iZombie’s Rose McIver and David Anders are “Friend or Foe”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 26, 2015

Rose McIver, Liv Moore, iZombie

Rose McIver and David Anders talk about their “Friend or Foe” iZombie relationship!

In the iZombie interview Rose McIver, who plays Liv, and David Anders, who plays Blaine, talk about their roles and how they feel about eating brains!

Rose McIver‘s character Liv is looking for mystery zombie #2, which happens to be Blaine, played by David Anders who was Uncle John on The Vampire Diaries. She has a vision of another zombie with white hair and the firey eyes that she gets when she’s hungry.

David explains that Liv starts asking around about Blaine so he shows up in her morgue and says, “Hey! I heard you were looking for me!”

Up until this point Liv thought she was the only survivor, or at least the only person who is functioning in society the way she is. Until 3 seconds ago, Blaine thought he was the only one, too. Now there’s two of them.

David gringes a little when he explains they have to eat brains to maintain their humanity, which is the single most disgusting thing a person can eat. Apparently it’s the consistency that gets him. Then there’s a weird metallic taste.

David says at first you don’t know what to make of him, since he wears many hats. But the hat finally ends up on the true Blaine. Liv thinks he’s a liar and a phoney who is using her for her brains. Or rather, their brains, as in the dead people in the morgue.

So bottom line, she’s not sure if Blaine is a zombie friend or zombie foe!

iZombie interview “Zombie Friend or Foe?”

What iZombie to see if Liv and Blaine are zombie friends or foes, Tuesdays at 9/8c, on The CW!



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