Lethal Lesbians Coming to The Vampire Diaries in Season 7!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 1, 2015

Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore, Paul Wesley, Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries joins the new age by casting three lesbian characters for season 7!

Looks like The Vampire Diaries is taking a page out of The Originals playbook by adding three gay characters when they return for their season 7!

According to TVLine, The Vampire Diaries season 7 will be seeing three more “fanged fatales” in addition to Mama Lily Salvatore, played by the luscious Annie Wersching, adding to the new chaos of her hybrid vampire witches Kai brought back with him from the 1903 prison world.

Based on preliminary casting information, which is subject to change, TVD will have three new vampires, including their first same-sex couple. The Originals had Josh and Aiden, now TVD has the lesbian couple Nora and Mary Louise. They’re described as “a dangerous duo of down-low lovers.” Having been turned in their mid-20s, they have murderous tendencies.

Nora and Mary Louise’s relationship has been secret for the century plus time they’ve been together. People in their inner circle know about their connection, but if they’re foolish enough to cross them, they may feel their fangs. According to the info, Mary Louise constantly dotes on fiery Nora, verging on smothering her flames.

Valerie is another mid-20 vamp with a dry sense of humor to balance her life of dismissal and pain. From the information, she’ll get involved with somebody who will help her remember the happier, free spirit life she once had, and she’ll do whatever she has to in order to keep him a part of her life. Assuming Stefan will be with Caroline, and Damon will continue to pine for Elena, that leaves widowed Alaric, still human Matt, and Enzo. Unless Enzo is going to hook up with Lily.

Check out these new vamps when The Vampire Diaries returns for their 7th season on Thursday, October 8th, 2015, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals at 9/8c, on The CW!



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