Recap & Review The Vampire Diaries “Hell is Other People”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // January 29, 2016

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Will Bonnie get Damon out of the Phoenix stone in The Vampire Diaries 7×10 “Hell is Other People” episode!

The Vampire Diaries 7×10 “Hell is Other People” begins with Damon having a war flashback to Fall of 1863 the Confederate Front Line. He had just been hit and a little dazed. Lily was there but he’s quickly awakened by a soldier begging for his help. Damon then wakes up at the military tent hospital. Damon gets a letter from Stefan. Stefan tells Damon about Valerie leaving and his father’s cruelty. He was missing Damon and Damon feels guilty for not being there.

As Damon walks around the camp, everyone is wounded or bleeding somehow. He goes to see the colonel. He asks to go home for two weeks to save Stefan. Damon offers himself to the colonel to be able to take his leave. He’s supposed to go searching for deserters and bring them in.

Damon and his friend go searching for the deserters. Damon is willing to do anything to get home. They find a house and a lady answers the door. She’s very rude to them, but Damon makes it clear that she has to “help” them. There are other women in the house, none of them are happy to see Damon and Henry. Henry goes to search up stairs as Damon stays searching the house for items.

The girl lets the deserters out and Damon has a face off with them in the kitchen of the home. Henry shoots the two young girls and Damon shoots the elderly lady. It was a horrible bloodbath, of total accident. Damon and Henry feel horrible, but they hear a noise coming from the hiding place. Damon goes to inspect the basement. It’s Lily. Damon doesn’t believe seeing her. She tells him about being trapped in the stone. Damon and Henry covered up their mistake, Lily says he should confess.

Damon wakes up, Bonnie finally got the right person in the right body. Bonnie tells him that he’s been dead for three months. They’re at the Salvatore house. Bonnie is weak from helping Damon. Damon asks about Stefan, she’s very cautious about telling him about Stefan. Damon however, doesn’t care. He wants Stefan back now. Someone took him.

Caroline goes to the Salvatore house and is worried about Stefan too. Damon calls Matt to see what he knows. Damon is being very pushy towards Bonnie, but she’s trying. Caroline is showing a lot. Caroline and Damon talk. Bonnie finds Stefan but she’s very weak.

Damon of course goes to find his brother. Of course, Julian has him. Julian has the place rigged that if Damon doesn’t do what Julian wants then he’ll burn the place down, including Stefan. Julian wants to talk to Damon so he makes him sit down. Julian really did love Lily. Damon still isn’t giving a care about his mother’s death. Julian torches Stefan and Damon tries to save him. Turns out this was just another dream.

Damon wakes up again, it’s reliving that day that he had to go searching for deserters. He gets the same letter from Stefan. He still goes to find the deserters. Damon plans on doing things a little different this time. He tried, but it still had the same outcome as before. Everyone ended up dead.

Damon wakes up again. He and Bonnie have the same conversation. Stefan is alive and in Damon’s dream this time. Stefan is being very calm and just happy to have his brother back. Damon tells Stefan that it didn’t bother him. Stefan tries to make Damon feel. This time he restarts the time by killing Stefan.


In present time, Bonnie is trying to save Damon. Stefan is pushing Bonnie. Caroline of course tries to settle the drama between everyone. Stefan tells everyone that they might never get Damon out because Damon has to overcome his worst pain imaginable but he hasn’t and probably won’t.


“Hell is Other People” press release synopsis

DAMON’S PERSONAL HELL — After finding himself on the wrong end of Julian’s (guest star Todd Lasance) plan to avenge Lily’s (guest star Annie Wersching) death, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) awakens to find himself trapped inside the Phoenix stone, tormented by a traumatic experience from his time in the Civil War and forced to face his darkest demon in order to get out. On the outside, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is in a race against the clock to get Damon out before the effects of the Phoenix stone take over and leave him changed forever. Paul Wesley, Candice King and Zach Roerig also star.


Damon and Henry set off towards the deserters. Damon tells Henry his plan. Henry is confused but agrees to help. Damon has the women go outside to where it is safe. He calls to the deserters and they throw out their weapons. However they had a grenade and kill Damon. They try again, and no matter what he does it ends the same way. He keeps trying though, but every time it doesn’t work. After a few more tries, Damon decides to be a deserter.

Damon takes off towards Mystic Falls, his compass keeps taking him to that house with the original deserters. Lily is at the house and Damon can’t believe it. She invites him inside and tells him that they’ve been expecting him.

Damon goes into the house and Lily is keeping watch. The confederates are searching for Damon. Lily makes him go down to the cellar, Stefan is down there. Stefan also has Elena’s casket with him. Stefan tries to give him some insight into Damon’s mind. Stefan tells Damon about all the wrong that he’s done. Stefan helps him find that he wanted a mother.

Damon wakes up on the battlefield, Lily calls for Damon’s help. Damon gets shot and is hurt. Lily gets trapped even more under the wagon. Damon is so mad at Lily for her leaving. He’s mad because she never came back. Damon finally tells her everything that he’s been wanting to hell her. Which is mainly that he’s sorry and he just wanted her love. Lily dies again, as soon as he says it.

This time Damon wakes up and everyone is there. He’s sad because he needs to see Lily. He sees Stefan the knocks out everyone. He gets to Bonnie and kills her, or smashes her against the wall. He finally realizes that he’s back.


The next episode of The Vampire Diaries will be 7×11 “Things We Lost in the Fire” on Friday, February 5th, 2016, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals 3×11 “Wild at Heart” at 9/8c, on The CW!



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