The Originals character poster of Marcel, Charles Michael Davis!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 8, 2014

Charles Michael Davis, Marcellus 'Marcel' Gerard, The Originals

The Originals character poster and symbols of Marcel Gerard, played by Charles Michael Davis!

The Originals former King of the Quarter, Marcel Gerard, played by Charles Michael Davis, lost his crown to Klaus and has been trying to get it back ever since.

Marcel started life as a slave with no name in the 1820s, the Governor’s second son. During the funeral for the Governor’s first son, killed by Klaus because Rebekah was in love with him and wanted him turned, Klaus saw the boy’s plucky nature when he threw an apple at the overseer who was beating him.

Klaus, perhaps seeing something of himself in the boy, killed the man. Since he didn’t have a name, Klaus named him Marcellus, the little warrior, and raised him as his own son.

Elijah tutored him as a loving uncle, until he realized Klaus was jealous. Klaus undaggered Kol to have a companion to have fun with. He finally told Marcel he was bored with him and to go away. This was only to help Klaus bond again with Marcel, but it strained relations between them, which so far has not been healed.

As time went on, Marcel and Rebekah fell in love. Bad for Rebekah! Bad for Marcel! Klaus daggered Rebekah, and eventually turned Marcel, which is what he always wanted.

In 1919 Marcel came back from the war and resumed his relationship with Rebekah. They thought Klaus didn’t notice. They plotted to get rid of him. But Klaus gave them his blessing, and then Mikael showed up. Bad for everybody!

Mikael “the destroyer” destroyed everything his children built up. As the Opera House burned, with Marcel inside, they all assumed he was dead. They fled the city and Mikael. Again.

But he wasn’t dead. He rebuilt the city, killed the Guerrera werewolf family (or so he thought), and suppressed the witches to his will. He proclaimed himself the King of New Orleans and the French Quarter. Then Hayley got pregnant and the witches decided to use her to coerce Klaus into helping them defeat Marcel.

Season 1 was a rocky road for the Klaus-Marcel bromance, but this season they seem to be much more friendly. He’s even working with new hybrid Hayley and helped rescue Klaus from his vengeful father, played brilliantly by Sebastian Roche.

In season 2 Marcel will be rebuilding his vampire community with the help of Josh and perhaps Elijah, if Esther hasn’t gotten to him.

Charles on Marcel’s journey

Part of Marcel’s journey is his struggle to get back to where he was in the pilot. That’s who he is as a character, he’s resourceful and it’s actually a bigger build up to an arc that we’re going to be reaching in later episodes. It’s just part of Marcel’s bigger story.

Charles, the man behind the fangs, has been acting since 2005 and used to play poker with Joseph. Some of the other roles he’s had include Trevor in “That’s So Raven,” Liam in “Switched at Birth,” Kwan Kirkland in “The Game,” Ben Dalton in “The Client List,” and Dr. Jason Myers in “Grey’s Anatomy.” Upcoming is the role of Ramirez in “Battle Scars” which is currently in post production for a 2015 release.

Character poster of Marcel Gerard


01: Wasp/Hornet. These stinging insects attack as a unit and swarm in colonies. They are seen as ferocious and the most feared of insects. Marcel was once seen as a feared leader backed by an army of vampires.

02: Dagger. Representative of Marcel’s great pain and trial as the anit-hero he has become.

03: Violet. A symbol for sedition is representative of Marcel and his army’s efforts toward rebellion in New Orleans.

04: Vine. A symbol of regeneration, connection, expansion, and opportunity. The vine represents Marcel’s slave background evolving to his role as leader and Klaus’ protégé.

05: Acacia. Associated with many secret societies in ceremonial usse, the acacia can be connected to Marcel with his secret build-up.

Character poster of Marcel Gerard with symbology guide


“My Dinner Date with…” Charles Michael Davis

Find out how these symbols relate to Marcel, Charles Michael Davis, and his relationship with Klaus and the Mikaelson family on The Originals on Mondays, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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