Recap & Review The Vampire Diaries “This Woman’s Work”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 19, 2016

Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

Enzo discovers Damon’s dark secret as they track hunter Rayna in The Vampire Diaries 7×13 “This Woman’s Work”!

The Vampire Diaries 7×13 “This Woman’s Work” begins with a flashback to Saint Malo, Louisiana 1842. A young woman is waking up by a fire, a man I’m guessing her father is watching over them. He tells her about the hunters mark and she wants to learn how to fight. He takes out a dagger and gives it to her. They train for 15 years. She finally bests her teacher and the alarm for Vampires sounds off. He tells her to stay there, he has to go alone.

In present time, Enzo goes to see the huntress. She’s not being very cooperative. She busts through the glass that Enzo has her trapped in. Meanwhile, at Damon’s place he’s having fun with his bartender. Someone comes and Damon kicks the girl out. It’s Bonnie. She needs a drink and a buddy she said. She tells Damon that Julian is dead. Bonnie asks about Enzo. Bonnie sits on a pair of shorts and asks who they belong to.

Stefan goes to see Caroline and finds her in not so good of shape. She goes into surgery to deliver the twins. Stefan and Valerie watch as the surgery goes on. Stefan feels guilty. He’s also angry with Damon. Valerie is being a very good friend to Stefan right now.

Bonnie is interrogating Damon about Krystal, the bartender/waitress. Bonnie is actually supportive of Damon. Enzo calls Damon, wanting to talk to Bonnie and wanting a sword. Enzo then starts making threats after Bonnie tells him no.

Ric gets a call from Stefan and they decide to do whatever is necessary. Ric is on his way to them. The babies are protecting themselves and are already very strong, magic wise.

During a flashback, Julian is killing the huntress’s father…and her village. Her father is one of the five. Julian compels Rayna to kill her father. Her father, is very brave about it and assures her that it’s okay and it’s not her fault.

In present time, Bonnie finds the dagger. She tries to tell Damon to tell her what happened. He begs her to leave it alone. She gives him the dagger, not happy about it.

Caroline wakes up and Stefan tells her about the babies. Caroline wants Bonnie near. Valerie is getting the other heretics to come help. Stefan promises to keep Caroline safe.

Damon goes to the college, where Enzo is waiting. He’s actually tied up, the huntress is there waiting on them. Bonnie doesn’t understand how Rayna is young again. Rayna shoots Bonnie and Damon throws the dagger out the window.



“This Woman’s Work” press release synopsis

DAMON’S DARK DESCENT – VAMPIRE HUNTER RAYNA CRUZ (GUEST STAR LESLIE-ANNE HUFF) ARRIVES TO MYSTIC FALLS — When complications from her supernatural pregnancy leave Caroline’s (Candice King) life hanging in the balance, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) take extreme measures to try and save her and the babies. Meanwhile, after uncovering a dark secret about Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Enzo (Michael Malarkey) uses the information to force Damon into helping him track down Rayna Cruz (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff), a ruthless vampire hunter who is on the loose. However, when Damon’s actions inadvertently put everyone he loves in Rayna’s path, he is forced to make things right before it’s too late. Kat Graham and Matt Davis also star.

In a flashback, Rayna is around a campfire with the elder members of the tribe. She drinks some tea so that she will be strong and that no magic can touch her. She accepts and the elders sacrifice themselves. They live on in Rayna. The chief links Rayna to the sword, everytime she kills it pretty much makes it stronger.

In England 1903, the heretics are out having a good time. They seem a little drunk. Bo is singing until the huntress stabs him in the throat. Julian wants to flee. The huntress is knocked out in the street but quickly awakens.

In present time, the heretics are working to keep Caroline alive and the babies delivered. Ric is on the phone and begs Stefan to keep them safe. The doctors start the surgery, so far it’s working. Until Bo’s neck starts bleeding.

Meanwhile, Damon helps Bonnie heal by giving her his blood. Enzo wants free. Nora calls Bonnie and tells her about Bo and Caroline. Bonnie is worried and now they all have to beat Rayna to the hospital.

Nora, Mary, and Bo want to leave because the Huntress is on their way for Bo. Valerie tells Stefan to let them go, while she works on the babies and Caroline. The trio leaves and Valerie goes to try to help Caroline. She starts chanting and it works. Damon calls Stefan. He’s so mad. Bonnie tries to get Damon to tell her what’s going on.

At the hospital, Bo, Nora and Mary just get out side then a flashback starts. Julian is rushing them to flee. It’s too late though, the huntress found them. She wants Julian in the stone. He stabs her in the stomach and tells Nora to get them out of there, but not before the Huntress throws the sword into Julian’s stomach.

In present time, the huntress arrives and stabs Bo. Nora and Mary leave and the Huntress catches Bo on fire. Valerie is still working on Caroline while Stefan watches over them. He goes into her mind, they’re sitting under the stars and he packed them a little lunch. Caroline is smart and knows that something is wrong. He tells her he just wanted to keep her company though.

Damon and Bonnie finally get to the hospital. Bonnie rushes to Caroline. Bonnie tells Valerie about Bo and Damon is looking for the huntress. Bonnie tells Stefan to go, but Stefan is very reluctant. Damon and Rayna beat the crap out of each other. Luckily Ric arrives and Stefan goes to help Damon.

Bonnie and Valerie work their magic while the doctors work to get the babies out. Damon was gladly going to let the huntress dagger him, but Stefan gets there to save him just in time. Stefan thinks of all the times with him and Caroline. He’s been marked by the dagger now. He will forever be hunted. Stefan tells Damon he’ll see him then leaves.

One of Ric’s babies are born and it is doing great. It’s time for baby two and it looks fine too. Ric gets to hold his baby finally. Valerie and Bonnie watch.

Damon goes to see Enzo. He threatens Enzo, but Enzo tries to talk some sense into him. Damon tosses a coin to see if Enzo lives or dies. Enzo tells Damon that the real Elena is alive. He promises that his friends are keeping her safe, and she’s very much a live in New York.

Caroline wakes up, she instantly asks about the babies. The babies are fine. Caroline asks about Stefan and Bonnie has to tell her the bad news. Damon calls Stefan. Damon tells him that Elena is alive. Stefan is so relieved. He promises to fix this for Stefan, he wants Stefan to have his second chance.

Stefan gets a call from Caroline. Caroline is understanding, but so lonely. Caroline cries as they say their goodbyes. Then Ric brings her in the babies. Caroline is nervous but Ric assures her it’s fine. The little girl is named Josie. The other one is named Elizabeth, after Liz Forbes. So freaking sweet.

Three years from now, Caroline is on the road with the twins. Ric tells her to just go. One of the twins asks where they are going and she tells her they’re going to New Orleans to visit mommy’s friend.

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries will be 7×14 “Moonlight on the Bayou” on Friday, February 26th, 2016, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals 3×14 “A Streetcar Named Desire” at 9/8c, on The CW!



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