The Originals character poster of Davina, Danielle Campbell!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 4, 2014

Danielle Campbell, Davina Claire, The Originals

The Originals character poster and symbols of Davina Claire, played by Danielle Campbell!

The Originals teenage witch, Davina Claire, played by talented Danielle Campbell, is a Harvest girl with the dual goal of unlinking her friends from Klaus so she can kill him.

When the series first began, Davina was Marcel’s secret weapon to keep the French Quarter witches in line by sensing when magic was being done, against his rule that witches couldn’t practice magic unless he authorized it. But what teenage girl wants to be kept locked in a church attic?

In “Girl in New Orleans” she persuaded Marcel to let her attend the Dauphine Street music festival so she could listen to her friend Tim, played by Shane Coffey. Cami was supposed to watch over her, but Klaus had other ideas and ended up killing Tim, banishing Marcel, and biting Josh during season 1. When Mikael offered to cure Josh in exchange for her bringing him back so he could kill Klaus,  she did.

Season 2 started with her having Mikel on a leash, but Kaleb broke it in “Live and Let Die” when Mikael attacked him, releasing “The Destroyer” to try and kill Klaus in “Red Door.”

Danielle isn’t quite as vindictive as her character and seems to enjoy paling around with her co-stars. In fact, the 5′ 3″ actress, born in Hinsdale, Illinois, and discovered in a Chicago hair salon, is reported to be roommates with Leah Pipes, who plays Cami! It’s also reported that her beautiful hair may be wigs.

While The Originals is her first starring role in a TV series, other roles she has had include Carla Middlen in “Drop Dead Diva,” Dani in “Zeke and Luther,” and Gracey Hollander in “Prison Break” which was her first role.

In the character poster Davina is holding a cat, a symbol of strength and mysticism. Witches have been known to transform into their familiars to hide. Will she become a cat to hide from Klaus until she’s ready to kill him with the White Oak Stake?

Character poster of Davina Claire


01: Spider Web. Intricate and fragile in nature, the spider web symbolizes Davina’s character – her youth, the betrayal of her coven, along with managing to adjust after the Harvest.

02: Cat. Revered for their strength and sleekness in Ancient Egypt, the cat is also known for its mysticism with witchcraft and bad omens. Witches take the shape of cats to hide from their enemies. Davina, trying to find sanctuary from the betrayal of her coven may be associated with the cat.

03: Rose. A symbol in the witch community meaning “resurrection.” Davina’s blooming confidence and the resurrection of her magic are symbolized with an incantation.

04: Apple Tree. This follows the theme of temptation, desire, poison, and evil. May be attributed to Davina’s witchcraft and/or the Others’ desire for Davina, either physically or to exploit her witch powers.

Character poster of Davina Claire with symbology guide


“My Dinner Date with…” Danielle Campbell

Keep watching The Originals to see how these symbols relate to Davina, Danielle Campbell, and see if she can unlink her friends and really decide to kill Klaus, on Mondays, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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