The Originals 2014 Comic-Con panel and sizzle reel!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 31, 2014

Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, Charles Michael Davis, Marcel Gerard, The Originals

The 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego for The Originals Panel Included a Sizzle Reel for Season 2!

The Originals panel at Comic-Con included Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes, Danielle Campbell, and executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci.

According to the cast and producers at this year’s Comic-Con, The Originals season 1 was about fighting to take back the power and control of New Orleans, but season 2 will be about reuniting the Mikaelson family again, and causing tons of trouble in the process!

Even though the Mikaelsons are vampires, they’re bound together forever and always as a family. According to exec producer Michael Narducci, the problem with being immortal is that you think of people as food and it strips your connection with humanity, making you a tad bit mad resulting in things starting to implode.

Julie Plec revealed that when the Other Side on The Vampire Diaries started to fail, they knew this was their only shot to bring back Esther, Mikael, and some other characters like Kol. This decision helped define season 1’s storyline.

In season 2 we’ll be seeing Rebekah and baby Hope with her Auntie Beks, which means there’s a chance she’ll live a normal human life and neither her vampire or werewolf sides will get triggered. Maybe! Maybe not! After all, this is The Originals!

Julie Plec on baby Hope and season 2

Exploring what Hope means to the whole supernatural universe…is actually going to be part of this season and tie into a lot of the agendas of our villains.

Season 2’s first episode is titled “Rebirth” and it will be about our heroes experiencing the grief they endured at the end of season 1 and how they’re going to start to remake their lives and begin again.

Michael Narducci on season 2

I think we talked a lot about the sins of the past coming to haunt us in the present. [The season will have a] dark, warped fairy tale component. This is the season where our heroes are dealing with the return of their monstrous parents and what that means to them.

According to Joseph Morgan, Klaus is locked in his compound like a caged animal, and wants “violent, bloody, merciless revenge” on the people responsible for his current rage. He’s trying to calm himself by painting a lot!

Phoebe Tonkin said she was happy to get rid of that baby bump and wanted to burn it! Now that she’s a hybrid, she gets fangs and gets to be vicious. Klaus is helping her adjust to being a hybrid and a vampire.

Danielle Campbell is excited about season 2 because she’s her own person now and is dishing it out. She revealed that Davina’s greatest strength is “the people she cares about and loves,” but this is also Davina’s biggest weakness.

Julie Plec revealed that Claire Holt will be back at least once, but further info reveals that she will be back at least five times during season 2. Currently Claire has been cast as Officer Charmain Tully on NBC’s Aquarius series starring David Duchovny.

Good news for fans of Josh, played by Steven Krueger! According to Julie Plec, he’ll be helping Marcel rebuild the vampire community. She said that one of the things she learned from Kevin Williamson is to not kill off fan favorites! Too bad she didn’t learn this before killing Kol! Other good news for Josh is that he may have a love interest this season, according to Michael Narducci!

The panel concluded with questions from the audience.

The Originals 2014 Comic-Con Sizzle Reel

The Originals 2014 Comic-Con panel – Part 1

The Originals 2014 Comic-Con panel – Part 2

The Originals returns for season 2 with the premiere episode “Rebirth” on Monday, October 6th, 2014, on The CW!



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