The Originals Joseph Morgan on Inspiration, Life, and Klaus!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 22, 2014

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

The Originals Joseph Morgan on his life, what inspires him, and how he feels about Klaus

In an interview for The Laterals online magazine The Originals Joseph Morgan talked about what inspires him, his life since The Originals, and the sociopath character he plays, Niklaus Mikaelson!

Joseph says his life, with it’s hectic schedule, is like a plate spinner, both exciting and stressful as you try to keep all the plates spinning at the same time!

While originally concentrating on movies, such as “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” and “Immortals,” he feels lucky that when he decided to try television the role of Klaus Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries was offered to him. He credits the tremendous support of the fans, who shares his “passion for the genre,” and who started making YouTube trailers for “The Originals,” for helping him and the producers make the show a reality.

Between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals he suddenly found himself thrust into the limelight, which was both flattering and overwhelming. While it wasn’t something he sought, he’s grateful to have a job he loves and feels humbled by the many opportunities his celebrity has brought his way.

Joseph on his acting career so far

I believe you can learn a lot from looking at your previous work and choices but it is important to keep forward momentum. I try not to dwell too much on what has been, instead focusing my attention on what is happening here and now. I also like to have an idea of my goals whilst trying to remain flexible, it’s important to learn to improvise and adapt because life intervenes every step of the way.

He finds the best way to prepare for a role is to discover what inspires you about it. You may find this through paintings or poetry, or maybe even discover the way your character walks by watching your pet cat move. For Joseph, inspiration is a must.

His wife, Persia, is also a great inspiration to him and his work, in addition to being a tremendous support. They constantly bounce ideas off of each other. He loves to read, enjoys art, music, comics, films, travel, and video games. He also writes and paints and plays a bit of the guitar!

Joseph on his inspiration

I gain inspiration from learning about others and from that I learn about myself. I try to experience as much as I can so I can draw from it. I’m curious. Inspiration can be found everywhere if you open yourself to it.

With his love of art, music, travel, and reading, he has made those a part of his character Klaus. But that’s where the similarity ends. As Joseph explains, Klaus hated his father, rejected his siblings, and is the black sheep product of the deeply dysfunctional Mikaelson family. He’s possessive about his siblings, especially Rebekah, and tries to totally control their actions, which is why he carted them around in coffins when he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus is desperate for the love and acceptance he lacked growing up, which tends to fuel his fits of rage and his bestial side. He’s an unpredictable and deadly sociopath, but mostly he’s just lonely. He’s afraid of exposing his vulnerable side so whenever he gets close to having any type of meaningful bond he ends up destroying it. Because he’s afraid of appearing weak, the way his father Mikael always told him he was, he can’t allow himself to really trust or love anybody. But, as Joseph says, “Still, there is Hope.”

Joseph is a big fan of Twitter since it lets him connect with people who want to connect with him. It’s also a great way to share recommendations on books, films, and anything else you may be passionate about. It’s also helped him and his wife raise money for charity, such as their current holiday project for Charity Water.

Currently Joseph has two films in post-production. “Dermaphoria,” a thriller, is adapted from the book by Craig Clevenger and was directed Ross Clarke, and “500 Miles North” directed by his good friend Luke Massey and also stars Matt Ryan, who plays Constantine on NBC on Friday nights. He and Matt have known each other since Joseph was 16, and he was best man at his wedding to Persia. “Revelation” is the short starring Persia, which he directed, and is being released next year on iTunes. “Exciting times all around,” he says.

Joseph also revealed that years ago he was in a band with his brother, who is a talented musician who sings and plays the guitar, called “The Long Men.” Guess that’s why Joseph still plays a bit of the guitar!

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