might be cooking something, but from some of the ingredients she’s grabbing it looks more like she’s concocting a spell.

In the courtyard of the compound, Hayley finds a feast and wonders what chef was compelled. Neither Klaus nor Elijah arranged for the food. A covered platter begins clattering.

When Klaus removes the cover two birds, perhaps starlings, fly away revealing a note inviting them to dinner at their place. It’s from their mother, Esther, in the body of Cassie.

Flashing back to when they were children, Esther is setting dinner on the table and asks where Klaus is. Finn tells her he’s hiding in the woods. When she finds him, he’s huddled at the base of a tree and tells her he’s afraid to hunt with Mikael. She tells him a story of starlings saying as long as she hears them she’s not afraid so when he can hear them to be calm because she’ll always be with him. Always and forever.

Back to the present, Hayley and Klaus talk about killing Esther telling him that his mother makes her glad she never knew her mother, but Elijah warns them to be careful until they know what she’s planning.

Elijah goes to Marcel’s looking for a witch. But not Davina. Another witch. Marcel tells Gia to take him to Lenore.

Oliver is having a drink at the bar when he’s joined by Victor/Finn who hands him a moonlight ring. But it comes with a price. Victor moves his thumb and index finger together to start torturing Oliver, so he knows what the price is. He’ll start paying today. When Victor leaves, Oliver calls Hayley, and Hayley tells Klaus that Cassie has a male witch.

Klaus is putting napkins on the table as Hayley enters and asks why his mother hates him so much. He tells her about Henrik, and a child that was born before he was. He explains that his mother loved them, which is why she made them immortal. It was also her undoing. Hayley says every story needs a wicked witch. She’s ready to melt her.

Elijah, walking ahead of Gia, is tired of her talking so much. He just wants to go to the witch. Gia tells him he’s heading the wrong way, then she begins to lead. He tells her the first lesson is don’t waste his time.

In a little store they find Lenore, and she doesn’t look happy that an Original has crossed her threshhold. Knowing that Esther may decide to procure another body, he asks Lenore to create a spell so that when she does they’ll be able to know who she’s entered. She tells him she needs a snake. When he leaves he tells Gia to use compulson to get the snake for her. Compulson is lesson two. Gia, new to all this vampire stuff, has no idea how to use compulson. After she leaves, Finn arrives and starts rubbing his fingers together like he did with Oliver. He’s a nasty one he is.

At Marcel’s, Klaus arrives and asks for the necklace he gave him when he was 11. In a flashback, we see it’s a metal starling on a leather necklace that Esther gave him when he was a boy. She used magic on it and tells him to always wear it and it would protect him. She tells him only he gets one because he is special. She dances with him and notices the necklace is gone. Panicky, he says he must have lost it. Then Finn shows up with it clutched in his hand. She strokes Finn’s cheek. He’s so devoted to her.

In the present, Victor tells Esther everything. She asks if everything is ready and he tells her it is. Kol will miss dinner because he’s looking for Davina. She says Lenore is stubborn and to have Oliver persuade her.

At Oliver’s, Lenore is chained and Finn tells him to torture her to find out what Elijah wanted. When he leaves, Hayley comes to rescue Lenore. Hayley wants to free Lenore, make it look like somebody jumped him and she got away. She says she’ll make it look like he’s been beaten. Oliver doesn’t like that too much. He says to make sure she doesn’t beat his face.

At the compound, Klaus sees the tension between Elijah and Hayley. Seems like he never talks to her anymore unless he wants something. She storms away.

At Marcel’s, Gia isn’t very happy. She feels crappy and she doesn’t understand what Elijah is supposed to do. Marcel tells her the key to Elijah is he likes to fix things that are broken. Like Gia. He needs Elijah to feel like Marcel and the vampires are family so he’ll be on their side.

Klaus and Elijah are all dressed up for dinner. Klaus doesn’t understand why they need to dress like lawyers. Victor arrives and tells them silk and linen can’t hide their self-loathing. He seems surprised they don’t recognize him. He tells Elijah he’s still the self-loathing person he’s always been and Klaus is still the paranoid scared little boy. Elijah moves closer to him, but it’s Klaus who realizes that Victor is Finn. Now that they know who he is, they can eat!

“Every Mother’s Son” press release synopsis

ALICE EVANS (“THE VAMPIRE DIARIES”) GUEST STARS IN FLASHBACKS TO THE MIKAELSONS’ CHILDHOOD AND SONJA SOHN (“THE WIRE”) GUEST STARS AS NEW WITCH LENORE – When Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) receive a cryptic invitation to dinner from their mother Esther, who continues to inhabit the body of Harvest girl Cassie (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss), they find themselves preparing for the worst. With the help of a new witch named Lenore (guest star Sonja Sohn), Klaus, Elijah and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) attempt to stay one step ahead of Esther, but things quickly take an unexpected turn. While Elijah finds himself reluctantly teaming up with Gia (guest star Nishi Munshi), a newly-turned vampire, Hayley is faced with an enticing proposition about her new status as a Hybrid after a startling encounter with Esther. Finally, Esther reveals a shocking secret about Klaus’ childhood and unveils her ultimate plan for her children. Charles Michael Davis also stars.

As they wait for Esther, Elijah asks what they’re celebrating. Finn says his return and asks them to catch him up on the 900 years he was daggered. He asks about what they’ve contributed to society, other than leave destruction in their wake. Seems Kol won’t be joining them since he’s off on an errand it seems. Klaus tells him he’s going to die, and throws a knife, but Elijah deflects it and it sticks the chair where Esther will sit. Victor remains cocky and says they have much to talk about. He wonders what’s going on with his brothers. Elijah is so calm but why does he stay with Klaus. Elijah says it’s because Klaus doesn’t hate the fact that he’s immortal and tells Finn he’s still tedious and dull, like their dinner. Then Esther finally arrives and they look very uneasy, wondering what she’s up to, as she calls them darling and tells them she missed them.

Now that Lenore knows what she’s up against, she’s ready to work with Hayley and the Mikaelsons. As she prepares the spell, using the snake, she says the next time Esther jumps into somebody else’s body she’ll have a mark on her hand so they’ll know who she’s entered.

At dinner, Esther says she’s trying to protect her children. In a flashback, Esther learns Klaus has been stabbed and goes to him. He tells her he challenged Mikael and Mikael ripped the necklace off, then Klaus started winning and stabbed him. Then Klaus grabbed the necklace back from Mikael and Mikael stabbed him. Esther is aggitated because she knows Klaus will figure out the magic in the necklace. She heals his wound and Klaus tells her he was proud because he was starting to beat his father.

In the present, Klaus reveals that the necklace made him weak. She tells him she didn’t want Mikael killed and the necklace prevented his werewolf curse being activated. Klaus, outraged, blames Esther for making him weak and making Mikael hate him. She rants about his becoming a monster, but she’s the monster and is the author of all he is. Suddently Esther passes out. When Klaus and Elijah try to go to her, Victor uses his magic fingers to keep them away. Esther has jumped. Klaus demands to know where she went. Elijah says they may not have been the only person whose mind she wanted to poison, meaning Hayley with Lenore.

As Lenore does the spell, suddenly she changes, and Hayleys sees the starring mark on Lenore’s right hand. Esther is now in Lenore. Esther realizes Hayley is the mother who bore Klaus’ child, and tells her she can make everything right for her again. She says Hayley is good for her boys, but she can reverse the hybrid curse. She could move forward and have other children. She says she’s here to heal her family not destroy it. She gave her children hope. She wants to remove their immortality so they can be human again. Hayley gets a call from Elijah, but Lenore cuts the call short.

Klaus and Elijah show up and tells Hayley to leave. They’re afraid Esther will find out Hope is alive. She throws a spell at them and Klaus calls her a coward to hide behind her magic. She tells them she wants to make them whole. Make them human again. Klaus says they’d be fools to believe anything she says. She says when she’s done they’ll beg for it. Then the window behind her shatters as starlings fly in and surround her. Klaus and Elijah cover their heads to keep the glass away. Lenore, now Esther, goes crazy and starts destroying her store.

At the compound, Hayley tells Klaus and Elijah what Lenore/Esther told her. They ask if she’s going to do it. She says she’s thinking about it. Elijah starts to go over her, but Klaus wants him to stay and tells him to let her go. He tells Elijah he feels weak. Elijah says he’s never been weak. He’s always been the strong one in the family, doing whatever it takes to keep them safe. Klaus puts his hand on Elijah’s shoulder and tells him its wise counsel. Others could learn from him.

Elijah finds Gia in the bar, listening to a band. He wonders why she’s not playing and she tells him she’s lost her ability. He tells her that a vampire has heightened senses, a new cadence and rhythm that has to be learned. Senses are altered and emotions heightened. He says she can learn the joy of music and to play again. He’ll help her. Gia isn’t quite sure what to say or think about Elijah. Back at Marcel’s, she tells him what happened. Marcel is happy because now Elijah can fix her. He says that Elijah will help them all.

At the episode’s end, Victor talks with Lenore/Esther and is confused by this new tactic she’s doing. She says tonight was an invitation, not an ultimatum. She wants Klaus and Elijah to feel weak and helpless and feel like they have no other choice but to give up their immortality. She took the wolves and Marcel will be next. She will ruin them and everything they hold dear. In their despair they’ll beg her to relieve their pain. They’ll beg for her mercy, and she will release them, because she loves them.

Klaus confronts his father Mikael, Sebastian Roche, in The Originals next episode 2×04 “Live and Let Die” on Monday, October 27th, 2014, on The CW, at 8/7c!



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