Spoiler: Hayley’s Fate When The Originals Season 3 Begins!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // June 27, 2015

Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, The Originals

How long will Hayley be cursed to stay in wolf form when The Originals returns for season 3?

When we last saw Hayley in The Originals 2×21 episode “Fire with Fire” Klaus saved her life by making a deal with Dahlia to curse her to wolf form except on the full moon.

But how long is she going to be cursed? According to the spoiler from Entertainment Weekly, Klaus isn’t in any hurry to remove the curse.

In the season 2 finale, Klaus told Hope an updated story and revealed that a new chapter will be beginning. This new chapter will start four months after when season 2 ended. This means Hope will be four months older, and perhaps feeling more sparks of magic to torment her hybrid daddy!

Hayley’s curse in season 3

I don’t think romance will be in the cards any time soon. Word on the street is there’s a four-month time jump when the show returns, but Hayley is still in wolf form. Suffice it to say, she’s only getting more pissed at her baby daddy. Meanwhile, Klaus refuses to even help anyone find a way to free her from the Crescent Curse.

Since Klaus will be concentrating on his daughter, he probably won’t have any time for romantic entanglements, such as with Cami. According to executive producer Michael Narducci, they’re not ready for a romantic phase.

Michael Narducci on Klaus and Cami romance

They have an interesting connection. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, it’s a romantic connection.’ But I think right now, it’s a connection where he feels a certain amount of peace with her. He sees that she understands him a little bit and that she is willing to look at him with compassion and maybe hope for the best in him. And I’m certain that there is more than that and there is an attraction between them, but this is a long story and we’re not quite there yet in terms of romance.

But who knows. Season 3 will be 22 episodes, so maybe they’ll get lucky! Danielle Campbell, who plays Davina, hints that season 3 will be very different, with heightened drama, a new twist, and new storylines. She is also still trying to bring Kol back. Although Nathaniel Buzolic has stated that he will NOT be returning to the series, maybe Daniel Sharman will!

Danielle Campbell on season 3

The ending of [season 2] is really exciting because it almost sets up next season to be a whole new show. … It closes so many of those doors that have been left open from [season 1] and from Vampire Diaries. And so next season, you’re really going to see this whole new twist. It’s going to be really exciting.

The Originals returns with all new episodes on Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries at 8/7c, on The CW!



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