Recap & Review The Originals 2×17 “Exquisite Corpse”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // April 6, 2015

Daniel Gillies, Elijah Mikaelson, Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, The Originals

Freya decides to help bring Rebekah back in The Originals 2×17 “Exquisite Corpse” episode!

The Originals 2×17 “Exquisite Corpse” begins as Rebekah dreams of Eva chasing a young Rebekah. When she wakes, as Eva, she takes Marcel down, then hears a baby and goes to Hope’s room. Hope just watches her as Hayley comes in and picks her up. When Klaus comes in, Eva leaves.

Marcel arrives and Klaus gives him the black object shackles created by Kol, which will prevent Rebekah/Eva from doing magic. Hayley goes along with Klaus’ plans.

Elijah, Hayley, and Gia go to Josephine’s place. Hayleys is a little jealous that Elijah has moved on with Gia. Josephine is happy to see them.

At the compound, Freya comes to talk with Klaus, who has decided to have Freya help bring Rebekah back. Freya thinks Rebekah may be too gone. Klaus shakles her and says they’re going to meet somebody who can get through Eva to Rebekah.

Marcel goes to Vincent and tells him he wants his help with Eva to get Rebekah back, but Vincent doesn’t want anything to do with vampires. Vincent tells him Eva’s dark past uses up her hosts. They have to have a witch connected to the 9 witch covens.

Josephine won’t extend the deadline in order to help save Rebekah. She wants Eva taken down ASAP.

Klaus and Freya go to meet a witch then Esther. He compels Esther to tell Freya the spell to rescue Rebekah.

Eva tries to heal a leg wound she got from Klaus. Marcel shakles her as Vincent tries to talk to her.

At Josephine’s, the witch refuses to help with Rebekah and Eva, so Hayley gets pissed. But Josephine puts them in their place and warns Hayley about a blackness that should terrify her.

Vicent talks to Eva, who is mad at him because he gave her up. She tells him she doesn’t kill her victims, only drains their powers.

At the cemetery, Klaus rushes to reunite Freya and Esther in order to get the spell to rescue Rebekah. But Eva is trying to get Vincent to help her, and now they’re back together again, teaming up.

“Exquisite Corpse” press release synopsis

CONTROLLING THE DEMON – When Eva Sinclair’s (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) reemergence leaves Rebekah trapped and helpless, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is forced to put aside his mistrust for Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) in order to save Rebekah’s life. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) learn more about Eva’s violent past from Josephine (guest star Meg Foster), who then makes a startling revelation about Hayley’s future. With time running out to save Rebekah, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) turns to a reluctant Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) for his help to take down Eva, but his plan takes an unexpected turn, as Eva will not go down without a fight. Danielle Campbell also stars.

At the compound, Marcel fills Elijah and Hayley in on what’s going on. Elijah is ready to fight. At Josephine’s home, Eva and Vincent arrive, planning to use the elder witch as part of their ritual.

Esther explains the spell to Freya to get Rebekah back. Freya is mad at her for giving her up to Dahlia. Esther tells her she’s two-faced because she really doesn’t want to help Klaus. Klaus says after she gave up Freya, he was an upgraded model!

Vincent and Eva take Josephine to a secret hiding place where they see Davina and others. Eva lied to him about killing some of her victims to complete the ritual. Vincent comes to his senses and knocks her out.

Vincent calls Marcel, still with Elijah, and pretends to know where the bodies are. He needs a powerful witch. Freya tells Klaus she wants to use him as an anchor in order to get Rebekah back. Elijah comes and offers to be the anchor. Freya breaks her shackles then snaps Klaus’ neck, “for an upgraded model, you’re not very sharp,” then she and Elijah leave to find Eva.

Gia tells Hayley that she means a lot to Elijah, as well as Hope, and says she wants to stay to help Elijah.

Elijah, Vincent, Freya, and Marcel work on the spell to bring Rebekah back. Freya begins the spell and Vincent and Marcel wake up in the dream world Rebekah was in at the beginning of the episode.

When Klaus wakes, Esther warns him about Freya and tells him she’s been thinking about them while she’s been stuck in all the shadows. “Enjoy the darkness,” Klaus tells her.

In the dream world, Marcel desperately searches for Rebekah. He finds a young Rebekah, then Eva finds them and begins torturing Marcel. Elijah tries to keep Freya grounded. In the dream world, Eva tries to hurt Marcel, but Vincent comes and tells her to stop. She thinks Vincent lied to her. Klaus arrives and asks Freya to use his power, too. Fortunately he arrived just in time to keep Eva from killing Vincent.

Eva and Vincent kill each other as Rebekah stabs Eva in the back. As Eva dies, everybody wakes up, including all the witches that Eva was linked too. Rebekah also wakes up, “Bloody hell.”

At the compound, Klaus talks to Rebekah about returning to her own body, but she doesn’t want to because if she does it will kill everybody who was linked to Eva. She also wants to try and find Kol. Klaus is concerned that Freya knows about his secrets. Klaus agrees to be good and let the family unite, at least for the moment.

Vincent, looking happy, burns a photo he has of himself and Eva. Freya is welcomed into the Elder coven, “Our enemies are your enemies.” But Klaus still doesn’t trust her. He finds her at the bar and gives her a warning. He tells her he’s afraid of being alone. Freya is mysterius and warns him that he’ll be alone again if he tries her patience.

As “Exquisite Corpse” ends Freya goes to Esther and tells her she was wrong about her. She hates Dahlia more than Esther. Freys tells Esther about the hurt she endured at the hands of Dahlia, who took the light from her life. She realizes she and Klaus will never be able to be allies, so she plans to use their family to go against him. Then she kills Esther, who turns into starlings who drop dead as they fly away. “Kill the demon today. Face the devil tomorrow.”

The Originals next episode is 2×18 “Night Has a Thousand Eyes” on Monday, April 13th, 2015, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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