The Originals recap of 2×01 “Rebirth” premiere!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // October 6, 2014

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The Originals recap of season 2 premiere episode 2×01 “Rebirth”!

The Originals season 2 premiere episode “Rebirth” begins with Rebekah telling Hope a bedtime story, which is the story of Hayley and the Mikaelson family told as a fairytale.

Elijah is at an old building with some of the Guerrara family. They want to tear it down and build another casino. Elijah, as part of the Historical Preservation Society, is planning on taking over the building to preserve it.

Klaus, in his studio, is going crazy and ripping his canvases. Elijah enters and tries to calm him. He is weakened every full moon by the moonlight rings he gave his blood for when Genevieve created them, after which Francesca took the 12 for her family and a few other choice werewolves, like Oliver. Elijah, worried about Hayley, asks him to try and help her.

Hayley, in the bayou, walks behind her cabin and finds an old doll. It reminds her of her baby and she gets emotional.

Marcel and Cami are having passionate sex, but afterwards she gets ready to leave for class and tells Marcel to remember there’s no strings, especially since vampires still can’t be in the Quarter. He asks how Klaus is doing, but she doesn’t know. Marcel wonders why Klaus hasn’t struck back at the Guerreras yet. Cami, changing the subject, tells him Davina left her coven and went back to finish high school. Moving forward. It’s a good thing!

Davina is in the Quarter in a music store that sells vinyl! She’s picking up Icelandic music for somebody (Mikael?). She meets a cute boy, then Oliver enters and tells her she should leave and kicks people out. A couple of other werewolves come in and Davina knows they’re planning on killing Joe, a vampire who owns the store, and immediately uses her magic to stop them.

The Guerrera werewolves are meeting with Cassie, who is now leading the witches and who is really Esther Mikaelson. Francesca is upset because Klaus hasn’t come out of his house in four months. She brings up Davina, and Cassie tells her Davina left the coven. Francesca tells everybody who isn’t paid to protect her to leave.

After Cassie leaves she calls her son Finn, so we know which brother came back with her. Her plan is to take down Klaus and Elijah.

As Cami walks down the street she’s followed by two of Francesca’s men. She tells them off and defiantly walks away, headed toward the Mikaelson compound. When she gets there, all the furniture in the courtyard are covered. She calls for Klaus. As she starts to go up the stairs, he briefly appears behind her, but when she turns around he’s gone. Elijah meets her at the top of the stairs. She knows Klaus doesn’t want to talk to her, but she know he’s there. She tells Elijah there’s a weapon across the river, all they have to do is light it, meaning Marcel. As she leaves, Elijah and Klaus watch her go. Elijah tells Klaus he likes her. Klaus tells him he does, too.

Marcel meets with some new vampire prospects that Josh has brought for his inspection. He tells them why they’re there, then compells them to forget, but if they decide to join him he tells tham they’ll remember how to return to him. It will be their choice. Josh thinks the rocker chick will join them. After the prospects leave, Klaus arrives and asks if he’s ready to fight. They smile at each other.

At the compound, Elijah is taking down the crib and packing Hope’s things away. Hayley comes in and freaks out, demanding to know what he’s doing. She’s not ready for this and it’s her decision not his. Hayley wants vengeance. She kicks Elijah out, and he quietly leaves her to her grief.

Davina enters the attic where Mikael is a prisoner, and he throws the dagger at her. She tells him that he know he can’t hurt her. He says he wishes he could rip the bracelet that binds him to her off her wrist. She tells him he can’t and offers her wrist for him to feed, which he does. He wants to kill Klaus, but she tells him not till she figures how to unlink Marcel and her friends from Klaus so they won’t die.

Klaus and Marcel play a board game as they plot their revenge. Klaus says he thinks the Guerreras have the White Oak Stake so they have to get it back, as well as the 12 rings that weaken him every full moon. Joe comes and tells them Oliver was in his shop. Klaus realizes the werewolves don’t have the stake or else they wouldn’t still be looking for it. He tells them tonight is a wolf hunt!

Klaus tells Elijah his plan. Elijah says he’s worried about the White Oak Stake. Klaus begins to get weak as the full moon rises. Joe, in his shop, tells Oliver he’s leaving, but he has info for Francesca. The plan begins. Hayley and Klaus have to work together as a team, he tells her. It’s their fight. The time is now.

Esther does a spell to find the White Oak Stake, but it’s cloaked by Davina. Some werewolves come to Cami’s apartment and demands the stake, but she gives him the address and then the key. She nods to Elijah, who is watching from outside her window. The plan continues.

“Rebirth” press release synopsis

REBUILDING HOMES AND RECRUITING NEW FAMILY – After months of being holed up inside his compound, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) enlists the help of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in plotting his revenge against the Guerrera werewolves, and vows to take down anyone who poses a threat to baby Hope’s existence. Elijah watches helplessly as Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) spirals downward while mourning the loss of her daughter and struggling to adapt to her new hybrid status. Exiled by the Guerrera werewolves, who now control the French Quarter, Marcel is still reeling over the destruction of his vampire family, and attempts to rebuild his home with the help of Josh (guest star Steven Krueger). Elsewhere, Cami (Leah Pipes), who is attempting to regain some normalcy in her life, seeks comfort in a surprising place. Last, Davina (Danielle Campbell) continues her plan to use Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche) against Klaus, but gets sidetracked when she meets the mysterious, yet charming Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman), who holds a few secrets of his own.

Klaus waits. Francesca hides. The Guerreras are ready. At the warehouse, Marcel waits as the werewolves enter his trap and Josh locks them all inside. Marcel has been collecting wolvesbane in the sprinkler system. He lights a lighter and the sprinklers go off. As they writhe in pain, Marcel chops their hands with the rings off. Klaus begins to get stronger.

At the compound, werewolves attack and Hayley attacks them, ripping heads and rings, making Klaus stronger.

Elijah is outside Francesca’s house and takes out some werewolf guards. Then she opens the door. But she thinks he has to be invited in.

Hayley, surrounded, overpowers all of them. Two enter Klaus’ studio and come for him, but he throws a couple of paintbrushes and sticks them in their necks, then drags them to his canvas to use their blood to paint with.

Hayley beats Oliver up and takes his ring. If she ever sees him with one again she’ll kill him. The Queen has spoken!

Francesca tells Elijah she knows he has to be invited in. But then he tells her about the house being declared an historical site, open to the public. So anybody can enter. Then he steps a foot over the threshold and comes in to finish the Guerreras off. But he lets Francesca get away.

With Francesca fleeing, Hayley can kill her. As Francesca barrels down the highway, Hayley waits in the middle to ambush her and drags her out of the car and rips her throat out.

Josh tells Marcel that Joe was caught. He doesn’t understand why they’re not going to help him. Josh isn’t into the war. Marcel says the battle may have been won, but not the war, and tells him they’re fighting not for the city, or family, but for the city’s soul. The rocker chick shows up and wants to join. Josh was right!

Hayley, back at the compound, is ripping things apart. Killing Francesca didn’t make her feel anything. She’s lost everything, including herself, and now she’s a monster. She knows Elijah doesn’t look at her the same way as he did before. She thinks he doesn’t feel the same anymore.

Outside the now closed record store that belonged to Joe, Davina meets the cute guy she met earlier. He introduces himself as Kaleb.

At the compound, Elijah is working on the stones to prepare them for burning which will destroy them. Klaus says he was wrong about everything and just wants Hope to come back. He says he doesn’t understand why Elijah has stood by him all these years. Elijah says it will always be family first. Then he asks Klaus to talk to Hayley. She needs him.

Cami and Marcel are in bed. She says she’s sorry about Joe. He says she was brave. She tells him they have to stop this. She wants to help humans and not be involved with all the werewolf/witch/vampire drama. Marcel lets her go.

In their living room, Klaus tells Hayley things will get better. After awhile, things tend to just run together, but the true and real moments of life, the moments with meaning and value, stay with you to help you get through. The pain will eventually fade into the past. He promises her that they’ll hold their baby again. He wants to be friends with the werewolves, and reminds her that she’s the “Wolf Queen”! They all need to be united. Be a family. Then he holds her hand and smiles at her.

After the carnage, the next day, Cami meets with Professor Griffin (Finn), who will help her with her education. Esther and Finn are together in their coven, as Kaleb joins them. Kaleb says he likes his new body, and so does Davina. Turns out Kaleb is Kol. She tells them Klaus and Elijah did her a favor killing the werewolves. Now she can control them. She tells Finn and Kol they’ll be planning a family reunion now!

The Originals next episode is 2×02 “Alive and Kicking” airs Monday, October 13, 2014, at 9/8c, on The CW, where Kol, Nathaniel Buzolic, returns in flashbacks!



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