Recap & Review The Originals “The Devil Comes Here & Sighs”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // April 15, 2016

Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

Were Elijah and Freya able to rescue and save Klaus in The Originals 3×18 “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs”?

The Originals 3×18 “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs” begins with Aurora and Lucien enjoying a meal. He’s trying to woo her. Lucien is doing his best to prove that he’s powerful and will best Klaus. He then shows her their new “future” and offers her power like he has. She seems quite skeptical. Lucien pretty much proposes to Aurora with the Hybrid potion. Aurora will say yes only if she gets Tristan back.

Freya is working on something while Klaus taunts her. Elijah comes in, he’s worried about Kol. Klaus is going stir crazy and of course acts rash. At the bar, there’s a band going and Kol and Davina arrive. Kol however, is having trouble with his blood lust. When he walks in the magic stops taunting him and he can relax. Davina and Vincent have a plan.

It’s Nola days in the Quarter. Klaus goes to check in on Cami and she’s gotten her house vampire proof, even Klaus can’t come in. Cami of course brings up Aurora and Lucien. Klaus tells her he cares only for her *Cami* and then leaves.

Klaus is being followed by Lucien. Lucien is being quite cocky. He calls him to a less open place. Lucien bests Klaus and Klaus retaliates. Klaus stays strong but Lucien is drawing the situation out. Lucien wants help “getting” Elijah. Lucien makes Klaus stab himself with Papa Tunde’s dagger. Cami watches from the alley.

Vincent, Cami, and Kol talk about plans. Vincent is trying but Kol is being skeptical. He finally listens to Vincent and he comes up with a decent plan. Vincent thinks that the Mikaelson’s need to leave New Orleans or make the Ancestors believe the Mikaelsons are good.

With Freya, She’s trying to figure out how to take down Lucien. Elijah is impatient. Cami shows up and tells them about Lucien taking Klaus. Meanwhile, at Lucien’s He’s got Klaus chained up. Aurora is enjoying Klaus’ misery. Aurora shows Klaus that she can be his “better” too.

Lucien leaves to give them a moment alone. Lucien asks Aurora to keep Klaus alive while he’s gone, but she’s more than welcome to have some fun.

At the compound, Hayley doesn’t want Eljiah to go save Klaus. She understands hes going and tells him just to becareful. At the crypt Vincent is trying to make peace with the Ancestors. There’s a new witch that wants to take over as reagent. He wants all Vampires gone.

Klaus and Aurora talk. Klaus of course manipulates Aurora’s feelings. Aurora is strong and claims she has no feelings for him. However, Klaus tries to seduce Aurora. It doesn’t work. She’s more than ready to take the potion and kill Klaus.


“The Devil Comes Here and Sighs” press release synopsis

IT’S JAZZ FEST IN NEW ORLEANS – As the city celebrates its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joins forces to take Klaus (Joseph Morgan) hostage. Leading the charge to get their brother back, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) face off against a powerful force like none they’ve ever seen before, while Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Cami (Leah Pipes) set their own risky plan in motion to rescue Klaus. Meanwhile, when Kol’s (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) erratic behavior worsens, Davina (Danielle Campbell) has no choice but to turn to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) for help.

Nola is booming with music. Eljiah goes to meet Lucien. He’s being cautious but Lucien is quite full of himself when he enters. Lucien tells Elijah about his need to find Tristan.

Aurora and Klaus talk or rather argue. He brings up her craziness, and she brings out the stakes.

Hayley and Cami come up with a plan to get Klaus free. Cami is scared but Hayley gives her a pep talk. With Lucien and Elijah, Elijah is dragging things out. Lucien admits that he never liked Tristan and then he and Tristan start fighting.

Kol, in the meantime is dancing with Davina having a good time. The Ancestors however ruin their time. Marcel comes to tell Davina that Vincent is in trouble and she needs to go.

Elijah asks for Lucien to give him Klaus. Freya however, has found a way to trap and torture Lucien. At the apartment, Aurora tries to kill herself but before she can, Cami shows up. Aurora is quite happy to see Cami. Cami lures Aurora out and Hayley takes a go at Aurora. Just as Hayley is about to kill Aurora Klaus yells at her to stop, telling her Aurora already drank the serum.

Marcel has Kol under control at the bar and Davina goes to find Vincent. Vincent and Davina have to try to take the Ancestors down only on their own magic. Kol is pretty upset but Marcel is working hard to keep him calm. Kol’s anger is getting worse but Davina and Vincent work to help him. Kol tells Marcel he wouldn’t ever hurt Davina, Marcel tells Kol to leave and to never come back.

Lucien fights off Freya and Elijah and Freya seem shocked. She tries again, with some friends. Lucien shows his enemies that he will not be “detained”.

In the apartment, Aurora is getting ready to kill one of them. She goes for Cami but Cami tries to fight back. It didn’t last long. Aurora tries to make Cami go into the house where she’s not invited and it’s quite painful.

Freya starts gaining on Lucien but the Ancestors are quite strong and aren’t giving in to Freya. Aurora keeps putting Cami into the apartment and Hayley gets up in time to help Cami. They inject Aurora with something and she passes out.

Marcel waits for Davina in the bar to tell her the news that Kol left. He tells her why he left and she’s heart broken. Marcel holds her as she cries.

Kol is busy fleeing when he gets a call from Davina. As soon as he leaves New Orleans he starts desiccating. He can’t leave Nola to escape the Ancestors or he dies.

Lucien goes home, defeated. He realizes that something isn’t right. Lucien watches the video from when he left, he realizes that Aurora isn’t loyal to him.

The Mikaelson’s meet at home and Klaus thanks his ladies for their help. Hayley brings up Cami and tells him to go talk to her. Elijah watches. Lucien goes to Cami’s house. Lucien realizes that Cami put her apartment in someone else’s name. He already killed her neighbor and enters her apartment. He bites her arm and the episode ends.


The next episode of The Originals will be 3×19 “No More Heartbreaks” on Friday, April 29th, 2016, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×20 “Kill ‘Em All” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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