Recap & Review The Vampire Diaries 7×11 “Things We Lost”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 5, 2016

Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

See if Stefan helped Damon return to reality in The Vampire Diaries 7×11 “Things We Lost in the Fire” episode!

The Vampire Diaries 7×11 “Things We Lost in the Fire” begins with Damon realizing that this wasn’t another dream. He first goes to Matt to have him drink his blood. Then he rushes to Bonnie, Bonnie drinks then Caroline drugs Damon. He wakes up, quite groggy. They have him chained up. Stefan wakes up from him drowning dream again. Stefan goes to talk to Damon. Stefan is very sympathetic.

Damon is quite confused, but Stefan tells him he knows that it was an honest mistake. Damon wants to be freed, but Stefan tells him there’s still side affects coming for him. Tyler comes home and isn’t too thrilled that they have taken over his house. Tyler asks what has happened to Mystic Falls.

Apparently Julian has taken over and has made his own little fun. There’s drag racing and he’s letting the Vampires embrace their lifestyle. Meanwhile, Matt and Bonnie are setting up trap for the drag racers. The nails in the road work and they take down two of Julian’s Vampires. Matt starts beating one of the dead bodies and Bonnie stops him.

At the Lockwood house, Stefan is filling Damon in on all the changes. Stefan tells Damon about his time after Hell. He and Caroline went on a date to a fancy restaurant. During dinner, Caroline is talking to Stefan and he keeps seeing Damon. He almost stabs a waiter because he thinks it’s Damon trying to stab Caroline. Caroline of course stops him in time.

Damon promises that he’s okay and he will behave. Damon agrees to staying with Stefan. Stefan wants to show Damon around the town. Damon sees a figure but it goes away and he lies to Stefan about being okay.

Caroline gets a call from Stefan, he’s ditching out on the baby shower. Caroline tells him to be safe and Damon notices that Stefan is very smitten. Stefan and Damon go into Julian’s bar. They walk around and try some of the beer. Damon keeps seeing his army friend. Julian of course comes to say hi to his almost step sons. Julian tells the brothers that he’s staying, but he won’t harm the town. He wishes them luck and goes to enjoy his gathering.

At the baby shower Caroline and Bonnie are watching the boys play the baby shower games. Alaric won the diaper changing game. Ric seems pretty calm, Caroline is being very protective and Ric is very thankful for her. Caroline makes it clear she’s not going to be playing mommy to the babies when they get here. She starts feeling the babies kick. Tyler and Matt catch up. Tyler wants Matt to leave. Mary-Louise shows up and brings a gift for the babies.

Damon is walking around the town and Henry shows up to give him more advice. Damon rips out one of Julian’s friend’s heart…thinking it was Henry’s.


“Things We Lost in the Fire” press release synopsis

DAMON’S PERSONAL HELL — MICHAEL TREVINO RETURNS TO MYSTIC FALLS IN THIS EPISODE DIRECTED BY PAUL WESLEY — With the traumatic effects of the Phoenix stone taking a toll on his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley) attempts to help Damon (Ian Somerhalder) regain his grip on reality, while secretly struggling with his own experience in the stone. Elsewhere, Matt (Zach Roerig) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) deal with the fallout after Julian (guest star Todd Lasance) and his men take over Mystic Falls, leading Matt to spiral out of control and into trouble with an officer named Penny (guest star Ana Nogueira). Meanwhile, Tyler (guest star Michael Trevino) returns to town for Alaric’s (Matt Davis) baby shower and Caroline (Candice King) makes an upsetting discovery involving Alaric and his future plan for the babies.


Matt doesn’t want the “heretic” there. Bonnie defends inviting her. Mary over hears Matt and Bonnie talking and loses her temper. Matt just gets even more angry after Mary uses magic to try to suffocate him.

Damon and Stefan get into his car to talk. Stefan tells him that Damon was always around. In every dream Damon died, Caroline of course tried to comfort him. Stefan then pushed Caroline away, he was so busy he hardly noticed Julian taking over Mystic Falls. Damon was there to help him figure something out.

The only way Stefan could get rid of Damon was to get rid of Damon’s actual body. He covered Damon’s body in gasoline and was going to burn him. Caroline finds him and talks him down. While sitting in the car Julian comes and bashes out the windows and knocks them out.

They wake up a little disoriented. It’s actually Stefan dreaming again, Damon tells him to stop saving him. Julian calms down after Stefan talks to him. Turns out that whole conversation with Damon in the car was just Stefan talking to himself, having a day dream of Damon being there. Julian promises that they better calm themselves down, or if they don’t the next time one of them kills his men, he’ll be killing them.

Damon is sitting at a cafe, Tyler shows up. Damon wants to see Elena. Tyler isn’t going to give him Elena. Damon gets a little rough and Tyler agrees to take him.

Matt gets a text while driving and almost wrecks. He gets pulled over by the police. Apparently he’s still a little tipsy from Caroline’s baby shower. He tries to get out being in trouble. The woman cop isn’t letting him off easy though.

Meanwhile, Tyler takes Damon to Greensboro, North Carolina to see Elena. Tyler shows Damon the box car where he’s been storing her. Damon opens the casket, it’s empty but he sees Henry. Tyler tries to tranquilize him with a gun, but Damon beats Tyler’s head off of the pavement.

Stefan rushes to Caroline’s baby shower to try to find Damon. Caroline is worried but calms him down. Stefan tells her it’s happening again. Caroline tries to comfort him but he’s not okay.

Damon argues with Henry’s vision. Damon then leaves mad. Caroline begs Stefan to open up to her. Stefan sits down and tells her about his “hell” . Damon always dragged him down if he tried to save Damon. He tells her he had to let Damon go to live. Caroline tries to make sense of these dreams. Stefan thinks that he won’t ever be happy until Damon is gone out of his life.

Damon gets gasoline and torches Elena’s casket. Henry makes Damon realize that he’s not burning himself. Damon tries to help her but he can’t do anything but stand and watch her burn.

Mary is sitting by herself when Bonnie sees her. Mary recieved an X from someone and it’s from the “Huntress”. She’s coming for them and there’s nothing they can do to stop her. Bonnie tells her she’s not going to do nothing to help her friends.

Matt is in the drunk tank. The female officer goes to talk to him. He’s feeling very lonely and she’s very kind to him. I have a feeling she’s the new huntress. She wants Mystic Falls to come back to normal. She then shows Matt all of his stakes.

Caroline is at Ric’s and she’s unloading the baby stuff. She sees a letter to Ric thanking him for his interest in an anthropology class. Caroline starts worrying about everything baby. Ric notices that she’s upset, she shows him the letter that she saw. He’s going to be leaving Mystic Falls. He wants nothing to do with the supernatural world and the babies being apart of that. He tells her he was under the impression that she didn’t want to be involved. She puts on a fake face and tells him she understands.

Damon is sitting by the fire, mourning Elena. Stefan shows up and tells him about what he has to do. He has to leave Damon. Damon understands that he’s got  a darkness in him and he has to embrace that. Stefan tells him that he’s his brother and he’s not ever giving up on him. Damon seems shocked, but I’m not sure why. Stefan has always loved Damon. Damon tells Stefan…he starts to then stops. He says they’ll just drown together.

Three years from now, Caroline is calling for Stefan Salvatore over the news. Matt finds Caroline locked up, he’s being very mean to her. Matt had a girlfriend and a life and apparently someone ruined it. The huntress is after Stefan.

The next episode of The Vampire Diaries will be 7×12 “Postcards from the Edge” on Friday, February 12th, 2016, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals 3×12 “Dead Angels” at 9/8c, on The CW!



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