Recap & Review The Vampire Diaries 7×12 “Postcards From”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 12, 2016

Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

See if Stefan helped and forgave Damon for what he did in The Vampire Diaries 7×12 “Postcards From the Edge”!

The Vampire Diaries 7×12 “Postcards From the Edge” begins with Damon laying in the road, just like he used to do before Elena. The man pulls over and tries to help Damon. Damon has a heart to heart with the man, the man tries to leave but Damon asks for a ride. During the ride, Damon is very conflicted about burning Elena. Damon tells the man he’s going to kill him and he will never care about anyone ever again. Damon then feeds from the man and throws him from the vehicle.

Caroline is in her dorm room, writing to Elena…telling her about everything that’s going on. Stefan comes in, bringing Caroline food. She’s very happy to have food. The babies starts kicking, she’s dizzy and then passes out.

Matt is still in jail, the female officer is going through his items and they’re talking. The officer introduces herself as Penny. She tells Matt he’s free to go. Penny tells him about her office getting a call from Mystic Falls.

Meanwhile, Julian and his friends are having a blast scaring a few people. Valerie shows up and hands him the red X letter she recieved. Julian looks very concerned.

Bonnie and Nora work on a locator spell to find the Huntress. Mary-Louise shows up and shows them that she recieved a red X too. They found the Huntress is in Cincinnati. Bonnie tells Mary Louise that she’s going with them, Nora backs Bonnie saying she can come.  At the bar, Julian burns the letter. Julian wants one of his newbie vamps to kill Valerie but Damon enters and cuts the mans head off then challenges Julian.

Stefan patiently waits for news on Caroline in the hospital. The doctor tells him that everything is okay. Stefan goes in to see Caroline, he asks what a mark is on her hand…it’s starting to desiccate.

At the bar, Damon and Julian have a little chat. Damon tries to find out about the X cards. Julian isn’t too happy when Damon guesses who the X card is from. Julian guesses that Damon lost Elena. Julian feels for him and offers some fun for Damon.

Nora, Mary and Bonnie are on a road trip to find the Huntress. Nora fills Bonnie in on some information about the Huntress. Bonnie and Nora are getting along quite well but Mary doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Stefan and Caroline have Valerie come to the hospital. Valerie tells them that the babies are “siphons” as well and they are siphoning all the vampire magic out of her body.

Mary, Nora, and Bonnie arrive to a Cincinnati Hospital, they compel the front nurse to get in. They find the woman’s room and it’s an elderly lady.

With Julian and Damon, they go to a fighting ring. Vampires are beating the heck out of each other. A waitress walks up to the men but Damon ignores her. He gets closer to the fighting ring.  Damon looks around, thinking about joining the fight.


“Postcards From the Edge” press release synopsis

DAMON’S DARK DESCENT — When his experience in the Phoenix stone leads him to do the unthinkable, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) finds himself without a care in the world, spiraling out of control and under the influence of a dangerous and reckless Julian (guest star Todd Lasance). Refusing to give up on his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley) attempts to reason with Damon only to uncover the devastating reason for his descent. Elsewhere, Caroline (Candice King) begins having some dangerous side effects as a result of her supernatural pregnancy and is forced to turn to Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) for help. Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham), Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne) and Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane) attempt to track down a ruthless vampire hunter named Rayna (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff) after they suspect that she has reemerged. Zach Roerig and Michael Malarkey also star.

Matt arrives to the address that called the other police station. He goes in to investigate, its completely dark but there are some candles lit and the tv on. Doug is dead. Penny followed Matt, a Vampire sneaks up on them and Matt shoots it and explains wooden bullets.

At the hospital, Valerie makes a bracelet for Caroline to wear so the babies can pull the magic from the bracelet instead of Caroline. Valerie promises to not let anything bad happen to the babies or Caroline. Caroline thanks her. Stefan is outside waiting and Valerie goes to talk to him. Caroline has to stay in the hospital another night. Valerie mentions Damon and tells Stefan about Damon and Julian’s drama.

At Julian’s place, Damon is in the ring. He’s enjoying the fight. He then kills the guy and Julian seems quite pleased.

At the Cincinnati hospital, the girls are questioning the elderly lady. The lady doesn’t recognize them. Bonnie tells Mary she isn’t going to kill that old lady. Nora agrees with Bonnie. When Mary leaves to look for the Huntress Bonnie tells Nora to go to, they need to stop the surliness.

With Julian, Damon is in the ring with a giant man. He seems quite capable of fighting. The big man starts getting the best of Damon but someone throws a stake and Damon stakes the guy. Julian tells them to stop, but Damon doesn’t want to quit. Julian tells him he’ll fight. Stefan shows up and begs Damon not to do this. Damon accepts Julian’s invitation.

At the hospital, Caroline is looking at her bracelet, She seems to be feeling better. Valerie brings Caroline some goodies and Caroline asks about Stefan. Valerie tells Caroline about Stefan having to go Damon. Caroline tells Valerie to go check on Stefan and Valerie does.

At the fight, Julian and Damon take a shot of whiskey then go to get in the ring. Stefan keeps pushing Damon to tell him what happened. Julian has Stefan escorted away from the fighting ring.

Meanwhile, at the Cincinnati hospital, Bonnie talks to the huntress. Bonnie goes to help feed the huntress but the huntress is still strong enough to choke Bonnie. Enzo shows up and saves Bonnie by stabbing the huntress in the neck.

Julian and Damon get in the ring and start fighting. Slowly, though. They talk between punches. Julian knocks Damon down and starts telling Damon how pathetically alone he is. Damon starts getting woozy. Julian asks Damon if he’s sure that he wants his heart ripped out. Julian starts to but Valerie and Stefan show up to save Damon. Stefan talks to Damon and tries to get some sense into him.

Damon gets up and walks away with Stefan. Julian is pissed but lets them leave. At the Cincinnati hospital, Enzo and Bonnie catch up. Enzo steals the huntress.

Damon and Stefan are walking away from the bar, and Stefan wants Damon to tell him what happened. Damon tells Stefan he won’t flip his switch, Damon then tells Stefan what he did. He killed Elena. Stefan is confused at first. Stefan starts beating Damon then leaves him alone in the street.

Stefan gets to his car and just sits and cries then starts beating his steering wheel. Poor Stefan is mad and sad. Valerie gets in and interrupts his outburst. Valerie tells him that he’s not fine. Stefan is tired of always being smart, he wants Julian dead.

Matt and Penny share a drink. She seems pretty upset. Matt is pretty calm and understanding. Penny fills in some of the blanks.

At a diner, Mary goes to talk to Nora. She seems upset. Nora is still angry, but Mary is worried that Nora is in love with Bonnie. Mary apologizes to Nora for not trusting in her and choosing her. Nora listens, plays hard for a moment but then gives Mary some hope. They sit and share a drink.

Caroline is at the hospital, feeling the babies kick. She’s worried but finds comfort in the babies. Caroline starts having pains and the babies are starting to siphon all of her blood, almost all her body is desiccating.

Stefan goes to talk to Julian. Stefan stabs Julian’s hand. Valerie shows up and strangles Julian, she also has a cloaking spell on the three of them so no one can see. Stefan tries to stake Julian but Julian is still strong. He puts up a good fight but in the end Stefan kills him.

Damon is somewhere, and the waitress from Julian’s bar shows up. She’s very pretty and seems very frisky, she even brings her own bottle of Tequila. Damon and her kiss, he stops then they start making out.

Enzo is watching over the huntress, he burns her body and watches as she forms back into the young huntress.

This episode ends with a flashforward to three years from now. Stefan gets to the News station, Matt drugs him. The huntress has Damon tied up and now Stefan drugged up outside.

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries will be 7×13 “This Woman’s Work” on Friday, February 19th, 2016, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals 3×13 “Heart Shaped Box” at 9/8c, on The CW!



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