Recap & Review The Originals 3×13 “Heart Shaped Box”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 19, 2016

Rebecca Breeds, Aurora, The Originals

Find out how Klaus and Elijah defeat unlikely foe Aurora in The Originals 3×13 “Heart Shaped Box” episode!

The Originals 3×13 “Heart Shaped Box” begins with a sunny day in New Orleans. Klaus is choking someone, searching for Aurora. Elijah and Freya find Klaus just before breakfast. Marcel enters and is quite sassy with Klaus. Klaus is picking on everyone, desperate to find Freya. Klaus isn’t trusting anyone at this time. He’s being quite rude to Marcel.

Freya goes to work on a locator spell to find Aurora. This time, it worked. However, Aurora finds Freya first.

Davina is at the Stricts hideout, working on things. Aya goes to ask what she’s doing. Davina tells Aya she needs Kol back if she wants the spell to work. She needs Kol to find the missing piece to the spell. Aya thinks about it for a moment then goes to a chest. She pulls out a hand of glory. Aya tells her that if Kol gives her the information that they need then she’ll make sure he stays permanently.

Hayley is out in a park sitting when Klaus goes to see her. Klaus tells her he’s sorry for her loss. However, Hayley isn’t feeling like people really care. He offers to keep her busy to keep her mind off of things. Klaus wants Hayley to watch over Cami. Hayley agrees to it.

Klaus gets a call, Elijah is at Freya’s and tells Klaus that she’s missing.Aurora of course left clues behind for the Mikaelsons to come find her. Marcel goes to visit Davina. He tells Davina he’s on her side. Marcel tells Davina he trusts her, and that they need to stick together. He made a promise that he’ll help her get Kol back as soon as this is over.

Eljiah and Klaus meet up and go over the clues. Klaus is mad and on a mission. Meanwhile, Freya wakes up with Aurora watching over her. They’re in a little house in the woods. Freya has no magic right now. Freya pulls a gun out and shoots Freya with a white oak (I’m assuming) bullet.

Cami is at her house, and Hayley comes to visit. Cami warns Hayley to text next time or she’ll get hurt. Hayley doesn’t pull any punches with Cami and calls her out on all of her drama. Cami is being very aggressive.

Klaus and Elijah are in the woods walking, searching for Aurora. They decide to split up. They make a promise that Aurora dies today. Elijah goes to search the house. It seems to be empty. Elijah finds the White Oak bullets. Klaus is walking in the foggy woods and finds some flowers. Freya is buried alive.

Aurora shows up and points the gun at Elijah. He asks about Freya. Aurora is quite cocky. Klaus is digging up graves. Aurora has many of them planted around the woods. Freya asks for Finn’s help, he answers by soaking the flower with blood so that Klaus can find Freya. Elijah and Aurora talk for a bit. She wants Klaus to show up so he can “watch Elijah die”.



“Heart Shaped Box” press release synopsis

KLAUS FACES OFF WITH AN UNLIKELY FOE — A VENGEFUL AURORA (GUEST STAR REBECCA BREEDS) MAKES HER MOVE – Determined to make her ultimate move against the Mikaelson brothers, Aurora (guest star Rebecca Breeds) uses Freya (Riley Voelkel) as bait to lure Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) into a dangerous trap. Meanwhile, after being recruited by The Strix’s powerful coven of witches to perform a spell that could save the lives of her closest friends, Davina (Danielle Campbell) finds a way to conjure up Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic), the only person who may know the key ingredient to completing the spell. Finally, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice. Charles Michael Davis also stars.

Hayley takes Cami to Marcel’s gym. Cami is clinging to her dark objects. Hayley tries to explain that she still needs to have a back up plan.

Davina is working on contacting Kol. She gets him to arrive to her. He’s worried about her. Aya shows up as soon as Kol gets there. Davina asks Kol to give her the binding agent for the spell. He tells Aya he will only talk to Davina. Aya leaves.

In the cabin, Aurora is still holding a gun on Elijah. Elijah calls Aurora crazy. He tells her that Klaus discarded her crazy butt. Aurora holds the gun to Elijah’s chest. Klaus comes into the cabin with Freya. Klaus tries to talk some sense into Aurora. Freya saves Elijah then falls to her knees. She’s quite ill from the white oak bullet. Klaus goes after Aurora.

Davina and Kol talk about the spell. He tells her that it’s impossible to break but Davina tells him she knows he’s lying. Kol begs her not to do this. Meanwhile, Marcel, Aya and the witches are eavesdropping on Davina and Kol’s conversation. Davina is trying to piecing everything together. Kol tells her that someone has to die to do this. She needs a heart for the spell, an unsired heart. Meaning Hayley’s heart.

Klaus searches through the woods for Aurora. She shoots him but misses his heart. Klaus uses a road sign to stab Aurora in the stomach and flees.

Hayley and Cami are still training. Hayley is pushing Cami but Cami isn’t doing too well at first. Cami thanks Hayley for coming to find her today. Hayley gets a call from Davina, but it’s too late the witches are there. They start torturing Hayley when Cami uses her box to distract the witches for a moment.

In the woods, Aurora and Klaus are still playing hide and seek. Klaus knocks the gun from Aurora, she begs for mercy. He pauses a moment and she bests him. She shoots Elijah.

The witches break Hayley’s bones. Davina hurries to try to help Hayley. Kol tells her he’ll help her. He’s going to use the candle to take down the coven. Davina starts and it works. Kol watches over her.

Meanwhile, in the woods Klaus is trying to get the bullet from Elijah’s chest. Elijah tells him to go, but Klaus isn’t going to leave Elijah until he gets the bullet from his chest. He removes it safely.

Hayley is quite sore when Aya shows up. Hayley and Aya start fighting but Aya is quite strong. Marcel shows up and help Hayley. Aya and Marcel argue, but she agrees to give him time to figure things out.

Later that night, Cami is resting in her bed. She wakes up with a six pack of beer and a note by her bed. Elijah, Hayley and Klaus fill each other in on the days events. They need Hayley or Jackson’s heart. They have to dig up Jackson and get his heart.

Davina wakes up, where Kol is watching over her. He begs her to let him go. Kol tells her to kiss him before he goes, they kiss and he’s gone just as their lips touch.

Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah get to Jackson’s grave. It’s already missing. Elijah promises they’ll find whoever did this. Klaus promises to return the favor.

It was Marcel who stole Jackson’s heart. He takes it to Aya. They’re going to do the spell. Marcel threatens Aya and she takes it with ease.

Klaus is at home, carving something when Freya comes to visit. Freya and Klaus have a heart to heart. He tells her that she’s his sister and she’s apart of the family always and forever. Elijah walks in and agrees with Klaus. Klaus, Elijah and Freya share a drink to killing everyone who stands against the family.

This episode ends with Aurora sitting in her car, when Aya shows up. Aya is siding with Aurora. She offers her assistant in killing the Mikaelson’s.

The next episode of The Originals will be 3×14 “A Streetcar Named Desire” on Friday, February 26th, 2016, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×14 “Moonlight on the Bayou” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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