Spoilers: Finn’s Revenge Chapter Begins on The Originals!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // January 21, 2015

Yusuf Gatewood, Finn Mikaelson, Victor, The Originals

With Esther now a vampire, Finn’s revenge will escalate on The Originals!

The Originals Finn, played by Yusuf Gatewood, was always dedicated to his mother, Esther, and was willing to do anything and follow her anywhere. He discovered Mama Esther was now a vampire, thanks to the plotting of Rebekah and Klaus. Like the rest of his family, including Mikael, she became the target of his revenge.

Esther, played by Sonja Sohn, thought she had won when Rebekah came to take her up on her offer of exchanging her vampirism for a mortal life. Rebekah and Klaus had other ideas. Rebekah put vampire blood in her drink. When she wouldn’t stop the spell and told Klaus she had sold him out to Mikael, he killed her again.

She was in transition when she woke in a dungeon. Klaus gave her a choice. Drink the blood and become what she hated or die.

Thanks to Kol, Danial Sharman, instead of the person she was supposed to switch into, she ended up in a witch in the insane asylum, where Harvest girl Cassie was also locked. Klaus and Elijah figured out what happened to Rebekah, and Klaus locked Kol in with Marcel and his vampires as punishment.

Like Papa Tunde in “Dance Back from the Grave,” Finn has spelled both Mikael and Esther and put them in a mystical circle to channel their powers. These drastic measures increase his power and will fuel his vengeance against the rest of his family for the rest of the season.

Julie Plec on villain Finn and his vengeance

[He does] wild stuff. The fun of this next chapter is Finn the villain and Yusuf [Gatewood] is so good and… he’s got a point, he’s the righteous one in all of this, so it’s fun to hate him and love him all at the same time.

According to executive producer Michael Narducci, Finn is a zealot who hates vampires and “what his family has become.” He takes extreme actions to stop them, but he goes too far and has to “be stopped with extreme prejudice.” He crosses the line. According to Julie Plec, “There’s a code here and he breaks the code.”

Hayley struggled with her feelings for Elijah and duty to her werewolves. Jackson, played by Nathan Parsons, proposed to her in “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire.” In the next few episodes she’ll learn what she has to do to prepare for the ritual that could not only put her but also Jackson and the Mikaelson family in danger. In “Sanctuary” Klaus discovers what she has to do and goes after her.

As Davina falls for Kol things will change when her duty to the witches arises where she has to take a leadership role. Julie Plec reveals, “That’s part of her journey growing up, first real love, first experience dealing with the fallout of falling in love and finding yourself and who you’re meant to be.”

Michael Narducci on the next episodes of The Originals

This run of episodes is Finn’s revenge and what the family is going to have to do. It’s Elijah taking stock of his mental condition in the aftermath of Ester tormenting him and trying to return to the Elijah we remember. It’s Klaus dealing with Kol who screwed over Rebekah. It’s Hayley determined to save her people and win an army of werewolves who can protect her child through this wedding. And it’s whatever Rebekah is going to unlock as a witch who’s trapped in this insane asylum and how she’s going to rejoin her family and what she’ll bring with her in this new body which will maybe change the family forever. All of those things will come to a head in the next five episodes.

Freya is already here. Is Dahlia far behind? According to Julie Plec, if you talk long enough about somebody they’re bound to knock on your door. “The devil will make an appearance by the end of the season.”

Finn vengeance increase in The OriginalsBrotherhood of the Damned” when it airs Monday, January 26th, 2015, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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