Spoilers: Caroline Dries on Dark Damon and TVD Season 7 Big Bad!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 3, 2015

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Executive Producer Caroline Dries’ spoilers on “Dark Damon” and the “Big Bad” in The Vampire Diaries season 7!

Things will be different for The Vampire Diaries season 7 with Elena sleeping away, Damon turning darker, Stefan moving on with Caroline, and a new “Big Bad”!

Caroline Dries, executive producer for The Vampire Diaries, revealed they decided Elena should have a “Sleeping Beauty-style” end so she could one day return, like maybe for the series finale. They wanted her to make a sacrifice for her best friend, Bonnie, after Bonnie made so many sacrifices for her. This way, Bonnie could live out the rest of her life. Fans have been lobbying for Bamon, so maybe this will be an opportunity to also explore this ship.

It was also a way to show Damon’s growth from selfish to selfless, to show the affect Elena and her love for him, and his for her, had on him. It will also let Bonnie “grab the bull by the horns and be awesome” moving forward. According to Caroline, Bonnie and Damon will start with a “fun friendship,” which they started in season 6, and she’ll become sort of a “moral center” for him as he tries to discover who is he now that he doesn’t have Elena to try and impress.

Caroline Dries on “Dark, Bad” Damon

Everything he did, every choice he made, was somehow tied to Elena. Now she’s not there looking over his shoulder every five minutes, so he has to figure out who he is without her and what choices he’s OK making. He’s going to have a rough go at it, and he’s going to get dark and be Bad-Damon. But he’s still got Bonnie there to remind him what Elena would do.

She goes on to say that it would “feel false” for Damon to meet somebody new to fall in love with. She feels the fans wouldn’t embrace it, and it’s also something the writers aren’t willing to jump into. He has to “be with himself for a bit, and his love story will be based back on Stefan.”

Alaric, who also lost the love of his life, and twin children, will be the one person who can help Damon. He also needs his buddy as much as his buddy will need him. Caroline revealed they’ll be “growing up together in the premiere. There’s no fix to what happened to Alaric. He’s going to be a mess when he starts the new season.”

Speaking of Stefan, he said goodbye to Elena and recognized how thankful he was to have her in his life. But he also decided he was ready to move on with Caroline and spilled his feelings to her. However, the writers felt she should deal with her grief over her Mom’s death. That, plus dealing with the aftermath of turning her humanity off, she’s not exactly feeling like her control freak self. According to Caroline Dries, Caroline will spend season 7 trying to figure out if she and Stefan can actually have this relationship.

As for the time jump when season 7 begins, she hinted that it will be about four months, since Matt has already had a couple months of police training, which might normally take six months. Although Annie Wersching, who plays Lily, won’t be a series regular, she’ll be the villain when the season begins. Caroline, who is writing 7×01, says it’s going to be “the Salvatore brothers vs. the Salvatore mom and her adopted family of heretics, who are known to be sociopaths who have killed thousands of people.”

Caroline on season 7’s “Big Bad”s

We wanted to show the audience how the heretics work, so we turned [Kai] into one. We wanted to personify the villains for next year, which is why we went through the stages – so to speak – of [Kai’s] becoming a vampire who can do magic. We also needed a villain to pay off the entire mythology of the season. We knew we wanted to make it a big Kai villain-centric story. It just happened that he was available, and he’s been the most awesome villain we’ve had on the show. It worked really well.

Chris Wood, who played Kai, stars as Jake in Julie Plec’s new series Containment on The CW.

The Vampire Diaries returns with new villains on Thursday, October 8th, 2015, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals at 9/8c, on The CW!



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