Spoilers: Will Klaus die in The Originals “The Map of Moments”?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 8, 2014

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Will Klaus die or be put into a deep sleep in The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments”?

Exec Producer Michael Narducci hints Klaus may be put into a deep sleep in The Originals mid-season finale of “The Map of Moments.” Could Nathaniel Buzolic return as Kol? Interesting questions that Michael Narducci hints answers to!

Another burning question is whether Esther knows about Hope. From what Michael says, she probably doesn’t. The starlings Esther used to track Rebekah couldn’t report on a baby, only where Rebekah was located. Because of this, the big question will be “how do we protect the fact that the baby has survived” and keep Esther from finding out.

As part of the mid-season finale, Hayley will reveal her plans to marry Jackson. According to Michael, “[W]e’ll see reactions from both brothers that are both in character and pretty spectacular.” In the previous spoilers Michael discussed the advantages of this pre-arranged marriage to help gain power and defeat Esther and Vincent by depriving them of their werewolf army. Although she likes Jackson, she’s the mother of Klaus‘ daughter, and has emotional connections to Elijah. Sparks may fly when she announces her plans.

If Hayley goes through with the marriage, according to legend, any werewolf attending the ceremony will acquire the strengths of both parties, which means they’ll be hybrids and be able to control their transformations. This could be bad news for the Jaiden Romeo-Romeo romance. Aiden and the other werewolves could kill vampires with one bite 24/7. Aiden and Josh may have some serious conversations about the impending danger to their relationship. Michael reveals, “[I]t’s definitely something we’ll be playing with going forward.”

Finn told Klaus the truth about what happened to their sister Freya, and what their mother did to have children, so he knows about Dahlia and the deal to take the first-born. With the family reunited, Klaus may ask “What are we going to do to if and when this person, who would be basically a 1000-year old immortal witch, shows up and tries to take our baby Hope?” Michael reveals this question will “escalate in a very big way, as we build towards our season finale.”

But in the meantime, there may be a 100-year old witch they’ll have to deal with, “who is very much a clear and present danger.” While they may have to deal with Esther first, sounds like they’ll also have to deal with Mary-Alice Claire, who has been locked with Astrid in the “Asylum” which is Dowager Folly’s mansion.

Which brings up Kol, Nathaniel Buzolic, and his quest to create a dagger to rid his world of his pesky brother Klaus! While Yusuf Gatewood, who plays Finn, is now a series regular, has anybody noticed that Daniel Sharman, who plays present day Kol, isn’t a series regular?

According to Michael, it’s pretty obvious they won’t kill Klaus off, but that doesn’t mean some “witch” won’t do a Sleeping Beauty spell on him and put him to sleep. He also hinted that an “old character” might come out of the body of a “new character”!

Michael Narducci on Kol possibly returning

Finn is occupying that body. Who’s to say someone doesn’t come along and have some opinions about that? There’s a lot of different things, especially when you’re doing these body invasion storylines, where a new character might enter a body, or an old character might come out of a body. There’s a lot of fun to be had there.

What a cliff hanger that would be for the mid-season finale to have Kaleb and Klaus close together and suddenly have Nathaniel replace Daniel Sharman as Kol and stick that dagger into Klaus’ heart to put him in a deep sleep.

Michael’s final words on “The Map of Moments”

So, there is some plans afoot for some pretty spectacular and also very tragic character status changes, which I think will be a big part of what’s going to happen moving forward.

Producers’ Preview of “The Map of Moments”

Join the Mikaelson family reunion as sparks fly in The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments” on Monday, December 8th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!




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