Spoilers: Michael Narducci on 2×09 “The Map of Moments”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 7, 2014

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Executive producer Michael Narducci shares spoilers on The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments”!

Hard to believe we’re already going to see the season 2 mid-season finale of The Originals, fangsters! Seems like it was only last week that we watched Klaus throw temper tantrums at not being able to rid the world and New Orleans of Francesca and her Guerrara werewolves!

Exec producer Michael Narducci discusses The Originals mid-season finale “The Map of Moments.” What will Klaus do to protect Hope? Will Hayley marry Jackson? What about Elijah?

While Klaus and Hayley are reunited with baby Hope, Esther (Sonja Sohn) and Mikael (Sebastian Roche) finally come face-to-face for the first time in 1000 years. Both reunions have underlying terror of what happens if it’s learned that Hope is really alive.

The reunion with Hope and Rebekah is a happy one, but there’s the battle brewing with Esther and Mikael. There will be a “big family discussion” about the best way to protect Hope while taking Esther down. They can’t let Esther know the baby is still alive.

While it’s wonderful to see Klaus smile for a change, his joy and happiness makes him realize how much he has to lose, so he’ll have tough decisions to make on how he’s going to protect Hope.

Although Klaus and Hayley are forever connected through Hope, he’ll discover Hayley’s plans for her werewolf pack. Being a strategist and “visionary master manipulator” Klaus knows a marriage between Hayley and Jackson would be advantageous for him. Even though it would be beneficial, he knows Hayley may be reluctant because of her feelings for Elijah. Then there’s the threat of Jackson wanting to be a father to Hope instead of him. Michael reveals, “[Klaus] knows that strategically there are alliances to be made.” Which ones will Klaus choose?

Michael says Hayley will struggle between “her duty to the pack vs. her heart.” He hints that Elijah and Hayley will confront this and discuss the “pros and cons” of what she should do. What’s important to her, her love for Elijah or her love of her pack? It’s an opportunity to save her wolves from enslavement and have an army to protect Hope. Which will she choose?

Michael says Elijah will have a big storyline about trying to keep control after what Esther unleashed in him. While his “red door,” his capacity for violence, has been in control for 1000 years, can he control it anymore? If there’s a way, he has to figure out  how to “let that door swing open and use his ferocity as an advantage against those who have threatened his family.” Even though he behaves nobly, he’s still a vampire, so he’ll have to finally explore this side of him.

Esther’s and Mikael’s goals are similar. She knows Klaus won’t take her deal, and he killed Ansel to help prove it to her. Although he really did it to protect Hope, she doesn’t know this. If she allies herself with Mikael and he kills Klaus, she’ll be free to save Elijah and Rebekah the way she did Finn and Kol. She doesn’t know this won’t protect them against her witch sister Dahlia, who may already know that Hope lives.

He reveals there’s a huge storyline in the works about Esther, Freya, and the deal she made with Dahlia.

Michael on Esther’s deal with Dahlia

There will be subtle hints of that in [this] episode for the careful viewer who really watches the show and asks the right questions.

Cami has learned Esther’s plan of putting Rebekah in her body and is desperate to try and save herself. Klaus will try to protect her. Michael says the episode will have one of his favorite scenes where Cami confronts Finn. Finn thinks he’s a hero and has an almost fanatical zeal-like way, that he’s doing the right thing.” He says Finn “actually has some strong points.” Will Cami, or anybody, be able to save herself from Esther?

Michael’s final teaser about the rest of season 2

There is definitely a resolution … but there’s definitely a cliff-hanger that will launch into a series of storylines coming up. You’ll be shocked by how the status quo is completely different by the end of the episode. Right now we are preparing to shoot Episode 14, and so much of what we hint at in [this episode] is coming to fruition in such a strong way. So, I’m really excited for this run from Episode 10 to 14, which is really stellar and people are going to go crazy.

Extended promo for “The Map of Moments”

The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments” airs Monday, December 8th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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