Recap: The Originals 2×08 “The Brothers That Care Forgot”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 25, 2014

Yusuf Gatewood, Vincent Griffith, Finn Mikaelson, Daniel Sharman, Kaleb, Kol Mikaelson, The Originals

Finn and Kol are offered a choice in The Originals “The Brother’s That Care Forgot”!

The Originals 2×08 episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot” begins with Rebekah in a park swinging Hope as Klaus talks to Finn and Kol about everybody being born as wide-eyed, innocent children. Vulnerable and needing parents to protect them. But their parents failed. He tells them this is their chance to change that and join him and Elijah to take down their mother.

At the table, Finn asks where Rebekah is. How did she escape Klaus‘ machinations?

Finn keeps talking about Rebekah and asks how she would react to the opportunity to be human again. He keeps pushing until Elijah finally snaps and sinks his fangs into his neck.

Klaus reprimands Elijah’s actions, tells him he’s surprised he has to be the cool-headed brother instead of Elijah, and that he needs to show restraint in order to get Finn and Kol to join them, otherwise Hope will be lost.

As Rebekah swings Hope she seems to sense somebody is watching her. She turns around and sees flocks of crows on the playground equipment, watching her. She scoops up Hope and calls Elijah to tell him Esther has found her.

Elijah suggests Klaus go to them, but he says Esther has to be taken down first. He’s been without Hope for months. He can wait one more day. Elijah should go.

In the bayou, Jackson is starting to drink early as Hayley criticizes him. He says if he had known Ansel was Klaus’ father he would have paid more attention to him and shows her Ansel’s journal.

Jackson tells her of a ritual whereby if two werewolf lines combine, anybody who is at the ceremony acquires their powers. Since Hayley now controls her transformation, if she and Jackson marry, anybody at the ceremony will also be able to control their transformation and won’t need the moonlight rings and therefore won’t be slaves to Esther. She contacts Aiden and tells him to call a meeting of all the werewolves. Jackson tells her it has to be a real marriage in every sense in order for it to work.

Davina goes and complains to Marcel about Kol taking the White Oak Stake while she slept, but he confesses to her that he took Kol and the Stake to Klaus. Kol was using her so she shouldn’t worry about him. He’s sorry he lied to her but he did what was right. She’s still mad.

Marcel gets a call from Klaus and after he leaves Davina tells Josh she’s worried about him and Marcel. He tells her about Aiden and shows her his picture. She tells him she wants to meet him. After Aiden shows up, he and Josh start to get affectionate and then they realize Davina is gone.

Kol tells Finn he should be helping to get them out of there, but Finn tells him this is a good opportunity. Kol thinks it’s a good opportunity for a beating. Then Klaus comes in with Marcel, who immediately gets on Kol’s case for getting Davina involved with his schemes. Klaus says he only needs one of them to join him. With that, the brothers are separated. Marcel takes Kol, and Klaus takes Finn.

Alone with Marcel, Kol tells him that Klaus may not need him but Marcel might. After Esther is gone, he could help Marcel return to power. Marcel says Klaus may be the devil, but he’s the devil Marcel knows. Then he sticks Kol’s hand with a knife and he screams.

Klaus prepares tools of torture for Finn as he talks and tries to get him on his side by telling him Esther hated him and this could be his opportunity to follow his own path. Klaus mentions Freya’s death, but Finn tells him she didn’t die. Esther wanted children and made a deal with her powerful witch sister, Dahlia. The cost was her giving up her first born, Freya. Then he reveals it wasn’t just Freya, but the first born of every generation, which would have meant Hope. If she didn’t get the first born, then she would kill all of Esther’s children.

Hayley calls Cami, who is groggy and doesn’t feel well. They meet and look through Father Kieran’s books to see if there’s anything about the legend of the combining of werewolves. She says she really likes Jackson, but then there’s Elijah. Then Hayley asks what the markings are on Cami’s back, and Cami looks in a mirror to see a line of circular marks along her spine.

Davina, in the room Kol showed her, is doing magic. Putting herbs and stuff in a bowl. When she chants her spell, the bowl starts turning and the ingredients form a black liquid which she drinks.

Marcel’s torturing of Kol isn’t going so well. Marcel tells Klaus Kol thinks he doesn’t care for him. After all, he kept daggering him. Klaus admits that he mourned when Kol was killed by Elena and Jeremy, and tried to avenge his death. He does care for him, which is why he wants him to join to take Esther down.

Hayley calls Elijah, who is at a diner. He ignores the call. He notices a man staring at him and asks the waitress if any strangers have been there. The waitress says no, then spills coffee on his cuff. This sends him into a cleaning frenzy, and he starts to remember killing Tatia and Esther telling him to clean himself up.

“The Brothers That Care Forgot” press release synopsis

GUEST STAR CLAIRE HOLT RETURNS AS REBEKAH MIKAELSON – Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), who has spent months away living a normal life with baby Hope, finds herself on the run when she realizes Esther (guest star Sonja Sohn) has uncovered her whereabouts. Convinced that Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) and Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) would be powerful allies in his fight to take down Esther, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sets a plan in motion to turn his brothers against their mother. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is conflicted when she and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) stumble upon an ancient ritual that would get their werewolf packs out from under Esther’s control, but would require her to make a tremendous sacrifice. Elsewhere, Rebekah is concerned when she notices something is off with Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) takes matters into her own hands by turning to dark magic, and Cami (Leah Pipes) finds herself at the center of Esther’s dangerous plan. Charles Michael Davis also stars.

Rebekah comes to the diner with Hope and Elijah holds her, saying how big she’s gotten. Rebekah says she’ll be sorry when she has to give Hope back to Hayley. Elijah reveals Esther’s plan to make them human again, so they can have a normal life and a family.

Rebekah notices blood on Elijah’s cuff and says she has to change Hope. As she goes to the restroom, she sees a line of blood leading to the kitchen where Elijah has killed all the patrons.

Klaus can’t reach Elijah, then Davina arrives for a fight. Marcel tells her it’s not a good time, so she snaps his neck and flings Klaus into the wall. She tells him Mikael was right. He’s weak. Klaus bites her on the neck, then starts gagging as blood comes out of his mouth. The concoction she drank changed her blood and Klaus collapses, unconscious.

At the church, Jackson tries to persuade the wolves to follow him, but they’re not buying it. Hayley comes and shows them how she can control her turning. She and Jackson explain the ritual. Aiden says he’s in and drops his ring on the floor. After the meeting, Jackson says he expected to propose and asks if she’s serious about the proposal. She says yes, and he officially asks her to marry him. She says yes.

Kol and Marcel come and tell Davina they’re on Klaus’ team, so she has to fix him. Only together can they defeat Esther. Davina does a spell and wakes Klaus up.

Cami comes and slaps Finn. She wants to know what Esther did to her. He tells her his mother made her a vessel because she was so perfect. Klaus would never harm Cami, so she was the perfect candidate. Cami assumes a vessel for Esther when she jumps into another body. Finn tells her she’s a vessel for Rebekah.

As Rebekah and Elijah are getting ready to leave with Hope, she snaps his neck. Something is definitely off with him. She calls Klaus and tells him and he instructs her to take Hope to the place they ate when they escaped Mikael one Christmas. She says she’ll take Hope there and wait for him.

Klaus tells Davina he wants to talk to Kol. After she leaves, he tells Kol he knows he wants somebody to care about him, and Klaus does. He wants them to be a family. Always and forever.

Klaus gives Finn another chance to join him, but he refuses. Marcel brings in a coffin and together they drag Finn into it and locks the lid. Klaus tells him he made breathing holes for him. Finn begs, but Klaus has already left.

As Klaus is about to walk out the door, Hayley arrives and he tells her to come with him. She asks where they’re going. “To see our daughter.”

The Originals mid-season finale 2×09 “The Map of Moments” and reunion of the Mikaelson family airs on Monday, December 08th, 2014, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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