Spoiler: Julie Plec on crossover for The Originals season 2!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 1, 2014

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Executive Producer Julie Plec Confirms There Will be a Crossover in Season 2 of The Originals!

The Originals first crossover was Tyler Lockwood, played by Michael Trevino, now Julie Plec has confirmed another crossover in season 2! While Klaroline fans have been clamoring for Caroline to make an appearance in NOLA, and are now hoping that this will now happen, she did not mention any names in connection with the crossover.

Julie Plec’s crossover announcement

It looks like we are going to be able to do a crossover in the first half of the season, and I can’t tell you what or who or when because it hasn’t been shot yet, but things are looking good.

Previously she said that “when it is organic, we’ll do a couple of crossovers” so it looks like she decided the time was right. Although she did not say who, she definitely said that it would NOT be Alaric, played by Matt Davis who is returning to The Vampire Diaries as a series regular for season 6.

Now that a crossover is confirmed, who do you think it will be?

Enzo, played by Michael Malarkey? He doesn’t really have a history with the Mikaelson family, so chances are he won’t be trekking to NOLA.

Matt Donovan, played by Zach Roerig? He seems pretty happy in Mystic Falls, now that magic is verboten thanks to Marcos and his Travelers.

Tyler Lockwood, played by Michael Trevino? Been there, done that. Now that he’s not a hybrid, and things don’t look likely that he will get back together with Caroline, he probably doesn’t even want to think about going back to New Orleans let alone go there.

Jeremy Gilbert, played by Steven R. McQueen? He may participate in a crossover with one of the other characters, but I don’t think it would make sense for him to go on his own since he really doesn’t have any reason to get involved with the Mikaelson drama.

Caroline, played by Candice Accola? There’s definite history there with Klaus, in so many ways. But it would probably be too dangerous for her to go there with the war still going on. It would distract Klaus too much trying to protect her, although she doesn’t really need protecting.

Stefan, played by Paul Wesley? Seems like a possibility. With everything that happened last season, it would make sense that he might want to get away from it all and what better way to get his mind off of things than to get involved in the drama in New Orleans with Klaus and Elijah.

Elena, played by Nina Dobrev? Considering her anxiety over losing Damon, and knowing that the French Quarter is filled with witches, it would make sense that once she learns that the witches were able to bring back Mikael and possibly Kol, too, that she would see this as her chance to go and try to have them bring Damon and Bonnie back.

Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, and Bonnie, played by Kat Graham? They’re already somewhere, so why not NOLA? They could gravitate to the witches and Bonnie can try to connect with them in an effort to have the witches bring them back so they can then return to Mystic Falls.

So who do you think will be the lucky person who will be crossing over to The Originals?

The Originals season 2 will premiere with “Rebirth” on Monday, October 6th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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