Spoiler: Colin Woodell cast as Aiden in The Originals season 2!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 18, 2014

Colin Woodell, Aiden, The Originals

The Originals casts “Devious Maids” Colin Woodell as badass werewolf Aiden!

The Originals season 2 will have some new characters, one of which is Aiden, a badass werewolf played by Colin Woodell, previously pool boy Ethan Sinclair on “Devious Maids“!

Colin leaves a life of crime as a pool boy in Beverly Hills for a supernatural life in the bayou of the Big Easy as a loyal pack lieutenant who sounds like he’ll do anything it takes to take down the vampires.

Character description of Aiden

A badass lieutenant in the reigning New Orleans werewolf pack, loyal to his people first but willing to align with witches if it allows him the power he needs to take down vampires. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family, even if that means forming dangerous alliances.

According to Julie Plec, executive producer of The Originals, now that Hayley is a hybrid, there may be a power vacuum in the werewolf community that will need filling. Could this be Jackson, played by Nathan Parsons, or Oliver, played by Chase Coleman? Will Hayley be able to win her pack back? Or will a new leader emerge, like Aiden or somebody else?

Julie Plec on the werewolves

There’s a lot of wolves that Klaus was aligned with that were all looking to Hayley as their queen, but now she’s no longer a werewolf, she’s a hybrid, and there’s no love lost there for that species. So they’re going to be kind of stranded without a leader, and we’re going to have to see who steps in and takes that role of alpha. What’s going to solidify these wolves in one group, or now that they’ve won the Quarter, are they going to start in-fighting as well?

From a picture posted on Charles Michael Davis’ Twitter, it looks like he, Colin, Chase, and Nishi Munshi who has been rumored to have been cast as Gia, are already hard at work. Two vampires and two werewolves! Hmmm!!!

Charles, Colin, Chase, and Nishi

Colin, Nishi, Chase, Charles, The Originals

According to Matt Mitovich of TV Line, Aiden won’t be the only new werewolf in town. episode 6 will introduce a “respected and feared” new pack leader. Although a name has not been released, the spoiler is that he’ll be spending some “non-romantic” time with young witch Davina, teaching her not only how to control her power but also how to extend it. Sounds like she’ll be even more of a terror for Klaus, so chances are good that he won’t be a fan of this new werewolf leader.

Colin joins Daniel Sharman as Kaleb, Sonja Sohn as Lenore, and Nishi Munshi as Gia for season 2. Aiden will arrive in episode four when The Originals season 2 starts Monday, October 6th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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