Spoilers: The Originals Season 3 New Faces, Focus & Secrets!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 27, 2015

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

The Originals will have new faces, a new theme, and lots of flashbacks when it returns for season 3!

When The Originals returns for season 3 it will be doubling down on the vampires with a focus on sire lines, flashbacks, and at least five new faces!

In addition to three new faces of vampires Aurora and Lucien and human lawman Will Kinney, there will be a new witch named Van, a warlock in his 20’s, who “reluctantly becomes involved in New Orlean’s supernatural politics when a loved one is murder,” and another vampire named Tristan, described as “loyal to a fault and ruthless against his enemies; as for whom he takes to bed, let’s just say he might not discriminate.” Could he be a new love interest for Josh? Tristan also shares a “long and complicated history” with Klaus and his family.

Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, will remain at odds with his family after what he did to Hayley, played by Phoebe Tonkin, in order to save Hope.

Michael Narducci on Klaus’ abusive cycle

Rebekah has pointed out in the past that Klaus’ cycle is, he’s abusive and terrible, and then he warms up to you and asks for forgiveness and does nice things. And just when you think you can forgive him, he does something terrible again. That is the endless cycle of Klaus Mikaelson. But this time his actions were so cruel and violent and vicious and reprehensible, that it’s months later and his family has not forgiven him.

While season 2 focused on the return of parents Esther and Michael and brothers Kol and Finn, season 3 will focus on sire lines and the new vampires sired in the early days by Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah after they were turned. Flashbacks will show the first time a new vampire was sired, as well as what life was like for the Mikaelson siblings after Esther turned them, shortly after Klaus killed her, played by Alice Evans, and they started running from father Mikael, played by Sebastian Roche.

The flashback backstory will show the Mikaelson legacy as they interacted and started to sire more vampires. Part of this focus will be the return of these newly sired vampires and their viewpoint, knowing that if an Original vampire dies their sire line dies with them.

Michael Narducci on sire lines

[W]e’re going to take a larger look at what is going on in the world of vampires. Are these sire lines friendly with one another? The Elijah sire line, the Klaus sire line, the Rebekah sire line — do they have any opposing opinions or differing perspectives? Is it kind of like warring nations? Are there people who have strong antagonistic feelings toward each other, and if so, how does it relate towards the sires themselves? We’re going to double down on this being a vampire show. There’s going to be a lot of vampire-on-vampire violence. There’s going to be a lot of vampire intrigue. Some of these people will be enemies; some of these people will be allies. And there might be some potential love interests as well.

Hayley and Jackson’s wedding gave the werewolves all of her abilities, as well as the curse that Klaus restored to her and her Crescent wolves pack. Even though it was his attempt to save her life from Dahlia’s death sentence, it means her and her pack only have the night of the full moon to be in human form.

While they’re in a bad place, Michael Narducci reveals that a “mysterious third party alliance” will change their status early in season 3. Until that happens, Hayley will use her one day each month to see Hope, as well as friends and family in her pack. Even though she doesn’t want to see or deal with Klaus, the two will have a custody battle over their daughter.

With tension in the family, Klaus starts to realize how badly he screwed up this time. In the months since the events of the finale, no fences have been mended. Klaus’ endless cycle of abuse and cruelty followed by asking for forgiveness and doing nice things may not work for him this time since he’s not getting forgiveness, especially from Elijah.

Klaus is focusing on raising Hope and staying out of New Orleans vampire politics, which he’s returned to Marcel. With Elijah furious at him for Hayley’s curse, Rebekah off trying to help bring Kol back, he may finally realize he’s burned too many bridges. “[H]e may have left not only himself vulnerable, but his family as a whole, because if they don’t trust him, he can’t protect them. That’s going to be bad news when there are nefarious forces, around the perimeter, looking to do damage to the Mikaelsons,” according to Michael Narducci.

Elijah is only sticking around because Hayley asked him to look after Hope and keep her safe, especially from Klaus. He despises his brother, yet he has to live under the same roof with him. Will he ever forgive his brother, or has he given up on his redemption?

Michael Narducci on the rift between Klaus and Elijah

Klaus has tried desperately to show his family he’s turning over a new leaf, and yet nobody is hearing it; no one is listening, believing it. If he had just been trying for a few weeks, and no one was listening to him, it wouldn’t have felt as substantial. The big thing is Davina (Danielle Campbell) has been Regent for six months; Marcel is now leader of the vampires for six months; Klaus has been on his best behavior for six months, and it’s had no effect on Elijah; Elijah is furious because Hayley has been trapped in wolf form, away from her daughter for half a year. So I think these characters are still — even though it’s been a considerable amount of time — burdened by the events of the last few episodes of season two. And at that time, still burdened, still weakened, still vulnerable, and they will be met with a new threat which is going to come in the form of some of these people from their past.

One bit of good news is that Freya, played by Riley Voelkel, may finally be getting her wish of having a family, even if it is a dysfunctional one. She’s free of Dahlia, but then there’s Klaus! Klaus needs her to help with and mentor Hope to help her control her power, since they’re both powerful first-born Mikaelson witches. Since she’s no longer connected to Dahlia, what happens now? Will she try to be a peacemaker to heal the family’s wounds, and be a “catalyst for change” now that the Mikaelson family has been broken?

Michael Narducci on returning to the core of The Originals

The idea of returning to the core idea of vampires as being young and beautiful forever. This idea you can become immortal, and there’s a price to becoming immortal. In season two, you had family to deal with, but in season three, it’s the humans you made like you; the vampires who were turned. The first sired are returning with a definite perspective: maybe they have gratitude, maybe they have incredible jealousy, maybe they look to the Originals almost like parents, because they will never be the most vampires in the world as long as the Originals are around. And there’s also this sense of connection in, if you die, I die, so I can never, truly, be free of you…I just really like the idea of the Originals and their sired line of vampires. There’s something about being immortal peers that I think will be fun to explore.

Although it sounds like an exciting season 3, chances are there won’t be any crossovers. According to Michael, “I often feel sometimes, for serialized shows … I feel like what would happen if we did a crossover there would be a lot of back story, a lot of catch up, then they’d have to part ways again. No matter what we do with a crossover, it wouldn’t live up to the expectations.”

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The Originals season 3 returns Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries at 8/7c, on The CW!



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