Poll: The Originals Favorite Devastating Crushing Moments!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // June 17, 2015

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, Phoebe Tonkin, Hayley Marshall, The Originals

Poll: Which devastating crushing moment has ripped your heart out and left you sobbing on The Originals?

The Originals has finished two seasons of blood, death, tears, and devastating crushing moments that ripped our hearts out and had us rushing for Kleenex. So which of the 15 moments listed below is your most devastating crushing moment?

You may want to have some Kleenex handy as you’re reminded of the times blood turned to tears, not only for us but also for the characters on The Originals, especially Klaus who is more emotional than he wants people to know. While the pain and anguish of deceit leading to betrayal may only last until the next episode, it’s memory may last for weeks. Take your pick of which moment crushed your heart and made you shed the most tears.

1. The moment the crazy witches of New Orleans sacrificed their young witches in a brutal ritual killing to the ancestors.

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2. When Klaus cried and held Hayley after she died in childbirth.

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3. The tender moment when Klaus gave Rebekah his baby daughter to keep safe and gave her the name of Hope.

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4. Klaus told Hayley he trusted her, and his his sentiment seemed realy genuine.

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5. Klaus had to kill Father Kieran to save Cami, then carried her home and called Marcel to come and comfort her.

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6. Klaus spent a day with his real father Ansel in the woods, then realized he had to kill him to protect his daughter.

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7. Before killing Mikael, Klaus wanted to know why he loathed him so much yet loved Freya with all his heart. We were all shattered when he told him “I don’t know.”

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8. The heartbreaking goodbye scene between Kaleb/Kol and Davina before he died, surrounded by his family who told him they loved him, always and forever.

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9. Rebekah cried, then Elijah melted and shed his own tears. They they hugged.


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10. Rebekah drove away from New Orleans after Klaus banished her and released her to live her own life away from her family in “Farewell to Storyville.” Not only did Rebekah leave New Orleans, but Claire Holt left the series.

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11. Klaus rescued Elijah from Esther’s chains, standing by his brother who always believed in his redemption.


12. Marcel cradled Davina in his arms, realizing she wasn’t going to come back. She died volunteering to complete the Harvest Girl ritual and resurrect the four girls.

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13. Klaus cried with and comforted Marcel, his adopted son, after Davina died in the Havest Girl ritual.

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14. Josh spoke with a shattered heart at Aiden’s funeral after realizing how long forever is.

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15. Every time over the two seasons that a Mikaelson sibling uttered their sacred mantra “Always and Forever.”

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Share your misery over these heart wrenching crushing moments and take the poll. Feel free to share your emotions in the comments!

Poll: Devastating Crushing Moments

(This poll is from an idea by Keyanna, who is as obsessive about prime-time TV and The Originals as the rest of us fangsters!)



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