Recap and Review The Originals 2×14 “I Love You, Goodbye”! (R)

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 30, 2015

Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, Debra Mooney, Mary, Nathan Parsons, Jackson

Jackson and Hayley get married in the Mikaelson compound in The Originals 2×14 “I Love You, Goodbye” episode rerun!

The Originals episode 2×14 “I Love You, Goodbye” rerun begins with Cami driving to a pay phone as Hope cries. When she reaches the phone, Elijah, all sooty shows up and says they have to leave.

Hayley, at the compound, is packing as Klaus tries to calm her since it’s her wedding day and “Queens do not run.”

Josh is in the attic with Davina after his ordeal. Kol comes and gives him a bag of blood and tells him to leave. Davina is testy and Kol teases about “going steady.”

Out in the bayou Klaus throws down a bag of heads from the werewolf alphas who refused to give up their moonlight rings and follow Jackson. He tells Jackson to clean up since its his wedding day!

Freya finds Finn’s body in the morgue as Davina and Kol work on the dagger. Freya sees the jewel Finn is wearing and starts a spell, sprinkling stuff on him.

The dagger gets too hot for Kol and Davina, but he’s sure it will work, then they start making out.

Freya continues the spell as Finn awakens. Then Kol gets a nose bleed.

Kol tries to convince Davina he’s okay. Maybe it was the dagger spell. He asks Davina to go with him to the wedding and calls Rebekah for a favor as Davina leaves.

Hayley looks through her closet as Rebekah tells her she’s going to miss her wedding, but she has gifts and gives Hayley a beautiful wedding dress, which was one of hers. She tells Hayley that she’ll always be a Mikaelson.

Aiden is relieved that Josh is okay, but he’s breaking up with him because he’s concerned about his safety. After they argue they go their separate ways. Guess this is at least one “I Love You, Goodbye”!

Jackson and Hayley are working together in the compound, seeing all the crazy wedding stuff. Hayley thinks if they had done things their way, it would be less crazy. Klaus comes and tells her Elijah, Cami, and Hope are there. She’s a little worried, but Klaus tells her everything will be ok. No more running. He’s taken precautions.

Elijah smiles as Hayley and Hope are reunited. Hayley introduces Jackson and Hope to each other. Hope shakes and kisses his hand.

Klaus and Elijah go into a room and Klaus tells him he’s not to mess with Hayley marrying Jackson. Elijah pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Klaus tells him he’s a bully. Elijah says he won’t make Hayley do anything she doesn’t want to.

Rebekah tries to help Kol, but it’s not working. He tells Rebekah he doesn’t want to die again.

Hayley, all dressed, looks pretty as Hope plays. Cami will watch her during the wedding. Elijah comes and checks on things as Hayley smiles at him. She tells him not to mention his feelings. She knows and understands them, but she’s chosen Jackson and just wants to be happy. They both cry as Elijah tells her he accepts her decision.

Aiden is helping Jackson get ready. Jackson asks him about Josh, but he wants to make sure there won’t be trouble if he dates Josh.

Hayley, nervous, walks in on a stunned Jackson to see how he’s doing. She fixes his tie for him and Jackson gives her a crescent necklace with a moss agate stone, for healing, as a gift. She’s touched. He says he wanted her to have one thing that was all hers.

People start to arrive, all looking fabulous. Aiden sits next to Josh and holds his hand. Everybody stands as Hayley begins walking down the aisle. She’s nervous. Jackson arrives and they share a moment as Klaus watches from above. They walk up the stairs to Mary, who will preside. They do their vows, light a candle. Elijah’s heart breaks. Hayley smiles as she kisses Jackson. Elijah can’t watch. Their eyes change as they kiss. The ritual worked. The whole pack feels the change. Klaus is happy!

Outside, Elijah knows Klaus is up to something. He’s planning on killing Jackson and become the Alpha. Elijah tells him he doesn’t want him harmed on Hayley’s wedding day. Klaus tells him he thinks Elijah wants Jackson dead more than he does. Elijah looks like it’s true.

“I Love You, Goodbye” press release synopsis

THE BIG DAY – With the final preparations for her union to Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) underway, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) begins to question whether the ritual will actually work. After arriving to the compound, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has a tense encounter with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and quickly suspects that his brother may be up to something. Meanwhile, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman), who is harboring a devastating secret from Davina (Danielle Campbell), seeks help from Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) when he realizes time is not on his side. Lastly, Cami (Leah Pipes) makes a startling revelation involving baby Hope. Charles Michael Davis also stars.

Everybody is celebrating Jackson and Hayley’s wedding as they walk in the street. Elijah watches with Klaus, who is acting irrational. He makes it clear that Klaus better not touch Jackson as long as he makes Hayley happy. He refuses to stand by him if he does this.

As Davina and Josh walk hand in hand in the street, she sees Kol. When she goes to him he tells her he’s dying.

Klaus comes into the bedroom because he thought Hope was crying. He’s a little nervous about holding Hope. Cami tells him happy family happy baby.

Jackson and Hayley dance as flower petals fall on them. Aiden finds Josh and kisses him. Elijah watches as Klaus arrives with Hope to give a toast. He welcomes everybody and introduces Hope and asks them to help protect her and include her in their pack. Jackson nods agreement. Klaus says he wants Hayley and Jackson to live at the compound as part of the family.

Rebekah tries to help Kol and Davina, but Kol just wants to share a dance with Davina since he knows there’s no hope.

At the compound, Hayley comes to Elijah and he tells her he’s leaving to help train Marcel’s new vamps. Rebekah comes to tell Elijah about Kol, and together they go to tell Klaus, who is watching Hope in her crib.

Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah leave to find Kol. In the cemetery Davina is crying as Kol coughs as they try to dance. He asks her to leave so he can be alone. “That’s not an option,” Elijah says as the rest of his family (minus Finn) comes to comfort him and see if they can help. “Always and forever isn’t something you weasel out of, brother,” says Klaus lovingly.

Hayley comes to Jackson as he’s watching the party. She tells him how scared and alone she was when she came to New Orleans and found out she was pregnant. About the wolf who came to protect her and make her feel safe. Jackson tells her he loves her. She tells him it’s the first time anybody has ever told her that. Hayley says she didn’t marry Jackson for the pack, she married him for herself. They kiss.

At the cemetery Rebekah holds Kol as Klaus holds his hand. Kol says this is all he ever wanted, to feel part of the family. Everybody cries as Kol says goodbye. Rebekah promises she’ll find a way to bring him back. He looks at Davina, then dies.

In the morgue, Finn starts to feel better. Freya says the magic is a homing beacon for Dahlia and she’s coming for Hope, “Dahlia will come and she will take what’s her’s.”

The next new episode of The Originals is 2×17 “Exquisite Corpse” on Monday, April 6th, 2015, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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