Recap & Review The Originals 3×05 “The Axeman’s Letter”!

Written by Kayla Falls   // November 5, 2015

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What is Aurora’s agenda and what is Elijah’s secret in The Originals 3×05 “The Axeman’s Letter” episode?

The Originals 3×05 “The Axeman’s Letter” begins with a flashback, Klaus is in happily in love with Aurora. He wrote her a beautiful love note, telling her of his feelings and everything that he is. In present time, Aurora is at a magic shop…writing a  letter.

Klaus and Elijah are at the compound, they see the messenger dead in a pile of lavender just like Aurora used to sit in. They look pretty shocked. Elijah warns that Aurora will cause them to be divided, however Klaus doesn’t want to hear it.

Cami is in town with Vincent. They’re talking about the Axeman’s festival. Lucien is in town, shopping and Cami and Vincent decide to follow him around. Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah are looking around for Aurora.

During a flashback, Klaus and Aurora are making love. She begs him to turn her so he doesn’t have to be so gentle with her. He doesn’t want to, he loves her how she is.

In present time, Klaus is looking for clues. He finds one and leaves Elijah. Klaus goes into a perfume shop. Aurora greets him.

In the crypts, Davina is getting ready for some kind of ritual. Jackson and Hayley are there. Davina is worried about her first public appearance. Hayley gives her some fashion advice.

In the perfume shop, Aurora and Klaus are catching up. Klaus asks why she is there. She says for the festival. In a flashback, it’s her birthday. Klaus has brought her some flowers. She’s upset and feeling guilty because her birth killed her mother. Klaus comforts her and promises she’s not alone. He tells her about him killing Esther. She then asks him to turn her again. He tells her he would give her anything. In present time, Klaus tell her he’s forgotten all about her. She tells him there to protect her sire. Rebekah is her sire though.

Elijah finds Tristan. Elijah tells him that he thinks he’s a liar. Tristan tells Elijah that he left her in the care of others. Elijah warns Tristan. Meanwhile, in town Lucien is walking around town, enjoying everything. Vincent tells Cami she needs to watch being drawn to darkness. Lucien steals Cami.

Lucien asks why she’s following him. Cami tries to be tough. Cami of course throws Klaus’ name out there as a warning. Lucien then leaves and leaves a body behind.

With Aurora, Klaus and her are still catching up. In a flashback, Aurora is laying dead on the bed when Rebekah shows up. She gives her blood so that she doesn’t die. Tristan didn’t want to Aurora to see Klaus. Rebekah is upset that Aurora chose that life. Aurora loved the smell of lavender and felt so alive.


“The Axeman’s Letter” press release synopsis

KLAUS’ PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT HIM – As the war among the sire lines continues to grow, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) receives an unexpected visit by a figure from his past. When Elijah (Daniel Gillies) suspects that Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland) is hiding something, he enlists Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) help to find out what he’s up to. Elsewhere, Davina (Danielle Campbell) struggles with her role as Regent and seeks advice from Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). Finally, an ancient secret that is uncovered threatens to tear the Mikaelson brothers apart for good. Leah Pipes and Yusuf Gatewood also star.

In town, people are giving Davina their offerings. A lot of people are bringing her animals. Hayley is staying dutiful by her side. Hayley shares a beer with Davina. Hayley gives her some advice.

Marcel is doing some training with some guys at his gym. Elijah goes there to talk to him. Marcel tells Elijah that he’s just with the Stricts to find out what they’re doing.

Aurora is still at the perfume shop, she stabs herself to give Klaus a taste. He didn’t take. In a flashback, Aurora shows up as a Vampire. At first Klaus is upset. They then make love. In present time, They start kissing as well.

Cami reports the murder find. Vincent is of course there. Cami is quite upset. Detective Kinney shows up. Kinney accuses Cami and she doesn’t like that at all.

Jackson is watching over the cemetery. He finds a group of men doing some chanting with a voodoo doll and break it up. With Aurora, Klaus and her are making out then he stops it. In a flashback, Finn is worried about Mikael showing up. The Mikealson’s are ready to leave. However, Aurora isn’t going. She tells him that he’s cruel. She doesn’t love him. She’s very cruel in her break up speech. Aurora tells him that she did love him, but moments before Elijah saw Aurora. She wanted to go with them, however Elijah didn’t want her to come. HE compelled her to tell the truth…about him killing his mother. Elijah was in shock. HE then compels her to tell Klaus.

Jackson takes the boys to Davina. Davina talks to the young man. She wants him to stay in the coven, but if he doesn’t wan to work together then leave.

Elijah keeps trying to get a hold of Klaus. Marcel finds Elijah at the compound. Marcel, finds out that Lucien and Tristan are working together. Aurora tells Klaus that she’s worried.

Davina finds Hayley sitting around drinking by herself. She thanks her for the advice. She also gives Hayley and Jackson back their freedom. She said she would rather have Hayley as a friend than a foe. Hayley seems okay with that.

Cami shows Vincent the magic close that Kerian had hid.  Kinney shows up and decides to confiscate her magic closet. He also arrests Cami. At the perfume shop, Aurora tells Klaus to go talk Elijah. Then find her when he’s done.

Klaus goes to find Elijah. Elijah doesn’t seem too concerned. They apparently feel that fighting it out is the best way to handle this situation. Elijah tries to talk some sense into Klaus. Klaus bites Eljiah, but Elijah stands strong. He tells Klaus fine, if he wants a fight he can have it.

The next episode of The Originals will be 3×06 “Beautiful Mistake” on Thursday, November 12th, 2015, at 9/8c, after The Vampire Diaries 7×06 “Best Served Cold” at 8/7c, on The CW!



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