The Originals extended promo for “Moon Over Bourbon Street”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 16, 2014

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

Extended promotional video for The Originals episode “Moon Over Bourbon Street” rerun!

The Originals extended promo for the “Moon Over Bourbon Street” episode continues the party theme, although it’s more like blood and gore instead of wine and caviar!

Now that Rebekah is off on her own and away from New Orleans and the French Quarter, its just Klaus and Elijah, and it looks like brotherly love is alive and well, but looks can be deceiving.

Even though he won the kingdom, he’s not a happy ruler. Depressed over recent family events, he sits idly by painting while his kingdom burns with the fire of hatred between the supernatural factions, and as local humans are being feasted on by ravenous vampires. Looks like Elijah will have to pick up Klaus’ ruler reigns to try and bring order back to the Quarter.

Without Marcel’s loving hands, the vampires want nothing to do with Klaus, so they’re taking it out on the humans. If the witches don’t get Davina, then the witches will take it out on the vampires. And then there are the werewolves who want a piece of both. If things were bad before, they’re worse now that Klaus is in charge.

With Klaus an absent ruler, and Father Kieran suffering from his hex, Elijah tries to take charge and teams up with Francesca, Peta Sergeant, described as “a beautiful woman from a powerful New Orleans family.” Francesca has her own agenda, and there’s more to her than she’s telling.

The curse on Hayley’s werewolf family has been lifted, and Klaus has a tempting offer for Jackson that he may not be able to refuse.

Offering a deal to Jackson isn’t the only thing on Klaus’ mind. In line with keeping enemies closer, he’s having a romantic fling with a certain character that could prove beneficial to his future!

Kristin Dos Santos on some love for Klaus

According to Joseph Morgan! “I feel like he is and sort of always has been a loner,” he explains. “That doesn’t mean there won’t be liaisons with other characters, you know, he’s not a hermit, but he finds it very difficult to relate to people.” That being said, we’re hearing of a flirtation coming up soon for Klaus.

No doubt this is one of the “unnatural alliances” referenced in the synopsis for this episode!

“Moon Over Bourbon Street” press release synopsis

UNNATURAL ALLIANCES – After accusing Klaus (Joseph Morgan) of doing nothing while their control over the Quarter crumbles, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) makes a move to take matters into his own hands. He receives an intriguing offer of support from Francesca (guest star Peta Sergeant), a beautiful woman from a powerful New Orleans family. In an attempt to bring the warring factions of the city together, the Mikaelsons throw an extravagant party, where Klaus offers Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) a tempting deal, Elijah and Hayely share a dance, and a violent fight comes to a surprising end. Finally, even as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) works on a new path to power, he continues to help Cami (Leah Pipes) deal with her Uncle Kieran’s tragedy (guest star Todd Stashwick).

Extended promo for “Moon Over Bourbon Street”

The Originals episode of “Moon Over Bourbon Streen” will re-air on Thursday, August 21st, 2014, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries, on The CW!



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