Recap & Review The Originals 3×22 “The Bloody Crown”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // May 20, 2016

Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, Riley Voelkel, Freya Mikaelson, The Originals

Who is left standing after Klaus is put on trial in The Originals season finale 3×22 “The Bloody Crown”?

The Originals 3×22 “The Bloody Crown” begins with Marcel having flashbacks of his teachings with the Mikaelsons, as he’s coming up out of the water. He’s angry.

In the Quarter, Elijah is awake, playing with Hayley’s hair and caressing her back as she sleeps. Hayley wakes up and seems so happy, but then turns worried about things. She tells him he’s not a lone and they start making out.

Klaus has Hope, talking to her. He promises to do right by her. Elijah shows up and he’s quite upset with him still. Elijah hates that things are like this.

Kol is with Freya, she telling him she feels guilty. Freya does a spell to find Klaus‘s enemies, they are all meeting in the Quarter.

Marcel goes to see Vincent and they talk about Marcel killing the Mikaelson’s. Vincent warns Marcel that he better keep New Orleans safe.

Kol goes to tell Klaus about all of his sire-lines coming to find them. Freya gets cut by a hybrid witch. Apparently Marcel has been busy. Marcel and all his Vampires come. Klaus is relieved to see Marcel but Marcel is still angry. Elijah stands up, taking on the blame.

Outside of the cemetery, Vincent is talking to all of the witches. He promises that things will be okay. Kinney is there and he’s still in disbelief. He needs Vincent’s help with a crime scene.

Hayley finds Freya, who had just been poisoned. A man attacks Hayley but she kills him.

Meanwhile, at Marcel’s gym the Strix are dead. Back at the Mikaelson home, Freya tells Hayley that the prophecy is coming true. Hayley has a plan and is going to go do something.

Kol stands up for Davina’s memory then Marcel bites him. Klaus and Elijah go after him but Marcel easily takes them on, biting Elijah too. Rebekah shows up and dismisses her brothers, telling Marcel he better start explaining.

Freya and Hayley take Hope to Lucien’s to search his home. They brothers bring each other to Lucien’s. Freya tells them things are looking bad.

With Rebekah, She’s trying to talk some sense into Marcel. She doesn’t try to defend the brothers. She begs Marcel to cure them. Marcel explains that there is no cure. He promises to never hurt her, but he won’t back down from the brothers. Rebekah is so disappointed in him, saying that this isn’t him.

Kol is hurting pretty badly, Elijah is hurting as well but he’s handling it better. Elijah makes Klaus promise to take care of Hope and Hayley. Elijah tells Klaus not to seek revenge, this was truly his fault. Klaus tells Elijah he can’t do this without him and they share a hug with tears in their eyes. Elijah tells him to be strong, the girls need him.

Rebekah calls to warn Klaus but tells him he needs to come back. Klaus tells the family what he has to do. Hayley doesn’t want to leave Elijah. Freya has a plan to slow down everything, but she needs Klaus to go to trial.

Klaus writes Hope a letter and says his goodbyes to everyone. Klaus tells Hayley he’s sorry for not trusting her before and to take care of their daughter.

“The Bloody Crown” press release synopsis

THE PROPHECY FULFILLED – After months of thwarting off dangerous threats and deadly attacks, the Mikaelson siblings finally come face to face with the one person that could lead to their ultimate demise. With the stakes higher than ever and the compound overrun by an army of his oldest sworn enemies, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is put on trial for centuries of atrocities he’s committed. Meanwhile, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who has been spiraling out of control following an act of betrayal by those closest to him, is stunned by the unexpected arrival of someone from his past. Finally, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) frantically search for a way to save their family before it’s too late. Phoebe Tonkin also stars.

Klaus goes to meet Rebekah before the trial. He asks about her. They have the cutest little moment which totally brought me to tears. Klaus bravely walks into his trial. Marcel, on his throne.

Marcel asks Klaus how it feels to be so hated, Marcel then shows Klaus all of his wrong doings in the people that he turned. Klaus defends himself a little but Marcel is relentless.

Freya is working hard to try find a way to save them. Kol is getting worse.

Rebekah calms a crowd, Marcel allows her to speak. Rebekah speaks, showing them that they all aren’t that different. Marcel mocks her though. Marcel starts pushing Rebekah to her limit but she fights off the mark. But it kicks in and Rebekah turns on Klaus.

Rebekah is poisoned but she tells the truth about Klaus. Rebekah breaks Klaus’s heart, turning on him.

Meanwhile, Elijah’s side effects are getting worse as well. Hayley goes to check on him, he tells her of his dream. Elijah tells her that if Klaus doesn’t make it then she has to take Hope and run. He just wants her to be happy.

Klaus tells Marcel that he’s disappointed in him. Klaus talks about Davina’s betrayal. He pushes Marcel’s buttons about Davina. Marcel remembers every one that he’s sired and who he’s killed that they loved. Klaus tells them to go on and kill him, he owes them nothing.

Rebekah wants Klaus to suffer, Marcel agrees. Marcel decides to put the blade that in Klaus that he hates so much. He will suffer daily until Marcel decides other wise.Rebekah can’t watch as Klaus suffers so she leaves.

Rebekah tells Hayley about their plan working and Freya starts the spell. Freya did something that made all of the Mikaelson’s pass out. Vincent shows up and Marcel doesn’t seem so happy. Vincent give Marcel a coin of something. He’s taking the gym from Marcel and turing it back into the church.

Vincent isn’t happy with Marcel. Vincent is making the church into a sanctuary, he tells Marcel that if he has a problem with it then he will take care of it. Consequences be damned.

Hayley puts the Mikaelson’s in coffins in a moving truck. Hayely finds Klaus’ letter, its a very sweet note filled with her daddy’s love. In their dream land, the family are all together. Its a beautiful spot. They’re all in a deep sleep. Rebekah is standing off by herself. Rebekah tells Elijah that Klaus knew of Freya’s plan and he saved them all.

Marcel starts burying Klaus alive. Hayley takes the remaining of the family out of New Orleans.

The next episode of The Originals will be the 4×01 season 4 premiere which will be mid-season next year, at a date and time to be determined, on The CW!



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