Recap & Review The Originals 3×11 “Wild at Heart”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // February 5, 2016

Tracy Ifeachor, Aya, The Originals

See if Aya and Elijah can work together to save the Mikaelson family in The Originals 3×11 “Wild at Heart”!

The Originals 3×11 “Wild at Heart” begins with Aya is having a memorial dinner for Tristan. She however, she is thinking ahead. Arian is a new witch…she’s here to see who is loyal to the Stricts. Marcel’s turn comes around, his card shows loyalty. Aya walks around warning everyone. She wants to stay loyal to her sire.

In town, Davina is trying to buy some items. Josh takes what Davina needs. At the Mikaelson home, Cami is making herself at home. She’s drinking all of their blood bags. Cami left and Elijah tells Klaus that he should go find Cami. Elijah is trying to work on saving the family. Hayley brings Hope by to visit. She wants to stay there, she’s feeling quite overwhelmed and lonely. Klaus tells Hayley she’s always welcome there.

Elijah gets a call from Aya. She tells him that they should join efforts to find the thing that could kill the Originals. Meanwhile, Josh and Davina are walking around town. He’s upset that she’s been ignoring him. He just wants to be there for her. Aya pulls up beside them and tells Davina to get in.

At the bar, there’s a great band and Cami walks in looking badass. A guy is really rude to the bartender and then the guy starts hitting on Cami. Cami uses compulsion to make him be nice. She also tells him to go around back in a few. Klaus shows up.

With Aya, she’s having a meeting with the “sisters”. There pretty much abandoned witches. Loyal to the Stricts. Aya shows Davina something that can raise the dead. Aya promises to bring back Kol if Davina joins the Sisters.

At the bar, Cami accepts Klaus’ drink. Cami is very cocky. Klaus is getting upset. Cami acts like he’s getting to her. Klaus offers to help her get things under control.

Davina needs to go “talk” to Kol to see if Aya is telling the truth. Davina needs Josh’s power to make it through the spell. Davina links them and then goes to talk to the dead. In the dead world Davina wakes up. She’s still in her room and she can see Josh watching over her. She then quickly goes to find Kol.

Aya shows Elijah he witches lair. Elijah is surprised by Aya’s new witch. Aya’s witch needs to search his mind for something he might have missed.

At Hayley’s house, she’s packing up some items for them to take to the Mikaelson’s. Meanwhile in the ghost world, Davina is walking and Kol finds her. Welcome back Nate!

Elijah allows Aya’s witch to learn everything about Eljiah Mikaelson. The witch sees nothing but more trouble for the Mikaelson family.

Cami goes down an alley, Klaus is teaching her how to feed without killing. Cami gets a little carried away. Klaus compels her victims to leave. Cami doesn’t appreciate Klaus’ tone or criticism. Cami tells him that she wants to be exactly like him. Klaus doesn’t accept her kiss and tells her that she’s still learning and killing isn’t her. She tells him he’s right then she snaps his neck and leaves him in the alley.


“Wild at Heart” press release synopsis

A STORM IS COMING – While Klaus (Joseph Morgan) finds himself dealing with pressing matters at home, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) reluctantly aligns with Aya (guest star Tracy Ifeachor) after learning that she may have knowledge of an elusive weapon that could kill an Original vampire for good. Meanwhile, alone and shunned by her coven of witches, a desperate Davina (Danielle Campbell) is left conflicted after she is approached with an enticing offer that could bring her one step closer to reuniting with Kol. Phoebe Tonkin and Charles Michael Davis also star.


Cami finds Detective Kinney. He’s very happy to see her. She’s quite flirty with him. She asks him for a favor and leads him somewhere.

Kol takes Cami to the bar to talk. Kol then kisses her and she’s a little shocked. He tells her to think of their last dance, she relaxes. She tells him about her plan to bring him back. He acts worried.

Kinney and Cami goes to search through Lucien’s things. Klaus of course shows up and isn’t thrilled with her. Back at the bar, Kol tells her the spell is fake. She can tell that he’s lying and he is just worried about her. He doesn’t want her to join the Stricts. The ancestors have found them and he warns her to hide. The ancestors enter the bar,  but then leave.

Cami is mad because Klaus stole the dark objects that Kol made a long time ago. Cami says they belong to her family. They argue and she makes a promise that he will regret this day. Cami starts analyzing Klaus very cruelly.

Hayley shows up and tries to talk some sense into Cami. Elijah shows up and tells him they need to talk as well. Cami and Hayley leave.

Meanwhile, Davina and Kol are on the run to try to get her back to her body before the ancestors find her. Too late though. With Elijah and Klaus, Klaus is upset and Elijah warns him to leave her alone for now.  Elijah tells him that he needs him and that a storm is coming.

Hayley takes Cami to a safe place. She tries to be kind to her, but Cami starts being a bitch. She tells Hayley that it must be a relief that Jackson is dead. Hayley is trying to stay calm, but she makes it clear that Cami crossed a line. Cami cries and tels her that she’s going to go home. Cami however, I think is lying.

Kol and Davina get into some trouble with the witches. Aya’s witch shows up and kills Josh. Aya’s witch enters the ghost world and offers her help to Davina.

Klaus shows up to Hayley’s looking for Cami. Hayley talks some sense into him. Klaus tells Hayley that he’s found out what could kill them. It’s the little Nic-nack that he carved for Rebekah when he was just a boy.

Davina and Aya’s witch escape the ancestors. Aya’s witch teaches Davina how to come back. Meanwhile, Klaus tells Elijah about the little horse. Now they all have to find it.

Davina and Aya’s witch make it back. Davina is going to  accept the offer from The Stricts. Cami stole the oak horse from Hayley’s. Cami walks around the town, taking the horse with her.

Davina and Josh talk in a bar. Josh talks to her about his loss. He misses Aiden so much and tells her that he would bring him back no matter what. IF there’s a chance she could get Kol back she should.

Klaus calls Cami. Cami wants her objects back. She’s quite cocky now.

At the witches, Elijah has to kill Aya’s witch now. She knows it and she’s okay with it. She’s ready to be free. Eljiah feeds from her and drops her into the water that allowed her to see his past.

Josh goes to Marcel’s to talk. He tells him about Davina becoming a Strict witch.

This episode ends with Hayley and she is cleaning up her and Jackson’s apartment. She finds one of his flannel shirts and holds it close, smelling his scent still on it. She goes to the corner of the kitchen and starts crying. Elijah shows up and watches her mourn. He’s so torn, he wants to help her but he knows he can’t. She’s had a lot to deal with, she’s been angry. But now, now she’s just “guilty”. Elijah slowly walks over to her, sits beside her and listens.

The next episode of The Originals will be 3×12 “Dead Angels” on Friday, February 12th, 2016, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×12 “Postcards from the Edge” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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