The Originals Joseph Morgan on Klaus’ Siblings and Regret!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 24, 2014

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

Joseph Morgan talks about Klaus’ siblings and regret in The Originals 2×08 episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot”!

Joseph Morgan talks about The Originals 2×08 episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot” as Claire Holt returns as Rebekah, the Mikaelson brothers are together, and does Klaus regret killing his birth father!

KSiteTV did an on-set interview with Joseph, who plays Klaus, about coming face-to-face with brothers Kol and Finn, played by new series regular Yusuf Gatewood and Daniel Sharman, the return of sister Rebekah, played by Claire Holt, and regret at killing his birth father, Ansel.

At the end of “Chasing the Devil’s Tail” Klaus and Elijah were gifted with their chained brothers, their magic suppressed by the chains Kol had previously created with the help of Mary-Alice Claire. Still in chains, Kol and Finn join Klaus and Elijah for a lovely dinner of pastries, blood-laced drinks, and threat-laced conversation in “The Brothers That Care Forgot”!

Joseph on the Mikaelson family reunion

I think now, for the first time in the show, we’ve got all four brothers in the same room, so I think the idea is to learn what we can from them about Esther and her motives, and to do that, we only need one of them to talk. That’s the nice kind of threat that we can pose to them, like ‘only one of you has to comply, the other one we don’t need. So who’s it going to be?’ You’ll see that we separate them and we get to each of them in turn, rather than keeping them in the same room, and there’s a bit of good cop-bad cop in that scenario, which was a lot of fun to film.

When asked who the good cop was, Joseph laughed, “Who do you think?”

KSiteTV asked if Klaus regrets killing Ansel, to which Joseph said “I don’t know if he’d admit to regretting it, but I think, certainly, he questions his decision later on.”

Joseph also talked about working with Yusuf and Daniel as Finn and Kol, and how Klaus and Rebekah respond to each other when they reunite.

On-set interview with Joseph Morgan

Watch the Mikaelson family reunion in The Originals 2×08 episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot” on Monday, November 24th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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