Recap & Review The Originals “Where Nothing Stays Buried”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // May 6, 2016

Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

Were Klaus and his family able to take down Lucien for good in The Originals 3×20 “Where Nothing Stays Buried”?

The Originals 3×20 “Where Nothing Stays Buried” begins with Kol sitting in the bar, holding Davina. Marcel walks in and he’s so mad at Kol. Marcel goes to Davina and she looks pretty dead. Kol tries to explain, but Marcel is still mad. He starts punching Kol and Kol just lets him. He’s too busy hurting over the loss of Davina. Marcel is sick of the witches and they are going to bring Davina back.

Klaus is watching out over the city when Hayley comes to tell him shes been reading his father’s journals about the wolves. Hayley wants to make the arrangements for Cami’s death. Klaus just wants revenge.

Meanwhile, Vincent is working on a way to take away all of Aurora’s serum. Freya has been working on a way to finally kill Lucien. Vincent tries to explain that he can’t help kill Lucien with only his magic because the Ancestors were the ones mastering the spell.

Elijah shows up and wants an update. Freya is wearing herself down. Elijah is getting worried about her. At the bar, Vincent, Kol, and Marcel want to help Davina somehow. Marcel goes to get Freya to help.

At Lucien’s, he’s getting all dressed up. He’s got the new head witch. He isn’t being too helpful so Lucien decides to kill Rebekah. At the Mikaelson’s…Kol is wanting their help but Elijah is iffy about it at first. Klaus shows up and goes to help Kol get cleaned up.

Vincent stays with Davina to watch over her. He talks to her, he truly does care for his young friend. Vincent vows he won’t leave her dead. Freya is more than willing to help Davina. Freya needs an Original to channel their energy. However the ancestors give a warning signal to leave things alone. They also hint that Rebekah is next.

Klaus is furious. The family is at a lost at what to do. Klaus wants Elijah to stay with Kol and keep things safe while he goes to get Rebekah. Klaus goes into town, but Hayley stops him. She makes it clear she’s going with him.

Meanwhile, the Mikaelson’s work to get Davina back. Vincent works to bring Davina back as Freya works to block out the Ancestors. They put her some place safe, it’s in the crypts. She’s walking around and the ancestors start going after her. The Ancestors work hard to get to Davina but Freya isn’t giving up. She and Elijah are holding strong. They do the spell and she comes back. She however, can’t leave that circle in the Mikaelson living room.

In the bayou, Hayley is trying to talk some sense into Klaus. Klaus is still quite bitter. At the Mikaelson home, Davina explains how the Ancestors made her feel. Kol explains what the Ancestors stone was for. It’s not looking good. Kol gets a call from Vincent and promises Davina that she’ll be resurrected soon.

Freya wants to use Davina as a ground to steal power from the Ancestors. Freya explains the severity of her new plan, and Elijah doesn’t want to do it. In order to kill Lucien, they’ll have to kill Davina.

In the bayou, Klaus gets a call from Elijah. Elijah told him Freya’s new plan. Klaus doesn’t want to chance Davina’s life so he tells them to come up with another plan. At Lucien’s, they’re getting closer to finding Rebekah. In the bayou, Hayley keeps pushing Klaus to let out his feelings a little. Klaus tells Hayley she needs to be honest with Elijah…to stop wasting time.

Vincent goes to the cemetery, he goes to ask the new regent what’s going on? Vincent tries to talk some sense into the new Regent. Vincent and Kol knock out the Regent. In the car, Hayley is worried that Elijah doesn’t feel the same way, Klaus gets a call from Elijah and gives the phone to Hayley. Their vehicle is then rammed by a black SUV.

Elijah and Freya know they are out of time. They make a quick decision, they have to use Davina. Davina talks to Marcel and reassures him that she’s not a kid, her decisions are her own. Marcel is feeling guilty and she thanks him for saving her and always being there for her.

Freya goes to Davina and breaks the spell as Davina and Marcel fight to try to save her. Meanwhile, Freya works to steal the Ancestors magic, leaving Davina alone to the Ancestors. Freya feels justified, but Elijah is quite worried.

“Where Nothing Stays Buried” press release synopsis

KLAUS AND LUCIEN FACE OFF – In the wake of a ruthless plan that has left their family shattered, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) desperately search for a way to take down Lucien (guest star Andrew Lees) once and for all. However, their efforts are put on hold following an urgent plea for help from Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). At Klaus’ insistence, Freya and Elijah reluctantly stay behind to offer their help, while Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) head to the bayou after uncovering Lucien’s latest plan. Once there, an unexpected showdown between Klaus and Lucien forces Freya to take matters into her own hands, setting off a chain of events that will change all of their lives forever. Yusuf Gatewood and Danielle Campbell also star.

Marcel wakes up when Kol and Vincent show up. In the bayou, both vehicles are totaled. Klaus wakes up and Hayley is staked out beside the vehicle. Lucien is quite cocky.

Davina keeps being tortured by the Ancestors. They keep chanting something while holding that stone Kol feared. They put Davina’s body in the circle and the Regent starts the spell, he’s trying to save her. Kol and Marcel watch in fear. The Regent runs out of magic and Davina doesn’t wake. Davina is gone. Marcel crawls to her and cries while holding her hand. Kol watches from a distance, crying as well.

Hayley wakes up in some pain. She hears Lucien and Klaus fighting. Klaus tries to remind Lucien that once upon a time that they were friends. Hayley shows up and they both start fighting Lucien, until he knocks Hayley out.

Kol wants the Regent to try again but he can’t. Vincent talks him into not killing him. Marcel is so mad. Kol leaves instead of giving in to Marcel’s argument.

Lucien holds Hayley by her heart. Lucien tells Klaus to kneel and he might let Hayley go. Klaus does as he’s told and Luicen loves it. Freya shows up and starts chanting, the magic is working and she took his powers gone. Elijah and Freya watch as Klaus talks to Lucien. Klaus picks up a piece of glass, he cuts open Lucien’s mouth as Lucien begs for his life then rips out his heart.

The Mikaelson’s burn Lucien’s body right there in the yard. Klaus suddenly tells Hayley what he wants for Cami’s funeral. He wants to go home, and Freya tells him what they did.

Marcel is in a bar drinking angrily. Klaus and Elijah walk in. Marcel lists all of his right doings by the Mikaelson’s. Klaus and Elijah try to justify their actions. Marcel is angry and speaking truths. He is never going to forgive them for this.

Meanwhile, the young Regent is in the cemetery. Kol visits, he’s back to being Kol. He kills the young Regent then destroy’s the prayer alter. Vincent talks to Freya. He’s angry. She apologizes. Vincent isn’t going to forgive her either.

Elijah is sitting in the den, having a drink when Hayley comes in. She takes his drink from him and sits it on the table. He kisses her hand and she lays her head against his. This is such a tender, vulnerable moment. They just sit and hold each other.

Klaus goes to visit hope, as does Freya. Klaus is upset with Freya. She thought she was doing right. Klaus knows that he has more enemies now than ever before.

Vincent goes to visit Marcel. Marcel isn’t feeling like company but Vincent still enters. He’s mad and wants to avenge Cami and Davina. Vincent give Marcel Aurora’s serum. Vincent wants Marcel to run the Mikaelson’s from New Orleans. Marcel thinks about it then the episode ends with him walking towards Vincent.

The next episode of The Originals will be 3×21 “Give ‘Em Hell Kid” on Friday, May 13th, 2016, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×22 season 7 finale “Gods & Monsters” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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