Recap & Review The Originals 3×14 “Streetcar Named Desire”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 26, 2016

Riley Voelkel, Freya Mikaelson, Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, The Originals

Find out if Stefan helped Klaus and Elijah get out of Aya’s trap in The Originals 3×14 “Streetcar Named Desire”!

The Originals 3×14 “A Streetcar Named Desire” begins with Aurora and Aya talking somewhere private. Aya want’s Aurora’s gun and bullets. Aya doesn’t want Aurora to kill Elijah yet. She wants Aurora to help sever the link between the sire lines. Aya comes prepared with her own witch, Cynthia.

Cynthia starts the spell and Aurora gets to go see Tristan in his mind. Aurora is upset and Tristan comforts her. Aurora makes a promise to find her brother.

In town, Freya is mad at Elijah because he dagger-ed Rebekah. Klaus brings Stefan to their home. Freya is quite shocked to see him. Meanwhile, Davina works to break the sire link. Marcel drops by to check on her. He’s quite nervous. Marcel tells her to be careful.

Freya is busy working to heal Stefan. Freya can’t heal the wound, but she puts a paste on his wound to hide the power of the wound from the huntress. Elijah and Klaus talk and fill each other in on everything that they other has missed lately. Elijah wants to kill Aurora first. Hayley calls Elijah, the wolves found Aurora.

Hayley goes to investigate the place where Auora and Aya were. She lets herself inside and there is music playing loud. Hayley searches the place and finds a dead Lucien.

Klaus and Elijah find Aya, Aurora is passed out in the back of Aya’s vehicle. Lucien actually isn’t dead. He tells her to get Klaus out of there. The witches do a spell and put Elijah and Klaus in Aurora’s little world.

Klaus and Elijah’s bodies float in the fountain as Davina works on the spell. Their minds still in Aurora’s little word. Aurora asks about Cami. Meanwhile, Tristan and Elijah talk. Aya made this world and each of them have an item that represents them. If they find that item then they are free.

Hayley is pissed at Marcel for not telling her about the Strix plans. She’s also mad about Jackson’s heart. Lucien tells them all about Aya’s plans. If Davina fails Klaus dies as well as his whole sire line. Hayley is quite shocked to see Stefan when he walks in.

Aurora is taunting Klaus in the dream land. Klaus gets mad, and Elijah watches over them. Meanwhile, Stefan tries to help come up with a plan. Lucien doesn’t take a liking to Stefan. Freya is going to use Lucien’s power to work a spell so that they can get Klaus and Elijah’s bodies.

Stefan and Hayley hide in the trunk while they go to save the day. Hayley looks at her photos of Hope. Stefan and Hayley bond a little bit and Hayley kind of gets it. Hayley recognizes Caroline on Stefan’s phone. They get to their destination, hiding in Marcel’s trunk.

“A Streetcar Named Desire” press release synopsis

AN EXCITING CROSSOVER WITH “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” – With the threat of the prophecy looming over their heads, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) find themselves rendered useless inside a magical trap, while Aya (guest star Tracy Ifeachor) and The Strix’s coven of witches move forward with a risky spell that could take one of them down for good. Elsewhere, Freya (Riley Voelkel) leads the charge to get her brothers back and enlists the help of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Stefan Salvatore (guest star Paul Wesley), an old friend of Klaus’, whose unexpected arrival may be the key to their survival. Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) moves forward with a dangerous plan that brings her one step closer to reuniting with Kol.

In their little prison, they start bickering again. Aurora is trying to cause drama between the brothers. However, Elijah turns the tables. He starts making Aurora see her own faults in her own relationship with her brother.

Meanwhile, the Strix witches are working hard to sever the sire line. Aya is quite cocky about it. Aya warns Marcel to stay close by. Marcel goes over to Davina, asking if she knew. Marcel tells her that Aya is planning to kill Elijah and Klaus. If the plan doesn’t work then they all die. Davina isn’t backing down.

Hayley and Stefan wait in the trunk until it’s time. They’re trusting in each other. The huntress gets a whiff of Stefan’s scar and immediately heads that way.

Inside, Davina is ready to start the spell. Meanwhile, Freya is working on her own magic. She starts her spell to bust Klaus and Elijah out of their little mental prison. As she starts Lucien is having trouble holding on. Aya slits Klaus and Eljiah’s throats so they can’t tell her what item represents them.

The huntress runs towards the Strix full force. The witches do not stop the spell. The huntress kills the vampires pretty effortlessly as Hayley goes in to try to get Klaus and Elijah.

Klaus and Elijah find what represents them and they awaken. They then start killing the witches. Freya gets them out but Davina isn’t letting Klaus go. She’s breaking the link. The link is broken from Klaus. Elijah immediately runs to his brother. Klaus looks pretty dead but he wakes up. Klaus is relieved that his sire line is broken.

Aya looks over the pool. Elijah tells her he can’t let her hurt his family. He apologizes for failing her, but he tells her he never forgotten her. He tells her that he will never forgive her for this. She tells him to end this, she stands bravely as he shoots her in the heart with the white oak bullet. He hesitates, but Hayley doesn’t. She stakes Aya with the White Oak stake.

After Aya’s death, the prison world or Tristan’s safe world starts to crumble. Tristan starts coughing and Aurora wakes up. But she’s locked in a dark hole, Klaus is building a block wall to trap her in the darkness. She has to suffer the rest of her life.

Davina is being watched over at Marcel’s. She’s mad at him. However, he did what he thought was best for her.

Stefan waits for Klaus to say his goodbyes. Klaus asks if he’ll do the right thing by Caroline. Stefan tells Klaus he loves Caroline and he will only do right by her. Klaus thanks him and gets teary eyed. Stefan tells him he should thank Hayley and that Hayley cares about him. Klaus tells Stefan to take care old friend, they shake hands and Stefan goes on his way.

Klaus is weak. Davina got some of Klaus’ and Elijah’s blood so that she could resurrect Kol. She goes to her attic in the church and quickly brings him back.


The next episode of The Originals will be 3×15 “An Old Friend Calls” on Friday, March 4th, 2016, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×15 “I Would for You” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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