The Originals Daniel Gillies Hints That Tatia May Return!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // January 6, 2015

Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, Dr. Joel Goran, Saving Hope, The Originals

As The Originals Daniel Gillies enjoys a ski holiday he also hints that Tatia, Nina Dobrav, may be returning!

While some cast members of The Originals enjoyed skiing on the snow, Daniel Gillies enjoyed the holidays skiing on some waves! As he surfed the waves on his jetski, he wished his 56.1 thousand Instagram followers Happy New Year.

Daniel’s Happy New Years on Instagram

Hello guys, I’m on vacation but not forgotten you. I decided to be a bit radical and it was fun. Happy New Year to all and until next year.

Daniel was also taking a break from his role on the Canadian show “Saving Hope” where he plays star surgeon Dr. Joel Goran. The past year he’s been balancing Dr. Joel in Toronto, Canada, with the honorable vampire Elijah Mikaelson in Atlanta, Georgia, and with being a real life father to his one-year old daughter with wife Rachael Leigh Cook.

Daniel as Dr. Joel Goran on “Saving Hope”


Fortunately, he didn’t have a lot of acting in season 3 of “Saving Hope.” He said he could relate to being a “buried kind of guy,” but whereas Joel’s burden was emotional, his was professional.

Thanks to the ION cable network “Saving Hope” will be returning to U.S. TV for its upcoming third season of 18 episodes. The deal also includes ION’s acquisition of the first and second seasons of the series which originally aired on NBC in 2012 during the summer.

Daniel on the return of “Saving Hope” to the U.S.

There is an American audience that did and does love Saving Hope. It sounds a bit rude, me talking about the U.S. audience, but I think it’s a wonderful trampoline into the rest of the world. I think the show is really good.

“Saving Hope” is about Hope Zion Hospital, in chaos when it’s Chief of Surgery, charismatic Charlie Harris, ends up in a coma. Fellow surgeon and fiancĂ© Alex Reid, along with Dr. Joel Goran, race to save Harris’ life. Meanwhile, Harris’ spirit roams the hospital’s halls, wondering if he’s a figment of his own imagination.

On The Originals, the action on the second half of this season is heating up. Rebekah is in a witch’s body in an insane asylum, Elijah has given Hayley his blessing to marry Jackson, Mother Esther is now a vampire, Father Mikael still intends to kill Klaus, baby Hope may be in danger, Finn and Kol are still plotting their revenge, and Esther’s witch sister Dahlia may be coming for all of them.

In the midst of all this turmoil, Nina Dobrev looks like she’ll be returning to The Originals as the first Doppelgänger, Tatia Petrova. Rebekah may also return to her real body in the season two finale, since Claire Holt is listed in the cast for 2×22!

Daniel on his jetski

The Originals returns Monday, January 19th, 2015, at 8/7c, for the second half of season two on The CW!



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