Recap & Review The Vampire Diaries 7×22 “Gods & Monsters”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // May 13, 2016

Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

What is Damon’s ultimate sacrifice in The Vampire Diaries 7×22 season 7 finale “Gods & Monsters” episode?

The Vampire Diaries 7×22 “Gods & Monsters” begins with Damon at the Armory and he’s having a conference call with Stefan and Enzo, everyone’s working on a plan to save Bonnie. Damon is going to torch the armory. Enzo is trying to find a way to get the Evil under control. Damon’s bomb didn’t work to get into the armory. Damon wants the twins to open the armory.

Bonnie and Matt are on their way to get Damon. Matt is curious how Bonnie is doing. Matt is trying to get lose, but Bonnie won’t let him help her stay in control.

Enzo goes to see Alex’s sister. She’s not happy that Bonnie did that. She tries to explain that you can not defeat the evil in the armory. Enzo compels her to tell him what it is.

Caroline calls Ric to check in with the family. The girls miss her. She’s having a rough time dealing with this. She just wants to keep the girls safe. The girls are accidentally using their magic already. Stefan tells Caroline that whatever she decides is her decision. Caroline gets a call from Bonnie and Bonnie warns them to drive faster. There’s a pileup crash and Bonnie is going to catch them. Stefan quickly does some crazy driving and gets around Bonnie. However, Bonnie and Matt crash, pretty badly.

Damon gets a call from Enzo and he tells him what he found out. Damon has a new plan, there’s a runway and he’s being very sneaky. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline stop to get gas. Stefan tells Caroline that she should keep moving while he goes to check on Damon. Damon and Enzo get to the airport and Stefan had already called to cancel the plane. Which makes Damon mad. Damon was going to Dallas to steal the twins.

Caroline is driving by herself when she calls to check on Ric. He tells Caroline that she needs to find another way. She tells him that the only way to fix this is to use the girls. She tells Ric about Bonnie’s fear. Ric tells her that the twins are theirs and they need to talk about this together. Ric agrees to this, just so that he can finally get Caroline home.

Bonnie wakes up and catches the tail end of Caroline’s conversation with Ric. Matt is hurt, but okay for the most part. Matt tries to talk some sense into Bonnie. Bonnie is going to leave Matt in the car hurt. Matt struggles and almost gets himself free but he ends up smashing his leg even worse.

Stefan gets to the Armory, telling Damon that Caroline is bringing the twins. Damon is upset with Stefan. Stefan sets Damon straight on the right way to love someone. He calls Damon out for that night that Damon left him and everyone else behind. Stefan never wants to be ruled by fear, and refuses to be like Damon.

Ric, the twins, and Caroline get to the Armory. Ric explains to the girls what they are there for. Then Caroline helps make it fun for the girls so that they might be able to get the door open easier. As Caroline explains that if this doesn’t work that they might not get to see here anymore, the girls immediately get the door open.

Enzo calls Bonnie and she’s still wanting to kill them. Bonnie is ready to hot wire a car. Enzo wants Bonnie to chase him so that it gives the others time. Bonnie focuses on Enzo and agrees to do it.

Caroline sends the girls and Ric away, and Damon and Stefan decide to go inside. Caroline stays outside. The boys get inside and the place is a disaster.

“Gods & Monsters” press release synopsis

THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE — Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie (Kat Graham) through the harrowing predicament she now faces, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Caroline (Candice King) realize their options are running out and drastic measures need to be taken. With their only chance of saving their friend lying inside the Armory, Stefan (Paul Wesley) breaks the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source – her and Alaric’s twin daughters. Elsewhere, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) keeps Bonnie preoccupied by bringing her back to their cabin but when his plan takes an unexpected turn, it’ll be up to Damon to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his closest friends. Zach Roerig also stars.

They walk around, cautiously. Damon knows what it is, and says that it’s bad. Meanwhile, Enzo is at the cabin making dinner. Bonnie shows up and she looks so scared for him. He tries to talk some sense into her in his own charming way, but she’s not able to stop herself.

Damon doesn’t want to go into the vault, but Stefan is ready. Damon agrees to go, but he wants Stefan to wait there. Stefan wants to help Damon but Damon isn’t wanting him to ruin everything. Damon apologizes to Stefan for leaving him, but explains that he needs to do this. He has to do this. Damon wants Stefan to walk out and to trust that he’ll be okay. Stefan reluctantly agrees to. They hug and shake hands.

Stefan goes outside to see Ric and Caroline. Caroline runs into his arms and Ric knows she still loves Stefan. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Enzo are fighting in the cabin. Bonnie is being ruthless and Enzo gets shot. Enzo is paralyzed and Bonnie is close to killing him.

Damon goes deeper into the vault and Bonnie pushes the stake deeper into Enzo’s heart. Enzo tells her it’s okay and he begs her not to remember this moment, to only remember the good times. Bonnie is trying not to kill him, but she can’t help it. Enzo sweetly tells her how much he loves her and she tells him the same.

Damon finds the last hunter. He pours the kerosene on the body and Bonnie quickly takes the stake from Enzo’s heart. Bonnie is free. Damon is so happy. Enzo and Bonnie then celebrate by kissing.

Caroline knows she’s free because her scar is gone. Caroline tells Ric she’ll go with him, but he tells her she should stay. He tells her he will always love her and he thanks her for changing his life. He tells her he always knew that she didn’t love him. She apologizes and he tells her she deserves to be happy. He tells her no matter what they’ll always be a family.

In the woods, Matt is passed out and sees Penny. He knows he’s day dreaming. Matt apologizes to her, but she stops him. She tells Matt that he needs to figure out what he wants. He wants to be with her but she can’t take him with her. She tells him there’s a better life for him out there, and he needs to find it after he wakes up. The police find Matt.

Caroline goes to talk to Stefan but he gets a text from Damon saying that he’s okay. Stefan is ready to hear what Caroline has to say to him. She tells him she lied earlier, there was a thong. They share a kiss.

In the woods, Bonnie is picking out the splinters from Enzo. Bonnie gets a call from Damon and he tells her about the good news. He’s leaving but he can hear Elena’s voice. She calls for him and he goes back into the vault.

Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie are trying to get in. However Enzo is trying to find Damon himself. Enzo goes into the vault, Damon is being creepy towards Enzo. Damon tells Enzo that things doesn’t always work out so well. The evil sneaks up on Enzo and drags him into the vault.

Caroline writes Elena, telling her how close they are to happiness. Ric finally gets the group into the cave, but Enzo and Damon are missing. They somehow got out. Bonnie no longer has her magic. Matt decided to leave Mystic Falls…the supernatural world isn’t his life.

The group worked to find Damon and Enzo, following a trail of missing bodies. Stefan promises to Elena that they will get Enzo and Damon back. He tells her that everything that is going on isn’t Damon’s fault.

Enzo and Damon are somewhere, killing people and enjoying it. They have a whole warehouse full of dead bodies.

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries will be the 8×01 season 8 premiere at a date and time to be determined on The CW!



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