The Originals coming to a book store near you!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // October 10, 2014

Claire Holt, Rebekah Mikaelson, Joseph Morgan, Klaus Michaelson, Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

The Originals trilogy of books has been created by Executive Producer Julie Plec!

The Originals family has 1000 years of history behind them, and now executive producer Julie Plec has decided to take all that history and create a trilogy of books to give fans an extra special peek into the Mikaelson family!

None of the stories created for the book series have been covered in the series, and are exclusive to the books. Although none have been published yet, they’re all available for pre-order on!

The Originals: The Rise!


In 1722 in New Orleans, the Original vampires Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah arrive in the hopes of escaping their dangerous past. Klaus falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious woman named Vivianne, which prompts Elijah to look for a home they can call their very own. Rebekah decides to get involved with a French Captain. All this sets a chain of events into motion that brings the new life they’re trying to build for themselves crashing down on them for good. “The Originals: The Rise” will be available January 27th, 2015, in paperback and for Kindle, but can be pre-ordered now on!

The Originals: The Loss!


After the city was destroyed by a hurricane, the Mikaelson siblings have finally taken control of New Orleans away from the werewolves, who have fled, and the witches, who now live out in the bayou. It’s 1766, and Klaus desires one thing above all else, power. When he finds a witch to do the spell, she unleashes a curse that brings back hundreds of her ancestors for a war to get their city back. “The Originals: The Loss” will be available March 31st, 2015, in paperback and for Kindle, but can be pre-ordered now on!

The Originals: The Resurrection!


The Mikaelsons are determined that  New Orleans will be their home. However, Elijah is infatuated with a stunningly beautiful witch, while Rebekah is pursuing her own quest to find the secret of the family’s immortality. With his siblings occupied in their own pursuits, Klaus must take the reins. If he can’t have love, then his quench his thirst with power and vengeance, even if it means it will tear his family asunder once and for all. “The Originals: The Resurrection” will be available May 19th, 2015, in paperback and for Kindle, but can be pre-ordered now on!

Are you excited to read the books on The Originals when they’re published next year, fangsters?



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