Recap and Review The Originals 2×13 “The Devil is Damned”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // February 9, 2015

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, Daniel Sharman, Kol Mikaelson, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Rebekah Mikaelson, The Originals

Kol asks Klaus to help save him in The Originals 2×13 “The Devil is Damned” episode”!

The Originals episode of 2×13 “The Devil is Damned” begins with Finn doing a locator spell with a voodoo doll. The spell around Hope is strong, so it doesn’t work. Freya shows up. Finn gets testy, but she’s not scared. She hints as to who she is, but he can’t believe it’s really her, but he’s happy to see her.

Rebekah and Klaus are together talking on speaker to Elijah. Klaus is concerned about Dahlia, but Elijah seems more worried about Freya.

Klaus and Elijah reveals Hayley’s wedding.   Jackson is carving wood in the bayou when Hayley comes holding a broom and asking why people are leaving them on her doorstep. He explains the jumping the broom custom for couples who can’t wait to “mate”!

Jackson works on a crib for Hope as other werewolves come and bow to him. They’re ready to join the festivities and proclaim him their Alpha.

At the compound, Klaus learns Finn has Marcel. Klaus is ready to kill people! Kol arrives asking for his help because Finn cursed him and he’s dying. Klaus thinks it’s another con, but Kol tells him it’s his best con – the truth. Rebekah believes him and Kol tells them Finn is trying to find their secret.

Freya reveals she’s only alive for one year every once in awhile. Dahlia, is still alive and hunting. For Freya! Finn reveals Klaus has a daughter and Freya decides to help him find Hope. She’s learned that sometimes you have to let something die so others can live. Yikes!

When Marcel wakes he sees his vamps sleeping around him. Finn comes and tells him he has a job for him and starts staking vamps until he agrees. He wants them to bring him some of Hayley’s blood.

At the safe house, Cami plays with Hope as Elijah cooks. Glass breaks and Elijah rushes to see, discovering Hope pulled the table cloth off the table and bumped her head.

Kol and Rebekah are working on a spell at the compound. Klaus wants to enter Kol’s mind to see the spell Finn put on him.

Cami psychoanalyzes Elijah as he bandages Hope’s head. Cami gives him a list of things to do to make him busy as she watches Hope.

Jackson is playing with kids in the bayou as Hayley watches, liking what she sees. She teases him about having “competition,” as Marcel shows up and warns her about what’s going on. Hayley looks like she’s been spelled.

Klaus and Kol argue as Rebekah gets mad at his temper. Hayley calls, giving Kol a chance to go and hide as his nose starts to bleed. Finn calls him and says he needs some of Klaus’ blood. Kol says he’s ready to take Klaus down.

Elijah starts working around the farm house. At the compound, Kol rushes in to start his revenge against Klaus, but Klaus is ready. Klaus says he’s treated all of them the same and offers Kol a chance to prove himself. Kol reveals Finn wants some of his blood and begs to know what the secret is as he promises his loyalty to Klaus. Klaus says if he helps him kill Finn, he’ll tell him his secret. Kol lets Klaus into his head.

Out in the bayou woods, Mary and Jackson are starting the ritual as Jacks gives Hayley some of his blood to stall Marcel. All the alphas bow to Jackson, joining all as one.

“The Devil is Damned” press release synopsis

FAMILY IS POWER – More dangerous than ever, Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) remains one step ahead after joining forces with a powerful figure from his past. As the threat to Hope’s life grows stronger, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) realizes he has no choice but to place his trust in his siblings to ensure she remains protected. Meanwhile, after being presented with an enticing proposition, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) is forced to make a difficult life or death decision, and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) finds himself in the fight of his life after an unexpected visitor arrives at the safe house. At the bayou, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) continue to prepare for the unification ritual, but things quickly go awry when they become pawns in Vincent’s dangerous plan. Charles Michael Davis and Leah Pipes also star.

Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah, go to look for Finn. He’s gone but signs of his spell are there. Kol sees some burnt wood and turns it into a rune, which is for baby. Kol realizes Hope is alive. As Klaus calls Elijah, Finn is already with him.

Cami is out with Hope, whose head has already healed. Cami assumes it’s because Elijah gave her some of his blood. Finn tells Elijah Freya is back and is against him, too.

Marcel, in the bayou, tells Hayley she should stay with Jackson and help build their werewolf army. Gia wakes in a dark van and there’s blood. All the vamps go for it.

At the safe house, Finn stakes Elijah several times with some of the farm tools. Elijah looks like he’s dead.

Rebekah and Kol try to make a spell to make Finn so powerful that he won’t be able to stay in his body. Klaus comes in with the stuff Kol wanted, including the White Oak Stake. Kol, surprised, agrees to do whatever it takes.

Mary, in the bayou, works to unite all the alphas as vampires come and start attacking. Hayley and Marcel try to keep the werewolves safe until Finn’s spell breaks.

When Elijah wakes, Finn is inside the house searching it.

Kol and Rebekah are working in the cemetery and Klaus offers to be the powerful force sending their spell into overdrive. Kol agrees and they try the spell again.

At the safe house Elijah stakes Finn. Kol and Rebekah’s spell works, but it backfires so Finn has more power against Elijah, who starts to have one of his flashbacks as Finn gets nearer. Finn is in pain, but Kol isn’t doing well as their spell is finished. Rebekah promises to help him, no matter what it takes.

Jackson finds Hayley, who is scared and wants to get married now.

At the compound, Klaus wakes up alone. Now he really knows “family is power,” in many ways.

As Cami returns, Finn is weak. Elijah, in a silent mode, looks at his blood covered hands. Finn taunts him, but he remains silent.

As the episode ends, Cami’s car with Hope gets close to the house but stops working. Finn keeps taunting Elijah, who takes off his ring, puts his hand in the sun, and catches on fire. The house was filled with gas and it explodes with Finn and Elijah inside. Then the car starts up again. Cami looks at Hope, realizing her powers are starting. Who will Finn jump into next?

The next episode of The Originals is 2×14 “I Love You, Goodbye” on Monday, February 16th, 2015, at 8/7c, on The CW!



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